The Elio: new made-in-the-USA car costs less than $7K

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Say “Hello!” to Elio: A new made-in-the-USA car that is ultra-high-mileage (84MPG), with an incredibly affordable base price of $6,800.
From Elio Motors:
Between March 1998 and 2013, the U.S. lost 5.7 million manufacturing jobs. These statistics didn’t just alarm Paul Elio. They moved him to take action.
The world believes U.S. innovation and vehicle manufacturing is dead, and unfortunately a lot of Americans agree. Should we wave the white flag and let more jobs leave our shores? In 2009 Paul Elio said no, and Elio Motors was born.
Did you know that:

  • Over 76% of Americans drive solo to work everyday, which means most of us don’t need a car with 4 seats.
  • There are over 90 million old clunkers on the road today averaging less than 20 MPG.

We can do better! Americans need the ultra fuel-efficient, highly affordable and incredibly safe Elio.

The Elio is made in the usa

Simple, ingenious innovation using current technology. Its about time.
The first Elios will be on the market in fourth quarter 2016, i.e., beginning in October.
Elio Motors emblem
From Wikipedia:

Elio Motors is an American startup automaker founded in 2008 by Paul Elio, engineer and company CEO. Elio has designed an aerodynamic, fuel-efficient (84 mpg), low-cost ($6,800), three wheeled motor vehicle, with production due to start in 2016. The car will be sold through retail stores. The vehicle has successfully undergone crash-testing, and is legally classed as a motorcycle. Elio Motors is based in Phoenix, Arizona and is preparing to manufacture its vehicles in Caddo Parish, Louisiana.
Elio Motors currently has its first vehicle under development, a three-wheeled model (two wheels in front, one in back) with an 8 gallon fuel tank, and planned fuel efficiency of 84 mpg…and an EPA blended fuel efficiency of 60.3 mpg…. The car has an advertised targeted MSRP of US $6,800, with the current projected base price to be no more than $7600 (from SEC filing).
The three wheeler is projected to feature heater, defroster, air conditioning, power windows and door lock, stereo, two person seating capacity in tandem, three airbags, a reinforced roll cage, side intrusion beams, seat belts, windshield wiper, stability control, and ABS. Company executives project the vehicle will receive a five-star safety rating. Fully enclosed like a standard automobile, the vehicle’s three-wheel design falls under the U.S. government motorcycle classification. The company has successfully lobbied, in most states, to alter regulations that would otherwise require drivers to wear a helmet and, in many states, to remove the requirement for operators to have a motorcycle endorsement on their driver license.

Here’s a side-view of a 3rd-generation Elio prototype. This is the one I want! 🙂

Photo by YouRock12345

Photo by YouRock12345

Elio Motors is taking reservations with a deposit on its website. Non-refundable deposits range from $100 to $1,000. As of the time when this post was published, the number of reservations for the first Elios to come off the assembly line: 48,739.
To reserve one, go to Elio’s website. Click here.

H/t Dale Cordell

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0 responses to “The Elio: new made-in-the-USA car costs less than $7K

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  2. This sounds almost to good to be true. Wonderful and I do hope it gets off the ground. Now it will be sold inexpensively, but wait until the Auto unions get a hold of it and the price will skyrocket right out of the United States. I want one before that happens. Let’s see, I could purchase one of these for our trips to town for groceries, small parts and the hour’s long drive to the doctor, dentist, etc. Then we would have the money to upgrade our truck for the heavy lifting as in towing the stocktrailer, equipment trailer, and other heavy hauling duties. To me this would be the very best of both worlds.

    • It looks like it’d be easy to attach a small trailer,so it could be used for grocery shopping,etc. That thing is less money NEW than I gave for my then 14 year old Harley when I bought it! And it gets almost twice the gas mileage!

  3. My husband has been interested in the Elio for over a year. We have put down $100 if they can get everything they need from the law makers to pass it as a car and not a motorcycle, which I think they have. They opened up stock options to the public for a limited time and we bought $ 600, it is closed now. Hope it comes to fruition. My husband receives emails weekly on the up to date details. Things that matter are always a bit of a risk.
    Thank you Dr. Eowyn for bringing this to a greater awareness, I think it will fly, lots of people are invested and want this car!

  4. He really needs a two-seater and the car needs a rear window. But it does look better than a “Smart” car. Is the body metal or fiberglass?

  5. This is a very badly designed car, with serious accident potential. Whereas most earlier three wheel cars, like the old Robin Reliant, have two wheels to the rear, the Elio has two front wheels that are too far out from the body of the car. This can produce visual and optical problems for cars when overtaking, insofar as drivers usually focus on the ‘body’ of the car that they overtake. The Elio’s front wheels are smaller than average – even with the rain-guard covering them.
    What is the bettering, as sometimes happens, that an overtaking car will snag into the front wheel of the Elio – and cause serious or fatal accident.

    • Unfortunately,this car would require the drivers around it to use at least average intelligence. I see nothing wrong with the design outside of the lack of a rear window. The only issue with visibility regarding “snagging into the front wheel” is if the overtaking vehicle cuts the Elio driver off causing an accident,which would be likely regardless of the vehicle being passed,if it’s cut off in the same manner. Considering the amount of space between vehicles which would be considered a “legal” pass,the driver doing the passing maneuver would be likely violating traffic law by pulling back in without sufficient clearance regardless of the vehicle being overtaken.
      The problem with a single-front-wheel style is that they become very unstable under “spirited” driving conditions,where the worst byproduct of this driving on a two-front-wheel design will likely be a slight tendency to oversteer. Since this car isn’t designed to “lean” into a turn,it needs the wheels apart for its stability. I’m not convinced this car is any more dangerous by design than a chopped-N-dropped ’32 Ford roadster,a Corvette or a typical motorcycle.
      BTW-Are you related to Ralph Nader? (sarc)

  6. Doesn’t seem too well suited for conventional car sex.
    Has Bill Clinton taken it for a ‘test drive’ yet?

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  8. Hallelujah! What’s there not to love about this car? It looks to have the best of all possible worlds: German and Swiss technology, 90% USA components, and made in USA! Of course General Motors and Ford will work to sabotage it in every possible way, rather than compete honestly, or maybe just buy the entire plant, all the patents, and then shut it down as being not profitable!

  9. I sent this posting to 10 friends, seven of whom live in the USA, only three in Canada, and I got a reply back in under 10 minutes from a fellow in his late 70s, an ex-Army veteran who went into high tech, made a fortune, invested in silver & made another fortune, and he said in his reply that he’s going to buy one ASAP.
    Eo should get a commission from the company! LoL, but hey! Eo’s retired, and could use a second income to help bear the costs of the blog. If someone did that for my business, I would give them a 5% finder’s fee.

  10. Count me out. It’s ugly as hell and looks like it would be a death trap in an accident. I’ll stick with my pickup and the old Jag.

    • I like it-and it’s no more deadly than my Harley,which I’m still riding whenever I can,after 50 years of motorcycling. The whole idea is to pay attention to what’s around you,watch for signs that somebody’s going to do something that endangers you and create an “out”,a way to get out of harm’s way,if you will. The whole idea is to NOT get in accidents.
      Can’t do much about the looks,maybe paint it a nicer color,install chrome mirrors,???

  11. Reblogged this on Patriotic Gofer and commented:
    If enough interest is generated and enough backers attained, this car could become a reality. It wouldn’t work in all climates, for certain, but Summertime, no matter where you are, would be a blast in this, once fully developed. Especially if they can keep the price under $8000 after full development and production costs.

    • Well motorcycles aren’t good in all climates either but I rode my first Harley year-round for the first 5 years,until it was paid off and I could get a truck.
      I’m wondering if they’ll come up with a 3 Wheel Drive version for those of us who enjoy (?) snow and ice for a third of the year. That’d be a blast on snowy roads!

  12. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this interesting post. Americans can be very resourceful as is set forth within this post. I hope the car succeeds.

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  16. All fine and dandy until you get in a wreck & are smashed to smithereens in that tiny thing! No thanks. I’ll keep my truck for highway driving where I’ll at least have a chance of surviving in an accident.

  17. There is a new option that allows the wheels be removed and includes a burial plan allowing the vehicle to be used as a coffin.


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