The Demons-in-White Caption Contest

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This is the 193rd world-famous FOTM Caption Contest!

Here’s the pic:

About the pic: Yesterday, February 5, 2019, at President Trump’s State of the Union address, the House Democrat Women’s Working Group wore white as a show of female solidarity. White is associated with the suffragette movement because early advocates for women’s voting rights wore white as a symbol of purity. To show their disapproval, the white-garbed Demonrats remained seated and refused to applaud for most of Trump’s speech.

You know the drill:

  • Enter the contest by submitting your caption as a comment on this thread (scroll down until you see the “LEAVE A REPLY” box).
  • The winner of the Caption Contest will get a gorgeous Award Certificate of Excellence and a year’s free subscription to FOTM:D
  • FOTM writers will vote for the winner.
  • Any captions proffered by FOTM writers, no matter how brilliant (ha ha), will not be considered. :(

This contest will be closed in a week, at the end of next Tuesday, February 12, 2019.

To get the contest going, here’s my caption:

Always the hypocrite, these pro-abort women really should be wearing blood-red, instead of white.

For the winner of our last Caption Contest, go here.


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85 responses to “The Demons-in-White Caption Contest

  1. “And just when are WE gonna get our pointy white hoods?”

  2. ‘Hey, it feels pretty good to exercise white privilege!”

  3. See’s Candy worker clones

  4. A serious faux pas was made by the women in white. You never wear white after Labor Day. Instead they look like the little white sheep they are.

  5. Voodoo convention women delegates.

  6. The Ku Kuntz Klan?

  7. Such a white to see,
    showing great unhappiness
    faces all in rows.


  8. Well well well…if it isn’t the “Tampon Mob”. “The Whole box of Absorbables”.

  9. Alvin Truthfinder

    Solidarity in Purity-Lost

  10. The moment they realized the straight jackets they ordered were defective.

  11. I thought I had to hate whites

  12. Here are the new members of the House of Horrors in their white regalia!

  13. Presenting the Four Square Baphomet Choir from the church of Moloch and Serpents Rising.

  14. Yesterday the Demomrat Women’s Working Group voted “Hail Satan” in response to their new proposed motto “Do As Thou Wilt”.

  15. With apologies to The Moody Blues:

    Nights in white satin
    Never reaching the end
    Letters I’ve written
    Never meaning to send

    Beauty I’d always missed
    With these eyes before
    Just what the truth is
    I can’t say any more

    ‘Cause I hate you
    Yes I hate you
    Oh how I hate you.

    Gazing at people, some hand in hand
    Just what I’m going through they can’t understand
    Some try to tell me, truths that always offend
    Just what you want to be, you will be in the end

    And I hate you
    Yes I hate you
    Oh how I hate you
    Oh how I hate you

    • Definitely a “whiter shade of pale”. I guess this is the “people of color’s” version of a “white skin walker”.

      • I agree Lophatt. Did you ever, “In Your Wildest Dreams,” expect to see on a, “Tuesday Afternoon,” (OK, actually evening except maybe in Hawaii,) “The Voice” (AOC) of a bunch of white coated privileged and overpaid feminist fools sitting front and center in a SOTU address, “Watching and Waiting” for President Trump to make even the slightest mistake so they could pounce on it?

        To the white coated socialist feminist radicals I would just “Question” them this: “I Know You’re Out There Somewhere,” but you’re not fooling anyone because we can all read the, “Story In Your Eyes.” “Isn’t Life Strange?” “Go Now.” Go ride your own “See-Saw” and get off of ours. We don’t want you or your radicalism. Most of us live on, “The Other Side of Life,” where we just try to peacefully live out our lives without endless interference from the Nanny State or being perpetually angry at everything we don’t agree with or that doesn’t go our way.

        Leftists will hate this message, but don’t shoot the messenger. “I’m Just A Singer” (in a Patriot band.)

        • No I never did. I never thought I’d live to see “news” channels that pumped out hate propaganda nonstop, 24/7-365 either. There is a difference between disagreement and sedition.

          Of course we know that this has nothing to do with real debate. This is simply paid agents advancing The Plan. This is how they attempt to establish the range of “acceptable” thought and control the “options”.

          Just who are that group supposed to be representing, people from Uranus? They look like extras from the film “THX 1138”.

          • They’re not representing people from Uranus, or Mianus either for that matter. They are nothing more than bought and paid for representatives from planet Sorosanus and similar gas giants. I’m pretty sure its location “out there” is right next to Hell itself, and in fact I’m most certain is actually an upper class region of it, although you’re not likely to see it on any map of the solar system.

            I know poor Pluto has been kicked out of the planet club, but what we have here is in fact a plutocracy. So much for having a government, “of the people, by the people and for the people.” (Abraham Lincoln during the Gettysburg Address.)

            That’s nothing more than a fantasy these days.

            As George Carlin so eloquently put it once, “It’s a big club, and you ain’t in it. You and I – are not in the BIG club. And by the way, it’s the same club they use to beat you over head all day long where they tell you what to believe….”

            (Language warning here if you are easily offended by foul language, but it is Carlin telling it like it is in his own unique way. Despite his abundant use of curse words, he was a critical thinker way ahead of his time.)

  16. “White” women in the past and in the present have been lowest on the political totem in regards to “power.” What were they thinking?

  17. Hey now, you know that we can multi-task! Practicing both our Kegel and Kleagle exercises at the same time!

  18. Question: How do you put “white privilege” zealots and “toxic masculinity” hating socialist feminazis together in one location at the same time without starting a riot?

    Answer: 2019 SOTU address.

    Nope, no hypocrisy here!

    • Edit for clarity of my original post which was not made entirely clear:

      Answer: 2019 SOTU address where they are one and the same group of fools.

      Also, take note of who is front and center in the photo. It’s clear she represents the “progressive values,” (an oxymoron if ever there was one) of the group as a whole. The seating arrangement was not a coincidence. AOC is clearly their new leader.

  19. You destroyed all the virtues that the Lord gave you.

  20. captain america

    A coven of witches.

  21. After this dull and boring presentation, let’s all go watch an abortion for some real excitement.

  22. Don’t let their white clothing fool you; Their garments are stained with a long history of innocent human blood.

  23. The brides of satan

  24. New Guinness World Record for the most pyschotic angry women in one room.

  25. We are not a cult!!

  26. Kevin J Lankford

    No “Snow White” here…

  27. *music from shower scene in the movie Psycho* ree ree ree ree ree

  28. Clorox needed here! Need to remove the stain of socialism.

  29. White, an inherently positive color, is associated with purity, virginity, innocence, light, goodness, heaven, safety, brilliance, illumination, understanding, cleanliness, faith, beginnings, sterility, spirituality, possibility, humility, sincerity, protection, softness, and perfection. The color white can represent a successful beginning.
    “Everything These Women Are Not”

  30. They look like a book of matches of white supremacy wannabes.

  31. Starz Barz n A Rz

    Casting call for ” The Handbag’s Tale”.

  32. There will be a caucus in the laundry room after the speech so we can launder our political contributions.

  33. “… the Planned Parenthood Action Fund and Planned Parenthood Votes — the arms of the Planned Parenthood Network allowed to engage in electoral politics under tax regulations — spent almost $6.5 million in outside spending supporting the election of Democrats to both houses of Congress in the 2018 midterm and special elections, according to FEC records compiled by OpenSecrets…..”

  34. Oh look! Here’s a photo of Chuck Schumer’s invited guests at President Trump’s State of the Union address: The Stepford Wives.

  35. Commies in their “tidy whiteys”. It’s a lot like “The No Pants Subway Ride”.

  36. Dems sum uuuugly Dems

  37. Whited sepulchers, inwardly filled of all that is unclean

  38. Strong, Independant Women: Wearing the same color, smiling in unison, reacting the exact same way at the exact same time throughout.

  39. If our nation had socialism we would be able to send our children to Electoral College

  40. We got free clothes from Ivanka’s clothing company

  41. The Klannette Khoir getting ready to sing “If I Only Had A Brain”

  42. Who farted?

  43. A group of Persil Launndry Soap employees showing off their
    stain-free lab coats.

  44. White, right and VERY UPTIGHT!

  45. How do you like our ‘Recycled’ KKK outfits. It took us hours to cut/sew these dresses! We are wearing the old pointy hoods as our undergarments.

  46. This caption contest already has distinguished itself with many very clever and outstanding captions. The judges will be hard-pressed to settle on a winner. 😀

  47. Revealed: White Robed Democratic Women is where Allah selects afterlife virgins for obedient followers of Islam.

  48. White contains every color of the spectrum and thus is the hardest color to match. Their choice of outward appearance seems to well exemplify how they cannot match any one else’s views other than their own.

  49. white lightning

    Yes, we are headed to a MOCA style gala with Marina Abramovich cannibalism dinner after the show

  50. Racists….

  51. Psst… Looks like someone forgot to use their Tide. Instead all they heard was Pelosi Pride Day.

  52. Democrat women, When you wear White it shows everything, like revenge politics, infanticide, socialism, national election fraud etc.
    – A.F. Branco Cartoon

  53. Looks like someone told them they can’t use RU-486 anymore

  54. Who wears white? Virgin brides do. These women wearing white is political blasphemy as they are the symbolic whores to the deep state, to corruption and to the filth that they represent

  55. Looks like they just found out the sad truth of A.O.C.’S “GREEN DREAM ” ; more more D cell batteries will be made

  56. They look so grumpy because one of the side effects of the ” Green Dream ” is this ……No more batteries for their personal toys ! Have to use wind or solar , figure that one out ?


  58. Poor downtrodden womyns in America huddle for warmth in a ghetto hovel.
    They thought white clothing would absorb the heat because some *evul* bad orange man told them that.

  59. The PMS caucus!

  60. The white Democrat KKK suits they are wearing should be straight jackets for these mentally ill liberal/Communists

  61. After the meeting with the Bhagwan, Sarah explained the meaning of MAGA: “Make Alexandria Go Away!”

  62. The House’s newly organized Kommunist Kotez Kaucus!

  63. Immediately after the event they were forced to return their gowns to the abortion clinic.

  64. “Heh come da Dems, heh come da Dems:

  65. Where’s Waldo?

  66. The San Fran Nan Klan.

  67. This is the wall the white tornado hit when Mr. Clean was called in but the problem he had was no matter how you wash them they will not come clean.

  68. Caption:

    “Silence of the Lambs”

  69. 193 Caption Contest Entries:

    1 – “What A Cohort Of Communist Cunts Look Like”

    2 – “Women In Congress Not A Single Self-Respecting Man On The Planet Would Fuck,.. FOR ANY PRICE!!!”

    3 – “LGBT Gone Crazy – Not A Single One Of These Creatures Is Female (Well Technically,.. NOT Human Either)!!”

    4 – “YES!,.. This IS These Miserable Kunts Being Happy!!”

    5 – “Killing These Horrible Douchbags Should Not Be A Crime Since There Would Be NO Loss Of Life!!”

    6 – “3rd Row Back – 2nd From Left: Eating The Heart Of One Planned Parenthood’s Aborted Fetuses,.. For A Snack!”

    7 – “Forget Baba Yaga,… This Is The Stuff Of Children’s Nightmares!!”

    8 – “All The Filthy, Low-Life Treasonous Kommunist Kunts, Please Remain Seated…”

    9 – ” ALL Of The Husbands Of These Congressional Kunts,… Have Committed Suicide,.. Gee, I Wonder Why!!!???”

    10 – “WOW!!!,.. And These Douchbags Think They Are The SAVIOR Of America!!!”

    11 – “Gee,.. WHERE Is A Horde Of Murderous Mongols When You Need One???!!!!”

    12 – “Using A Herd Of Stampeding Horses To Stomp These Hideous Zoo Specimens To Death,…. Would Be An Insult To The Horses!!”

    And Finally….

    13 – “MOM!!!,.. There’s A Bunch Of Villainous Hags Staring At Me Through My Window,… I Think They Want To Steal Something!!!”

    JD – US Marine Fighting Tyranny

  70. Blight in white satin
    Never reaching their goal
    Letters I’ve written
    Never gets them to go

  71. The faces that fractured the Democratic party and solidified support for President Donald Trump and Our Constitutional Republic. Thank God for Freedom of Expression!

  72. Upon hearing that John of God had been arrested, his Handmaidens assembled to demand conjugal relations.

  73. PS – AvaJ “Blights in white satin” +1000

  74. This caption contest is now closed.


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