The Federal Reserve Was Created to Bailout Banks

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99 years ago, a group of powerful bankers and politicians met secretly on a privately-owned Jekyll Island off the coast of Georgia to create a banking cartel.

They called their new entity the Federal Reserve Bank.    Congress passed the enabling legislation on December 23, 1913 that made the federal government a “partner” in their private cartel..

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  1. End the Fed and save our nation. Read about one solution that worked in Iceland.

  2. White Knuckle Driver

    The Fed was created by international bank oligarchs to control the world. Mission accomplished.

  3. They are flat broke and everyone knows it. The money they print or create in cyberspace and “lend” to us is our own money, yet we pay interest on it. Are we nuts or what. The IRS is a privately owned company too according to the reports on that subject on the internet and collects money that somehow or another is channelled or goes through or used by the owners of the FED. Timothy Geithner was part and parcel of the LIBOR rigging scandalous interest rate manipulation when he was head of the NY FED and he was part of the planning committee that devised the way in which the economy has been systematically drained of all liquidity and the method by which the banks were able to gamble with depositor’s money and launder drug money to help the oligarchs to grab hold of as many nations resources as possible by whatever means. Glass Steagall would shut down the FED and Congress could then utter credit that would be distributed by a Third National Bank to the regional banks to finance the rebuilding of our real economy. There are some ideas kicking around the place that would put millions back to work and would enable our skilled workers to train our youth for the future development of our infrastructure and scientific projects as well as a mag lev railroad system and water management projects that would revitalize our agriculture and farming industries and put NASA back on the map. There it is, we can do it. HR 1489 is waiting to be heard, The Return to Prudent Banking
    Act, to reinstate Glass Steagall, just for starters.

  4. Excellent video I will share on Facebook.

  5. Google “the selective use of polygraphs”


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