The Drone Report

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Ben Swann’s Reality Check is a regular feature of Cincinnati Fox 19.  Commenters on his Facebook page asked how he gets away with covering stories none of the other MSM will touch.  He said it’s because, despite it’s name, Fox 19 is not under the restraint of a big media corporation.  It is fully-employee owned and the reporters are allowed much greater editorial discretion.  That’s why “it’s the news you won’t hear anywhere else.”

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0 responses to “The Drone Report

  1. They fly over my house…I live near Peterson Field Air Base in Colorado…Nice.

  2. it’s the ones you don’t see that get you 😉
    barage-ballons,check…beartraps,check….remote IR sensors…

  3. I wonder if I could mount sidewinder’s on my dad’s Cessna 140…
    Now if I could only figure out where to find some stingers…

  4. lowtechgrannie

    What do they do about flocks of birds?

  5. This week it’s surveillance, next week it’ll be tasers and rubber bullets and next year they’ll be robotic, soulless sharp-shooters. Then, of course, as rule of law erodes and the mask comes off the pretense of any remaining freedom, they’ll become “dissident removal apparati”.

  6. Good point Hardnox!


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