The Evil Act in Aurora, Colorado

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In Aurora:

Evil is Responsible, Holmes was the Tool, and Violence and Death was the Result

After the attack and murder of twelve innocent people in Aurora, Colorado, the usual reaction of the liberals is to place the blame anywhere and on anyone other than the perpetrator and the liberal theology of persecuting Christianity, indoctrination of our youth in homosexuality, pornography, violence in music, in movies, in television and violence in video games.
Liberals have managed to evict God from most aspects of our lives and substitute him with sex, violence and Hollywood and spoon feed it to our children on a daily basis and then they wonder why one of those children grows up to become James Holmes and walks into a cinema and sprays the crowd with bullets.
Guns, and the ability of law-abiding citizens to purchase them are the No. 1 target of the liberals and they argue that taking away that ability would be the cure-all for the violence. To that I say BULLSHIT, one only has to look to places that have strict gun laws like Chicago and see that  violence has doubled  there even with some of the strictest gun laws in the entire country. If someone is hell-bent to commit violence they will find a way to do it, no matter what.
Holmes could have just as easy burst into that theater and thrown several molotov cocktails into the crowd and dozens could have been burned to death. He could have bought a ticket like any other patron and slipped a homemade bomb under a seat or in a trash container and triggered it remotely, he had the knowledge, just look at the elaborate booby traps he set at his apartment.
My point is that this man had the desire to commit an evil act of murder and mayhem no matter what, but just one person, a law-abiding citizen with a firearm, training, and a concealed carry permit could have saved many if not all of the twelve that died that night and the countless others that were injured. Even if he had missed him , I sure Holmes would have run for the exit not expecting someone to be returning fire. As gauged by the fact that he wore a gas mask and bullet proof vest, Holmes valued his own life more than the people he was killing.
Tom in NC
Note to my fellow posters and readers of FOTM, sorry I have been away for a while, some external mechanisms such as work and a busy schedule have kept me away more than I like, but I think things have calmed down a bit (at least for the present), so I hope I can get back into the swing of things. 

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0 responses to “The Evil Act in Aurora, Colorado

  1. Purevunadulteratedvevil…

  2. Gentlemen,
    I agree with both of you. Evil, wants death and destruction…Good, wants life and construction…What I do not understand is how we have failed our fellows by them now cheering evil and abhoring good?…What has happened? How do we reverse it? At least we continue “the good fight” until he comes again.

  3. The Left are allergic to using the word “Evil”, except when they apply that to Conservatives, of course.
    I once asked my far-left friend, Stephanie, if she thinks evil exists. I’d never seen anyone squirm as much. She hemmed and she hawed, then finally managed to squeak “Well, can I use the word ‘wicked’ instead?” Then, on another day she promptly and unequivocally declared that a relative, the famous hypotherapist and psychiatrist Eric Erickson, was “evil.”
    Go figure….

  4. So true Tom….liberal agenda trumps any rhyme or reasoning…

  5. Excellent story and so right how many times have liberals shouted gun control , what we need is liberal control

  6. Indeed Grouchy, indeed! Even so Lord, Come Quickly!
    And a great big Amen to Tom, whom I’ve yet to read/meet when you say “If only someone would have had a CCW, we’d have far less dead, maybe no dead.” Yup and double yup. And another yup just for good measure. What was it the busybody NYC mayor said? “Keep them out of the hands of those that don’t need them” or something like that. Betcha I know just exactly whose “hands” they “don’t belong in” – OURS! *disgusted sniff*
    Hello Tom, nice t’meet’cha!

  7. All fortunate enough to not suffer the Liberal Mental Illness of Chronic BS/PC know Evil abounds in every aspect of our lives as Tom succinctly stated in his post. Firm Faith, a hard resolve to follow the Almighty, a few sheepdogs, and copious investment in precious metals will prevail. Me? I’m investing in brass and lead. My financial consultants advise the same for all.

  8. Two points I’d like to make. 1) The man was certainly an evil man. He had full body armor, the theater was dark and smoky. The only thing a CCW person would have accomplished would have been shooting the people running away. 2) You decry the liberal destruction of Christianity in you 1st paragraph, then use an offensive expletive in your 3rd paragraph. The Christians I grew up with would throw your article aside and pray for your hell-bound soul. A word like “baloney” would have expressed the same thought without being offensive.

    • Wow, using a word you don’t approve sends us straight to Hell. Gosh, where then would you send James Holmes or, even worse, Adolf Hitler? I’m just glad the great Christian, Danny Groat, isn’t in charge of making those decisions ’cause by his yardstick, even Danny Groat may end up in Hell.


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