The Doctors

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A doctor from Israel says: “In Israel , the medicine is so advanced that we cut off a man’s testicles, we put them into another man, and in 6 weeks he is looking for work.”
The German doctor comments: “That’s nothing, in Germany , we take part of the brain out of a person, we put it into another person’s head, and in 4 weeks he is looking for work.”
A Russian doctor says: “That’s nothing either. In Russia , we take out half of the heart from a person, we put it into another person’s chest, and in 2 weeks he is looking for work.”
The U.S. doctor answers immediately: “That’s nothing my colleagues, you are way behind us….in the USA ,about 2 years ago, we grabbed a person from Kenya with no Brains, no heart, and no testicles….we made him President of the United States, and now…the whole country is looking for work.”
~Steve~                                   H/T  May

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0 responses to “The Doctors

  1. This gets my vote as the best joke [sort of] of 2011! I mean, the Obamamama is no joke, except one on “We, the sheeple….”

  2. LOL, really good one!!!

  3. Steve:
    That was excellent. If only it would go viral and be taken seriously 🙂

  4. Great way to start a week, things aren’t quite as bad as they seem. This puppy just begs for circulation!

  5. ROFLMAO!!! ha! good one guys,true.Man this fraud’s gotta go! yesterday.


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