The “Dorian Gray” Taser Camera

In Oscar Wilde’s unforgettable book, The Picture of Dorian Gray, Gray made a pact with the Devil to remain forever young and beautiful.

Alas, his portrait gave him away. The Dorian Gray in the painting rots and decays, not just from the passage of years, but from the man’s progressive corruption and moral degradation. It turns out that the picture of Dorian Gray is the portrait of his soul.

The “taser camera” is a “picture of Dorian Gray” which records and exposes the true nature of criminals.

This camera turns on when police activate a Taser gun at defendants. It captures what these pieces of human debris are really like, before they transform themselves with a haircut and suit to appear in court.

Note the difference between what the defendants, their mothers, and their wives, say to the Judge BEFORE the video plays!


H/t my friend and Fellowship’s co-founder, Joan.


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