The De-Authorization of James F. Tracy

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0 responses to “The De-Authorization of James F. Tracy

  1. lies are temporary; truth is eternal

  2. Kevin J Lankford

    Where are all the others? All the others who know and have the courage to tell the truth. I know there are plenty out there wishing for the opportunity that will never come if the liars have their way.
    It has become all too easy to recognize the liars. They are the ones whose name starts with congressman, or senator, or judge, or the ones who spend their day facing a camera and microphone, or spouting their carefully chosen words on our radios.
    I know there must be plenty more like Mr. Tracy out there. I pray for their courage, and his.

  3. God Bless Mr Tracy, I wish him all the blessings that should come to someone of his integrity. I think that someday the truth will be established.

  4. If anyone of the skeptics took the time and went over all the evidence and records, including those proving the school had been closed for four years and there had been no internet for four years and watched every video and listened to the townspeople admit it was fake they would come to the same conclusion.
    And if they looked up just exactly how much each family profited, maybe they would realize is was a scam.
    These people we are hearing from now have their instructions and that is to shut up Dr. Tracy ASAP. They can’t afford for their scam to be exposed.
    They are getting help from high places and shame on them all.
    I hope we all live long enough to see them get their just dues.


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