The Final Solution

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Americans, are you sheep?
When will you wake up and realize that the humiliation your government rulers are heaping on you in the name of “airport security” has NOTHING to do with security against terrorism?
My proof?
Muslims are exempted from the full-body porn scanners and the pat-down gropes by TSA goons.
H/t beloved fellow May.

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0 responses to “The Final Solution

  1. Fly naked! (We jest, but… )

  2. What will happen when someone puts it where xray nor fondling will find it?
    Body cavity search! Just how far will sheeple go to be SAFE?

  3. just when you think you’re going to be safe and that nothing can go wrong they will shoot a plane down with a hand held rocket launcher….. or do something else to destroy one’s feelings of security. a bomb at a shopping mall. anthrax sent through the mail uranium in the drinking water smallpox

  4. What a joke that Muslms are exempt…Bin Laden is sitting in a cave laughing his arse off…

  5. I can’t take this shit anymore.


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