The Dear Ruler Wants Mo Money!

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Of course, we of the sheeple pursuasion are supposed to completely ignore the fact that this Kenyan Muslim commie fraud is on a pace to add $5 trillion to our accumulated national debt by the end of his first (and hopefully only) term.
Obama to ask for increase to debt ceiling in a ‘matter of days’
By Amie Parnes – 01/10/12 04:27 PM ET
The Obama administration will be asking Congress to raise the debt limit in the coming days, White House press secretary Jay Carney said on Tuesday.
“I’m confident it will be executed in a matter of days, not weeks,” he told reporters.
The notification by the administration — which had been scheduled for last month — was delayed because Congress has been holding only pro forma sessions.
The White House will be asking Congress to raise the U.S. borrowing limit by $1.2 trillion. The move would mark the third and final increase from the debt-ceiling deal reached last year by Congress.
The United States reached the $15.194 trillion debt limit on Jan. 4, according to Treasury statements.
Since that time, Treasury has employed the “extraordinary measure” of tapping into its Exchange Stabilization Fund in order to avoid exceeding the limit.
I wonder how long it will take Bonehead & Co. to cave like a $5 tent?
I am guessing all of about five minutes – if even that long.

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0 responses to “The Dear Ruler Wants Mo Money!

  1. this bunch of treasonous commies,are getting nervous,which they should. D.C. needs to be totally cleaned out. They,every one of them have been asked to resign and had notice handed to them. The penalty for treason is death. I just received notice yesterday that my Congressman has decided to retire. Good. As he is complicit. They can run,but they can’t hide. Quite a few jumping ship lately. Everyone of them should have their wages taken,and their assets frozen. As they all have lined their pockets,illegally. Let the trials begin.

  2. Yet people still think that this Son Of A Whore, is doing a great job. They need to get rid of their Kool Aid and Rose Colored Glasses. America is lost if the STUPID People don;t wake up. The Media has ruined this country by all the lies that they swear to, I haven’t seen a retraction in YEARS, and you know they make screw ups. The trouble with the people, if it happened 5 years ago or longer, “IT DIDN’T HAPPEN”, that’s why Gingrich, Romney, Santorum and the rest of these lying monkeys get away with their CRAP! WAKE UP AMERICA! If they were to give America an ENEMA it would stick the hose in Washington D.C. Semper Fi.

  3. The Birth records of President Obama with regard to his eligibility to be president based on the constitutional guidelines our framers setup in September 1787 will be brought before a judge into a Georgia courtroom by Attorney Dr. Orly Taitz Esquire. The motion to dismiss the case was denied by the judge. This is to question his ability to be on the Georgia Ballot in November. The court hearing is set for January 26th at 9:00am. His documents are in question
    Senator Rand Paul,
    If Dr Esquire has proven her case against the Obama documents being valid and legal to the judge and our sitting president provided falsified documents to gain political advantage in both the Senate and Presidential run for the White House including signing bills into law which are then questionable to being legal, and the judge rules with Dr. Taitz, do you feel this is acceptable to let our President remain in office and run again, or, Do you plan to work on moving the Congressional leadership, specifically House Speaker John Boehner and Senator minority leader Mitch McConnell into preparing to draft articles of Impeachment charges against Barack Obama and try him in the Senate as required in our Constitution? Is anyone above the rule of law at this point? Should leaders be allowed to use falsified documents that go against the law in elections?
    My representative was questioned in May though a letter I sent to her office regarding the Libya attacks by our Military and if she believes the president acted accordingly or outside of the rules in our constitution by going around congress on rules of war. I asked her what she thought Articles of Impeachment should involve, and, should they be applied here? Her reply stated “Voters have the chance to decide this once every four years”. She doesn’t understand her role in government or her constitutional oath of office she swore.
    No one is above the Law, not even the President of the United States. This President has clearly put our nation in jeopardy by making American citizens far less safe and are now targets for terrorists, both at home, and overseas because of our American passports. He has also defied his constitutional authority on many occasions by moving around the legislative branch of government to impose his agenda by force. He has continued to move the United States Treasury into a default. He has not executed his oath of office in a proper manner consistent with ensuring the general welfare of the Union. His welfare definition is “Unemployment”!
    His Oath of office is a legal binding contract with the American People just as your oath of office is. I expect this oath still has some meaning to a few in our legislative branch of government. It has proven to not mean anything to the Judicial or Executive branches based on Obama stacking the Supreme Court with justices who believe in cronyism to uphold his clearly destructive unethical agenda against the people in using Common Law not Constitutional Law.
    Unfortunately the House and Senate have not done their job to question the President, so they are equally to blame and guilty of Dereliction of Duty in Federal Office regardless of being Democrat, or Republican, and those members must be brought before a grand jury of the people to face justice, and be removed under current federal laws but the bad side is we are not a country who goes by the rules we wrote unless it’s for political and personal financial gains.
    If the rules of our constitution do not apply then why have a Republic, or vote, why not just opt for having a dictatorial rule of law passed like in Syria and you representatives in our congress who should stand by the people, can all just go home and do other things if you have any freedoms left to do them. You can easily end up in prison based on new laws you passed.
    You did this to yourselves. WE THE PEOPLE did not pass laws to take your freedom away!
    Obama wants to do away with your jobs if you care to look closer at this man. Getting the legislative branch of government out of his way at whatever cost sums it up by those actions he’s done to do it. Do you think you should still have any representation in a government?
    Should you have any representation in a court of law? Where are checks and balances today? There aren’t any. You never acted to keep them. You had the right but gave it up.
    You people in our legislature won’t take the action and use the power you hold that’s necessary. You in congress are given certain powers by the people and expected to exercise these powers whenever needed regardless of any personal feelings. You have no choice.


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