The demasculinization of men rolls on: Male models wear pregnant bellies on the runway

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male model pregnant getty image

Celebrating the impossible: Male pregnancy/Getty Image

I won’t celebrate fakery.
From Yahoo: It’s men’s fashion week over in London right now, so there are lots of runway images hitting the wire, but the ones from designer Xander Zhou‘s show on Monday really have people talking. That’s because he had many of his male models walk the catwalk with fake pregnant bellies.
Some wore tight T-shirts lifted up so the prosthetic stomach was in full view, and others clutched their covered gut region with nurturing arms, which, as Fashionista pointed out, helped distinguish their fake preggo stomachs from, like, beer bellies. At least one model wore a shirt that said, “New World Baby.”
As far as the meaning behind the prosthetics, the brand had this to say post-show on Instagram: “At Supernatural, Extraterrestrial & Co., we’re prepared to welcome a future of male pregnancy.
See all the photos here.
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0 responses to “The demasculinization of men rolls on: Male models wear pregnant bellies on the runway

  1. Isn’t this gender appropriation?

  2. traildustfotm

    svomit projectile_100-107

  3. Dennis Godaire

    Another form of desensitization. I can see where the “powers-that-be” would want to eliminate male and female procreation functions and go test tube; controlling genetics and establishing a eugenics program which will provide them with a balanced and controllable population. (Test tube = New World Babies). Coming soon to a town near you.

    • In the year 2525 if man is still alive. You’ll pick your child from a long line of test tubes. And we laughed when that song came out.

      • This is not strictly on topic, but Brian—you reminded me of something that’s bugged me all this teaching year:
        Why were my classes this year (some last, too) so overloaded with boys? Girl babies survive birth better than do boy babies….also, girls survive the first few years of life statistically in greater number than do boys. Girls USUALLY outnumber boys up into young adulthood by a slight margin (even if in tenths of points). So—-why in the last few years, but most graphically this year, are my girl students outnumbered in middle school MORE than 2-to-one? It is a RARE class that I have these days that is more-or-less evenly represented by both sexes (used to be my “norm”). All year this year, I’ve had most classes (except for my advanced) where I have, say, 27 boys and 8 girls…..or similar. Even the girls notice it and are disgusted by the circumstances (the circumstances in middle school classes so lopsided in gender, means that the boys “play off each other” like rams in rut and wreak havoc on classroom order….requiring the teacher to spend most of the time on discipline, while the girls sit and “wait” for their education to resume.)
        I’m getting suspicious. There HAS to be a reason for this and it has to have a human cause. I’ve NEVER experienced this before in 26 years of teaching. Are young women aborting their girl fetuses when they find out the gender more so than their boy fetuses? (Lots of social ills that could suggest this, esp in minority constucts that value/ pamper /are more permissive with their male children above female children)……or, as my husband opined as we were thinking about this—-we are an inland, mostly-low-income area, where people move to find affordable housing/rental/or live with relatives. We have a reasonably good school system (esp. compared to the big cities where lower income people must attend “ghetto-gang-infested” schools). Girls who are “no problem” might still live with mom and/or dad in the LA area…but the “problem boy” is sent to live with grandma or an aunt/uncle, etc? There are cases to suggest this even in my classes—–had a very problematic boy withrawn from school after his umpteenth suspension for violence etc (by his very concerned/very involved and cooperative single mother) sent to live with his father in LA…..and father sent him back in FOUR DAYS to his mom and our school. He promptly re-offended and was suspended again for the last 2 weeks of school.
        I KNOW something is going on and it has a human explanation, not a natural one. I’d like to hear any other ideas or from teachers or youth-workers who might notice the same……

        • CalGirl, I don’t know what the ethnic makeup of your classrooms, but if it is heavily immigrant I suspect what you mentioned – families are aborting their female children. I don’t know if this is true in respect to Hispanics, but tit is certainly true in Asians- Chinese, India, etc. Even in India where there is not birth limit as in China, They are still aborting their female children.

          • Lana…I teach in a school that is 80% or more “minority” (this is a riddle, b/c “minorities” are now the “majority” in CA). We are largely Hispanic, with some Asian (Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Indonesian, Philippine), a small amt. from India, or even some Middle Eastern. Our overwhelming number of these over-represented males are Hispanic. It’s as tho’ the Hispanic little girls are disappearing. At 180 degrees-opposite, the Asian, Indian, and Middle Eastern students I’ve had in the last few years are 90% female (& quite often my BEST-behaved, best-achieving students).

            • Very strange indeed…. I cannot fathom what is going on unless there is something we don’t know within Hispanic culture that has changed.

      • I remember that song scared my friends and I when it came out, we somehow knew that was gonna be our future world. I got verklempt when I listened to it a few years ago. Even hearing it in my head is disturbing to me right now.

  4. If you look at this “designers” instagram page, it’s immediately clear what’s going on:
    Young male models with kneepads?

    • John Kernkamp

      Homosexual to the max!

    • naked male “model” angled to see his butt with dildos surrounding him and headless naked male “models” totem pole…it’s clear that “fashion designers” are just hedonists/sadists/satanists who abuse youth…so sad.

      • Human trafficking / pedophilia.
        How do these fashion weirdos get big $$$?
        Never seen anyone wear any of their “edgy” runway creations.
        I think it’s more like parading cattle around to be used & abused by elite sickos. Like Epstein.

        • This is an excellent point. I’ve been looking into “lucrative” business ideas and a lot of sites point out that some of the most wealthy people are clothing designers.
          I’ve never worn anything by a high end designer, nor does anybody I know. Nor would I want to.
          And their designs are… terrible, to say the least!
          At this point it’s almost like they’re rubbing our faces in their sick/stupid/ugly designs as though they can do anything and still remain rich/successful/relevant. WHO are they catering to??
          I think there is really something to your comment.

  5. John Kernkamp

    Any male human who would submit to this, for any reason, is not worthy of the title “Man”.

  6. It could be a crude attempt to imitate men with big pot or bear bellies…


  8. This is INSANE.

  9. All part of the original attack from satan on the basic plan God set up, so same old same old, its just starting to take hold on the world scene. So how can he get at God break down the family and separate them from God. Once he has done this they are easy pickings as no support from the family that turns to God for his support. And the beat goes on.

  10. OMG, so STUPID!

  11. I just love it!!! Think, if they can get pregnant, child birth will be a ”pipi” rocket blast, hahahahahaha! Push, push, push.

  12. I’ll just call them beer bellies…bunch of misogynists.

  13. This is how its done. By proposing the most outlandish things, they set up a dynamic of “you’re either for it or agin it”. “Kool” or “not Kool”. In this way they introduce total, abject destruction of the culture. By creating a “conflict” they can introduce a “movement” or, at least a “compromise”. Where before no one would pay any attention, now it’s an “item”.
    They want chaos. They want absolutely no unity. When the smoke clears you will have Mao’s vision. More precisely, you will have the Jewish vision of what it means to be Goy. There will be laughter. It won’t be ours.

    • lo….hate to invoke this name,, but Hitler, too, on his quest for power once claimed something like….tell the biggest LIE over & over, b/c it is the one that will be believed//adopted by the masses in the end……..
      I often believed/feared this was the core of the Obama admin operations,, too (if you like your Dr, you can keep your Dr…….more recently in his post-admin ” apology” tour………”I had no scandals in my administration……..” On what planet was his admin..? Benghazi….Lois Learner…..Eric Holder,, his atn. gen. charged in contempt of Congress for withholding evidence of government involvement in gun-running at the border/the death of border partrol agents…..a loose-cannon Secretary of State who opened up our foreign relation/ policies//dealings to not only the world, but the pervert Anthony Weiner ((& also,, her DC housekeeper who printed things off for her when she sent them to her private home email…)…..then, Russians for MONTHS in our election process…without doiing a THING..until his woman was NOT elected………

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  15. Comrade Obama

    Must be Swedes.

  16. Lets similate the male giving birth while we’re at it. A modest demonstration would be pulling a basketball through a garden hose.


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