The Drummerboy for Jesus

Eryn Sun reports for Christian Post, Dec. 5, 2011:
A 16-year-old’s remake of the classic Christmas carol “Little Drummer Boy” is capturing the hearts of many this season, already nearing 200,000 hits on YouTube since its release last Wednesday.
Shared on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and other social networking sites, word is quickly spreading about Oak Park High School student Sean Quigley, the brains behind the video as well as everything else, having written, sung, recorded, edited, directed, and played all of the instruments featured in the Yuletide favorite.
Combining rock ‘n’ snow, the short film spotlights the Winnipeg teen as the “little drummer boy” who passionately drums outside in the cold in his black cutoff shorts and beanie, all for Jesus the newborn King.
“I guess it comes back to the story of the song – just a drummer boy who goes to find Jesus and has absolutely nothing to give him,” Quigley told the Winnipeg Sun. “He plays the drum for Jesus and that makes him so happy … That’s me. That’s why I’m doing it. It’s not about me getting recognition. This song is about Jesus.”
Quigley, who drums for his local church in Charleswood, gained an interest in the instrument at the early age of four, due in part to his father who is also a drummer. From there he expanded his music, learning different instruments, most of which was self-taught, while also picking up skills in video shooting and editing.
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lowtechgrannie lowtechgrannie

That’s what I call a Joyous Noise before the Lord! When he looks up singing his heart out, he has the sweetest look in his eyes, God bless him!