The eighty percent of all muslims who are peaceful are also not real muslims!

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Brigitte Gabriel gives FANTASTIC answer to Muslim woman claiming all Muslims are portrayed badly

If you want to know what is really true about islam, please read Brigitte Gabriel’s book, “Because They Hate.” You can learn more about Brigitte Gabrielle on Facebook at:

Brigitte Gabriel: Western Leaders Afraid of the Truth About Islam

Brigitte, a Catholic, provides an eye witness perspective on the effect of islam on the formerly majority-Christian country of Lebanon. While she tells her story, we also see a compelling presentation of the nobility of many Israeli citizens. She describes the Jewish neighborhoods as places where women are treated with respect and honor, and muslim neighborhoods as places where women endure catcalls and threats, and where the streets stink with urine.


Brigitte Gabriel

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0 responses to “The eighty percent of all muslims who are peaceful are also not real muslims!

  1. Love this woman, she’s not afraid to tell it as it is. I have read her book and it’s fantastic! She’s right, when we have that huge of a population intent on destruction it cries out to be dealt with, it’s too bad the Muslim in OUR White House isn’t the man that will EVER do that.

  2. Brigitte Gabriel’s logic is unassailable. It’s not the “extremist” jihadists who are not “real” Muslims, as the POS in the White House insists. Since the Koran contains calls to jihad, it’s the so-called “moderate” Muslims who are not real Muslims!

  3. That was ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC! I have nothing to add,except that I LOVED the last sentence about “taking Political Correctness and throwing it in the garbage,where it belongs”. Unfortunately,though,that’s one of the Liberals’ strongest tools,and they won’t give it up without a fight. (Hope I’m not being too PC by calling the Communist/Socialist/Marxists Liberals. It’s just easier to type.)

    • Brigitte was the first one to help me see the unlikely alliance of Godless Leftists and supposedly god fearing muslims. How could the 2 mix together? And yet they did. Perfectly! The PLO of the 1970s and 1980s was the perfect example of that hybrid. And it was the PLO that turned Brigitte’s family’s peaceful Catholic village where muslims and Christians had ben friends for many years, into a killing field. She later learned about the much feared Israelis by accepting a job as a TV newscaster in Israel. To her surprise, the Jews were nothing like the lies that had been told about them during her childhood.

  4. Actually, the peaceful majority are relevant — relevant by their passive support of the jihadists, and by their inaction. When pressed to provide the radicals with material or financial support, or with concealment, they nearly always comply; those that don’t soon suffer badly. If instead of kowtowing to the radicals they were to take up arms against them — or at least to cooperate with the authorities in locating and isolating them — and to demand the editing of Islam’s scriptures to remove all incitements to subjugation and violence, the problem of Islam and Islam-powered terrorism would be solved in a trice.
    “Peaceful majorities” are always relevant by their passive acquiescence to the plans and actions of the killers among them.

    • Francis, I agree. The passivity in the presence of evil is actually the support of it. I feel that way when talking to some Christians who seem like they are absolutely deaf to my warnings.
      The only thing I take issue with is the idea that we can edit out the parts of the Koran that incite murder and abuse. That horse is out of the barn and can’t be brought back.

  5. Nope, they are pretend Muslims – they are only Muslim when it’s convenient.
    Kind of like pretend Christians.
    The real Muslims are the ones out killing infidels.

  6. The Koran tells Muslims that they are to jihad with their goods and their bodies (lives in combat), but many won’t participate in war until they see victory close at hand and safe to fight for. Think about 75% of the Muslim world suddenly believing in an Islamic victory providing 80% of the spoils in the near future, and you will see a very large army.

  7. securitytechmaster

    Do we allow lepers to roam freely in our midst? Many immigrants have honored their cultural heritage but this crew demands we change ours for theirs, and the politicians acquiesce?
    Why Why Why?
    Bridgette has it 100% and has been warning us for years.
    Wake up America ACT now

  8. Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:
    This is actually true only those we call radical Islamists or Jihadists are true Muslims.


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