The Dog Pianist

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Imagine, you’re a singer and you accompany yourself on the piano. You have a small dog who is your constant companion and watches as you sing and play.  Now, imagine that you leave for a few hours, and you leave the dog alone at home.
Here is what happens while you were away….

He’s no Mozart, but he is The Dozart of the canine world. 😉

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0 responses to “The Dog Pianist

  1. Clearly, he was singing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”. LOL!

  2. Adorable ! ……Liberace, reincarnated perhaps ?? (lol)

  3. That was so cute and your dog is a sweetie.

  4. really good! : )))))))

  5. very interesting dogs are very observant and like to fit in with their human pack. once several years ago my dog bear (igors dad) saw my bronco idling in the driveway and having observed and ridin with me often decided to jump in the drivers seat well tasha (igors mom) got in the passenger seat and while i watched from the kitchen window i got the impression she was giveing nonverbal communications to bear “you said you could drive this thing lets go” as she nipped at his foreleg… well he managed to shift into neutral and the car rolled down the driveway slowly. and being inpatient they ditched the car as it rolled into a tree.


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