The enemy within: Somali refugees in Minnesota drawn to welfare and Jihad

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Through the Refugee Act of 1980, sponsored by the late Sen. Ted Kennedy (D) and former Sen. Joe Biden (D), the federal government has been aggressively “resettling” refugees from the east African country of Somalia into especially Minnesota, among other states, making Minnesota the state with the largest population of Somalis in the U.S.
But the Muslim Somalis are not assimilating into American society and culture but instead remain dependent on welfare, with their young males becoming jihadists.
Also noteworthy is how certain “faith-based” Christian churches and organizations are working hand-in-glove with the government to promote the “resettlement” of “refugees” in America, amnesty for illegals, and welfare socialism.
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  1. Infuritating!

  2. I use to work with a guy from Somalia. He got TANF,food stamps for himself his wife and 2 children. The wife and children went back to Somalia because she didn’t like it here. So, he worked and sent her 500.00 a month. She lived like a queen there and even had a housekeeper. They were reported and NOTHING was done about them. Fraud clear and simple. He also had a girl friend. What a racket.

  3. Cloward-Piven…


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