The FlagMan from Illinois

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This made my day!

H/T  Kelleigh


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0 responses to “The FlagMan from Illinois

  1. Absolutely Amazing!

  2. In June our little Illinois town lost a young soldier in Afghanistan and Larry Eckhardt brought 2,280 flags to line the funeral procession of this fine young man. This was the 90th funeral Larry had done and it was a marvelous sight to see thousands of flags along the road to honor this fallen soldier. The flags did so much for this little town and the soldier’s family to show the patriotic respect he deserved. On Flag Day Gov. Quinn of Illinois issued a proclamation that June 14, 2012 was Larry “The Flag Man” Eckhardt day in illinois. What a deserving, caring man Mr. Eckhardt is.

  3. What a guy! Great story, LTG, has me grabbing for the Kleenex. I can imagine how these boys’ families appreciate his hard work.

  4. God Bless Larry & our soldiers!

  5. Sorry to hear about your mom LTG. Hope she gets better soon.

  6. To take care of her ailing mother, LTG has moved into mom’s home and sleeping on a couch.

    I am grateful that LTG somehow manages to find the time to post on FOTM at all. Besides, LTG has done so much for FOTM, especially on Agenda 21, she deserves a pension from FOTM!

    LTG and all FOTM writers do what we do as an unpaid labor of love to our country. Like LTG’s mom, my husband’s condition too is getting worse, but I will keep doing my 4-5 posts a day, for as long as I can muster.

  7. Bless your heart, GF. Prayers to you as well, as I know you too have your health “issues”.


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