The Face of Evil

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A person who expresses glee at the death of a man who had committed no crime nor any personal injury/offense against that individual most certainly is not a good person.
A simple definition of “evil” is the opposite or absence of good.
By that definition, Gene Goldring is evil. He wrote this comment about the sudden death of Andrew Breitbart:

Oh boy…lol. Look at the crowd of tin foil hats. The guy was crazy so the world is now a little less crazy with his passing. Maybe you guys can now face a bit of reality without him corrupting your minds in the way that he did.

Your cognitive dissonance is now back online. Use it wisely.

For those who don’t know, lol or LOL means “Laugh Out Loud.”
Since Goldring helpfully uploaded a photo of himself for his WordPress gravatar and embedded a link to his public Facebook page, he’d appreciate you knowing that:

  • He has only 5 friends.
  • He’s going bald, as you can see in the two pics of himself posted on his FB wall. Only balding men wear a cap or hat all the time.

Here’s the first pic of Gene Goldring, taken in September 2009, which is also his WordPress gravatar:

Here’s the second pic of Gene Goldring, taken nearly 5 years ago in July 2007:

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0 responses to “The Face of Evil

  1. A servant to the Beast. Satan sees everything in reverse to God’s Commandments.

  2. I went to his facebook page and saw this under one of his photos, he’s just a pawn for satan and not a very effective one at that(no surprise there).
    “The Atheist “A” symbolising The Out Campaign.
    No need to feel marginalised by religious zealots any longer just because you have a difference of opinion of what is plausible, and what is not.”

  3. Sucks to be him.
    Lesson for you Gene…Bash a fellow con and you will be exposed here.

  4. You are now responsible for his health.

  5. Evil will seek to have blood to flow ignoring thou shalt not kill wanting to say AH,HA it say I can kill here.They are self deluded being a fool to want to kill. Humans using Gods word as an excuse to kill are calling God a fool. . Therefore God does not want us to kill zoosexuals. God is not foolish.
    See a face that dies, and look into the face of evil. The spirit of God in them to be like Jesus is saves the soul inside this evil body that dies. This evil body walks on life killing it,a nd eats life killing it poops out what it eats on Gods earth he made for us essentially pooping on God, and when we find a place to piss pissing on God too. This body is evil, but with our soul marred to Jesus we will not war or persecute. We will be like a humble child not seeking our own loving all.

  6. Brokeback Mountain much?

  7. Now Gene, those wuddn’t be grey suede cowboy boots yer wearin’, wud they? Naw, I didn’t think so, on such a studly dude! And what’s with those shades, man? That’s what the wide brim on yer cowboy hat is fer, dontcha know? I didn’t think so. All hat and no cowboy….

    • Dennis H. Bennett

      I noticed no bulge in the front of his jeans, only the large ones under the back pockets. Anatomy 101!!

  8. Looks like one of them Castro Street Cowboys.

  9. I went to his FB page lololol his likes are women!! (So deep) And he looks like a Village People wannabe. Oh sorry that sounds like I’m implying something ooops:)

  10. Blessed is the man who walks not in the way of the ungodly, nor abides in the counsel of sinners, not sits in the company of mockers. IT IS WRITTEN…………….

  11. edward oleander

    Can ANY of you say you would shed a tear if James Carville keeled over tomorrow? You would be talking about it being God’s justice and secretly grinning from ear to ear. Don’t deny it.
    I think Breitbart was a loathsome man who spread lies and hypocrisy. He will be missed only those whom he brainwashed, the same as you feel about Carville.
    I’ve never understood this weird death-cult that has developed in Western society, where we are never supposed to be happy about a bad person dying, nor are we ever speak ill of the dead. Pure-D bullshit.

    • Oh, grow up. Not shedding a tear does not mean being gleeful over someone’s death.
      I, for one, can honestly say that if, as you so charmingly put it, “James Carville keeled over tomorrow,” I will not cackle with malicious glee. I would feel bad for Carville’s wife, Mary Matalin, who — given their political differences — must love him very much. I would hope that Carville had repented for all his sins before he “keeled over.”
      Have you looked at your eyes lately? You’re so full of bovine excrement, they are turning brown.

    • Why would I be gleeful about Carville passing? I may not cry about it but I’d feel bad for his wife. And you would never see a post here celebrating his death , such as the one at Rolling Stone, and all the vile tweets about Andrew:

    • Please don’t hold your breath waiting for that nit twit to answer you, we can’t afford to lose another patriot.

  12. Dennis H. Bennett

    Grouchy: Check this out “Following his death, Sherrod, who was in the process of suing Breitbart, told The Washington Post, “The news of Mr. Breitbart’s death came as a surprise to me when I was informed of it this morning. My prayers go out to Mr. Breitbart’s family as they cope during this very difficult time.” (Newsmax, today’s edition) Here’s a person Goldfinger, oleander and others can learn from.


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