The Face of the Left: Man vandalizes campaign signs; hisses ‘I hate Ted Cruz’

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On Graustak St. near the Black Hole Coffee House in Houston, Texas, a long-hair maggot-infested Demonrat steals and tears up two Sen. Ted Cruz (R) campaign signs.

His face contorted by rage, the demon-possessed man then gets in the face of the video camera and, in a Gollum voice, hisses:

“I hate Ted Cruz! I hate Ted Cruz! I hate Ted Cruz!”

Source: Daily Wire


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27 responses to “The Face of the Left: Man vandalizes campaign signs; hisses ‘I hate Ted Cruz’

  1. Drugs? Alcohol? Liberalisim? Just plain mentally ill?

  2. And I bet if he was asked why he hated Ted Cruz, the brainwashed mentally ill Liberal would not even know.

  3. Kelleigh Nelson

    This is actually illegal, and since it’s caught on camera, he should be charged.

    • That’s the way it is! It was common practice in Miami to take down campaign ads until some people got arrested. I’m a law abiding citizen and I don’t like cameras watching me but it is clear, installed cameras have proven to be a big deterrent. We are free to choose but mad fanaticism and aggression is restraining our freedom.

  4. The 70s called – they want their yellow pants back!😇

    • He probably found them in the VERY BACK room at St. Vinnie’s. Now that he’s on the Soros payroll he’ll be able to afford new bell bottoms.

  5. It is downright freaky that we have folks out on the loose who act in this manner. There is a total lack of civility coming from a high proportion of liberals–with no end in sight. If they are able to see that their antics help to win elections, or enact laws–they will never give up this guerrilla fighting.

  6. The man (or whatever gender he identifies with) is possessed by a demonrat! We need a non-homosexual Priest to exorcize him.

  7. With so many paid nuts running around protesting and working hard to get FaceTime in the media, it is hard to tell if these are real nuts or paid nuts. The people deserve to know. If these are real nuts infringing on and injuring innocent people, maybe it is time to reopen the nut houses and put them in. Let them practice on each other.

    • They can most definitely be both. I remember the Veritas video where they admitted to deliberately hiring crazy people.

  8. This is too bad, I really liked his work in Workaholics.

  9. We used to have nut houses. The Libs said “but they have rights, too” and turned them out on the streets where they could get hurt and had to fiend for themselves. Pretty sad. … Libs aren’t exactly deep thinkers. (… or they wouldn’t be Libs)

    • You’re right about all that. They pretty much run on pure emotion. That explains why they make a mess of everything they touch.

  10. ..and then he went back into the Black Hole from whence he came.

  11. Joseph Edward Clark

    All too many people out there are dealing with EXTREME Self Hate, they can’t handle it and project it on to OTHERS. The LOONEY LEFTIES DO it almost CONSTANTLY.

  12. Textbook example of demonic possession. It is rampant in the Democratic Party.

  13. Kevin J Lankford

    I think we all have reason enough to dislike and mistrust canadian anchor baby, ted cruz. After all, he did attempt to gain the office of president in the same fashion as the fraud obama,..knowing full well he is not a natural born citizen of any where.

    It is truly sad that the true natural born citizens ( and legitimately naturalized) are stuck with such distasteful choices in so many of our elections.

  14. Exploring Online Hate, by ADL’s Jonathan Greenblatt [Our Big Brother]

    This interactive dashboard monitors hateful activity within a network of over 1,000 accounts on Twitter in near real time. We identified these accounts based on their regular use of hateful content directed against protected groups, starting with 40 extremist seed accounts and expanding out from there. Our approach is designed to enable a deeper understanding of the themes, misinformation, and disinformation being disseminated by this network. This project is part of broader effort by New America and the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) to understand how hate spreads online and in the real world.
    [Using] algorithmic methods involving statistical feature selection in combination with human curation, we generated a list of the top accounts engaging in hateful conduct amongst these follower accounts.

    Here’s how I feel about ADL. I consider the old “Church Committee” stance, that FAR Leftist ADL is wholly Un-American in economics, values or morals. Where everything is considered hate and every word spoken or typed needs total surveillance according to the ADL then ADL itself quickly becomes a major hate group in USA. Use them, let them do the work for you, use their links, to find their opposites. If I were to align with any group, it would likely always choose the opposite to ADL.

    I do not need a nanny or a daddy figure.

    For an easy understanding what ADL & other SJW’s are creating for you, then go watch series “PERSON OF INTEREST” on Netflix.

    • “Protected Groups”? Protected from what?

      • Protected from THE TRUTH. Today, honest and open discussion of history of finished deeds & actions of the biblical tribe, is considered hate speech, and gave birth to the Political Correct which always was of Jewish origins.

        The original title of Orwell’s “1984” was “1948” and that fact was verified within the Librarian Association. It is a warning & guide book, where “Person of Interest” is a visual of what is ahead.


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