The demon is coming out of Obama again

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Four years ago in mid-October, less than 3 weeks before the mid-term elections of 2010, it wasn’t looking good for the Democrats. Indeed, that was the election in which the Republicans wrestled a House majority away from Nancy Pelosi and her fellow Demonrats.
In campaign rallies during the weekend of Oct. 15-16, 2010, Obama was angry.
More than angry, he was frightening looking — which was noted by Drudge Report as well as Rush Limbaugh, who said, “An American president has never had facial expressions like this. At least we’ve never seen photos of an American president with facial expressions like this.”
These were some of the pics taken of Obama in those 2010 rallies. Trust what your instincts tell you.

Flash forward four years to another mid-term election campaign rally.
As in the midterm elections of 2010, once again it’s not looking good for the Demonrats.
The pic below was taken of Obama when he spoke at a rally for Gov. Pat Quinn, D-Ill., at Chicago State University on Sunday, Oct. 19, 2014, in Chicago.
Look at his eyes!!! Trust what your instincts tell you.

evil angry ObamaAP Photo/Evan Vucci (Source: WOKV)

Here’s a close-up of those eyes.
evil angry Obama eyes Oct. 2014
I see anger, desperation, madness….
And behind those eyes, there’s nobody there.
Just emptiness. A vacuum.
Earlier that day, Obama was at a campaign rally in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, for the gubernatorial campaign of Maryland lieutenant governor Anthony G. Brown, in which members of the audience walked out while the president of the United States of America was still speaking. (See “Mainly black crowd walks out on Obama at Democratic campaign rally“)
As in 2010, once again Obama’s mask — the narcissistic psychopath’s charming social mask — is slipping and what emerges sure ain’t pretty.
It’s unholy and demonic.
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28 responses to “The demon is coming out of Obama again

  1. Tweeting @Meadowhawk

  2. I’ve always thought the pos was a demoniac in human form. Those who voted for him, are of mental derangement, and poor judges of character. He embodies evil. He has only progressed this far, because a military coup hasn’t happened. I think it will take a military action to stop him from polishing off America. He and his chosen minions are foreign and domestic enemies and it’s time to send them packing. He is a curse upon this country. He is also a punishment for the murdering of our innocents and embracing perversion that defies God and God’s nature. Leeann

  3. “And behind those eyes, there’s nobody there.”
    I am *so* glad that I’m not the only one who sees that!!
    I don’t think that I’ve ever seen eyes like this man has. Sometimes they seethe with unmasked hatred and rage, sometimes they smirk with scarcely concealed condescension and amused aloofness, yet *always* they are cold and empty.
    It’s more than a little disconcerting.

    • I’m so glad you see it too!
      And since nature abhors a vacuum, that should lead us to ask:
      If there’s nobody there, who/what is in that man’s body?

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  5. I see a man that hates being accountable. He doesn’t like to answer questions he cannot use to further his agenda. He doesn’t like being challenged and would be completely happy if we all just bowed down and asked no questions. He wants carte blanc over all decisions in destroying our country. His previois actions confirms it.
    I see a man that doesn’t want to work for the people or to put in an honest 40 hour work week.
    Every action he has taken, or his boss Jarrett, has happened with promoting Islam and handing our country over to them. He hates us and the feelings are mutual.
    He despises our military and those that protect his sorry rear and has done all he can to demoralize it.
    I want a front row seat when karma comes a knocking.

  6. Agree! And I’ve seem some pretty weird pics of “HELLary” as well.

  7. I said from the moment I saw him ever, not knowing a thing about him his eyes are evil, Let me tell you a story that still makes my hair stand up. One night I was alone watching tv, and all of a sudden in the lower corner his face appeared sorta like that Time Mag cover of him w a orange halo evil? Totally unlike them to do that but very clear in my mind. It was about size of qtr in comparison to screen I guess or .50 piece, but his face was black w an orange halo on head and white eyes. You talk about freaked out! It was there momentarily and gone. I have NO idea what happened or why, just know it did.

    • “I said from the moment I saw him ever, not knowing a thing about him his eyes are evil”
      Same here. I took notice of his evil eyes when I first saw him in 2008. I was puzzled by why so many Americans couldn’t see it, and still don’t.

      • I remember the look in his eyes at his Denver speech. Sadly Kam Kawata did too and paid for it.

        • Who’s Kam Kawata?

          • He was a political advisor that worked for several people, including Diane Feinstein. He knew BO and had spoken to him for quite some time the day before BO gave his speech in Denver. He was standing in the background and witnessed BO being pretty much dragged and carried into the room to wait for his speech. He heard strange sounds and something that sounded like chanting. When BO finally came out, he walked right by Kam with a strange look in his eyes and didn’t even acknowledge him. Around 2011 Kam shared the story to several people and shortly after he was found dead in his apartment of unknown causes at age 57.

            • Wow! Chilling….
              I didn’t know about this. Thanks, Glenn47. Will look into this.

            • Glenn47:
              Kam Kuwata was found dead in his Venice, CA condo in April 2011. The Denver Democratic National Convention where Obama was declared the party’s pres. candidate was on August 28, 2008. It makes no sense that if Kuwata had seen & heard something at the DNC, it took Obama operatives nearly THREE YEARS before they killed & silenced him.

        • Rosemary Woodhouse

          So .any of us saw and, instantly . Knew exactly who he was. .

      • Same here Doc. From the moment I first saw him, which was strange as he came seemingly out of nowhere and it bothered me that the majority of people I encountered almost seemed hypnotized by him. Whenever I merely mentioned that there was something I felt VERY uncomfortable about Obama I was jumped on immediately “RAYCISSS HATER” which was strange since I never mentioned his race.
        Scarier still is the majority of people I encounter still claim Obunko is the greatest president since Kennedy, even greater than JFK

  8. He looks like Beyonce at the Super Bowl after she allowed herself to become possessed.

  9. he disrespects israel he disrespects the unborn, he pushes the gay agenda he disrespects our military,he disrespects the christians and the jews,he wont seal our borders,he wont stop the flights from west africa,on and on! he is in love with himself!

  10. His eyes are the window to his soul – evil, penetrating eyes speak much.
    I have a book by Arthur E. Bloomfield, a now deceased, wonderful Bible teacher on prophecy. One of his books, “The End of the Days”, written in 1961, gives a quote that is worth repeating here. Bloomfield says it is not meant to be a prophecy.
    He quotes Pierre Van Paassen, the author of “The Forgotten Ally”:
    “I had just talked with Adolph Hitler in Bonn after one of his propaganda
    meetings. He upbraided me violently for daring to defend the Jews in his presence…….In his eyes I had seen the strange, unearthly fire of hatred and was convinced that the man would before long be the master of Germany…..Not a Jew will be seen in the Reich in ten years. Even Jewish names on the tombstones will be obliterated…..I say so because I have looked into the eyes of Adolph Hitler.”

  11. Ever since I first saw him (needed eye bleach after) the fury of hell as in it’s eyes. Actually his eyes were very much many other negros i had the misfortune of having crossed my path, like the negro youths that ambushed me in mid day in a park and demanded all my money, all the time spitting out ahs gonna kill you bitch ass craka, filled with rage and hatred
    His eyes also remind me of documentaries about afriicans and their customs in Africa voodoo ceremonies where the voodoo priest invites spirits into him

  12. This guy has given me the creeps since the day I first laid eyes on him, he has a satanic feel to him. I would not be surprised to see him levitate, spew green vomit and spin his head like the Tilt A Whirl. The flies that seem to be part of his entourage are disconcerting also. Creep factor pegged out at 10!!!

  13. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this fascinating post and for providing the pictures in 2010 and 2014 for comparison purposes. I also see in his eyes, anger, evil and a terrible rage that will stop at nothing. God help us!

  14. The ancient men who are behind him are getting impatient for him to advance their agenda before they die and if he doesn’t… They do go after their own and he knows this.

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