The difference between a liberal and conservative activist

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Lizz Winstead is a liberal comedian. She thinks she’s funny, or something.

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0 responses to “The difference between a liberal and conservative activist

  1. DCG, I think someone is keeping score.

  2. She’s wrong. I’m still here. Liberal hubris, what can I say. Kudos to Glen Beck and all others rolling up their sleeves to help unlike this darling of the left who can only see fit to ridicule.

  3. If she thinks she’s funny , she must have one hell of a bloated opinion of herself . Must be that self esteem thing .

    • From Twister:
      She really is in love with herself, and I thought it was a summer thing. ;o)

  4. Making themselves feel better by making other people feel worse is a left/libtard trait…

  5. The only funny thing about her is that horrible hair-do!! There, I made MY self feel better!


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