The Dark Cloud That Hangs Over Our Country

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Lately I have felt depressed, irritable and basically like a dark cloud has been hanging over me. When I was driving home the other day after work I realized it’s not just me and it didn’t just start recently, I believe there has been a dark cloud over the entire country since 9/11/2001. Not the type that blotted out the sun on that fateful day, but a feeling of evil that reared its ugly head and has been present ever since. 
There have been a few bright spots since then, the patriotism and selflessness immediately afterwards, but it wasn’t long before the nut jobs and their willing accomplices in the media were blaming everyone except the perpetrators of the attack. Most recently, liberals are trying to pitch the idea of embracing Islam; more mosques should be built, allow sharia law, turn our backs on Israel, etc.
How do we go from mourning the death of over 3000 of our citizens by radical muslims to embracing a cult that preaches death to America and death to non-believers. Evil has truly settled over our nation, and three years ago evil took up residency in the White House in the form of Barack Obama, a non-qualified radical socialist with ties to domestic terrorists, a racist hate spewing pastor and the corrupt criminal Chicago  political machine. And we can only guess at most of Obama’s background dating back to his college and university days since those records have been sealed.
Since his inauguration our country declined substantially on all fronts, everything he has done has been to the detriment of our nation. He is a criminal that has violated the constitution on several occasion, and what’s even more alarming is that congress is not holding him accountable, they are turning a blind eye to his crimes; Solyndra, Fast and Furious, recess appointments when congress is not in recess are just a few of the crimes and scandals this president and his administration are directly linked to.
With the election later this year I don’t really see a candidate on our side that is any better than McCain was in 2008, they are just saying what they think we want to hear and  backbiting each other instead of taking the fight to the real enemy, Barack Obama. I fear that even if one of them did win in November it would not be much different than if Obama won.
I guess I’m just really disappointed that the real conservatives like Bobby Jindal, Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan and Sarah Palin would not run for one reason or another. If I could talk to them I would say that any reasons they have are not good enough, their country needs them, we are in a crisis that could mean the end of our Republic and could cause the loss of our freedom, liberty  and ultimately our very lives.
As long as Obama is in office or if a RINO like any of the current candidates are win in November, then this dark, evil cloud will never dissipate. Until we see the light and put our petty differences behind us as Consevative/Republicans and quit settling for mediocre candidates, things will never change.
~Tom in NC

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  1. A Dark Age has truly sickened America. Very dark times are ahead if the People do not see through the lies and deceptions.

  2. Tom, you seem to have forgotten that Ron Paul has been for the people and Constitution and even sided against some of Regan’s unconstitutional moves, and I take it very personal when you put him in the ranks of the Most crooked politicans in OUR country, The Socialist Media has blackballed his running for office but, IF, you look at his record and his speeches on the floor of congress, You would know that he could help, IF, the STUPID American people would get behind him and help him start getting rid of the scum in Washington. Everybody wants to better America but they keep voting Scumbags back in office! All because it’s the EASY WAY! There were ONLY Seven(7) MEN voted against the Senate Houise Bill S.1867, and one of the first was Ron Paul’s son, Rand Paul (R) Senator from Kentucky, Thomas Harkin(D)- Iowa, Thomas Coburn(R)- Oklahoma, Jeff Merkley and Ron Wayden (D)- Oregon, Mike Lee(R)- Utah, Bernard Sanders(I)- Vermont, these are REAL MEN that stand WITH THE PEOPLE and know that this bill is against every law in the Constitution. So DON’T join the ranks of the HOPLESS, we CAN win America back it’s just gonna take a LOT of hard work, FIRST is that we have to wake up the people and put an end to the Socialist controlled Media, hold their feet to the fire. MY FOREFATHERS NEVER GAVE UP AND NEITHER AM I! Lay down and let these scumbags run over you if you want, they are COWARDS and they will try to use our family and friends against us BUT our TRUTH WILL BE LOUDER THAN THEIR LIES! So jump up and change that attitude and JOIN US, this fight is just starting! Semper Fi.

    • Vic you have strong feelings for Paul but I do not share them, his statements about Israel and his stand on drugs call into question his ability at rational thought.We cannot turn our back on Israel, they are our only ally in the Middle East and as God’s chosen people I cannot and WILL NOT vote for a man that would choose to leave them to defend themselves from all the radicals that would love nothing more than to eliminate them from the face of the earth. As far as his stance on legalizing drugs, I can’t think of a more insane position to take, it’s not enough that young people are addicted to things like video games and alcohol but let’s complete the trifecta with drugs, legal drugs.
      I’ll admit his economic plan is a winner, that is if a presidents only job was to concentrate on the economy, but it isn’t.
      Support him if you like,that is you right as a citizen of this country, but in good conscience I cannot

  3. Marco Rubio and Bobby Jindal are not natural born citizens. Though they were born in the US their parents were not citizens at the time of their birth. We cannot make exceptions for anyone. Sarah Palin would have run if her negatives were lower. I believe in her principles as I did Michele Bachman’s but they did not generate enough support. Dr. Ron Paul seems to have good fiscal policy but frankly his libertarian statements about drugs and Israel are frightening.

    • …frightening only if you don’t take the time to go to
      original source for his position.This is the inter-net
      age and you don’t need talking heads distorting what
      can be had firsthand and verified over a thirty year
      record.The key to understanding Ron Paul is that
      these issues are best dealt with locally,not from
      DC (district of criminals) or the State(ist)Department.

  4. I like your article, and I thought you nailed it…until the end, but I have been there too. For a long time I also put my hope in a man to save our country. I thought if we could just get the right conservative…all will be well. Unfortunately, that is a false assumption. Our problems are first moral. The total decay we see is from within, from hearts that have been darkened by sin…that is still the worlds problem, and the answer is still a man, the God-man, Jesus Christ, and He is our only hope. Please consider Him.

  5. Well said Tom; you express the feelings of millions of true patriots who have witnessed the socialist takeover of this great Republic; the one and only “Land of Opportunity”. Barry Hussein Obama is the Trojan horse that entered the political arena by stealth and deceipt to turn this great nation upside down. Was he elected based upon his radical socialist beliefs? I don’t think so. However, many of us instinctively knew where we were heading in 2008 and three years later we see the manifestation of this evil malignancy spreading rapidly throughout every facet of the American system. Immigrants have never fled towards socialism, always from it. What is wrong with Americans that they would willingly go one step down the socialist road? They suck up the state controlled media propaganda and manipulation every day but are ignorant of what’s at stake here. Time is short and it looks like the leftist mutants have almost won in controlling and funneling public opinion towards their favorite choice, Romney, (polite, will not offend Obama, cannot utter the word “Socialist”, Romneycare, et al) to make him the Nominee; Newt and Cain would take the gloves off and draw a line in the sand and they certainly do not want that. I am personally with Todd and Sarah Palin in believing that Newt IS our best shot (I know) or else we may well soon be living in Amerika. Finally, a quote from Winston Churchill: ” Never, never, in nothing great or small, large or petty, never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.” Never , never give up!!!!!

  6. Failing the second coming of a Ronald Reagan, we are in seriously deep doo-doo.

  7. This sucks. 🙁

  8. Concur Tom..we are well past the point of taking our country back. The public indoctrination system, entitlements, and dumbing down of citizens has left us in this peril. Combine that with the orders of the SRM and we have an uphill battle.
    This has me grumpy now 🙁
    Elections have major consequences…

  9. Well stated. I can’t help but think there were similar writings during the decline and fall of Rome. It will take strong leadership to overturn this cycle of history repeating itself and I can’t help but wonder at the foresight of our founding fathers (and mothers) who predicted this outcome unless we were vigelent in preventing what we see is occuring.

  10. StandingonthePromises

    Folks, you totally missed the boat concerning Ron Paul. He is not and never has been anti-Israel. He is saying exactly what Israel’s Netanyahu stated in his address to Congress this past fall. The clip is on the internet. Look it up. Dr. Paul is saying that the USA has no right to tell Israel what to do in governing Israel or how they could/should make peace or concessions to the nations surrounding them. In effect, we (USA) have become the default policy maker/master of Israel. We say jump and part of the Israeli leaders say “How high?” Israel has replaced God with the secular government of the USA. The Lord God is a jealous god and the true protector of Israel, not a corrupt earthly government.
    The scriptural promise which some of you referenced is found in Genesis 12: 1-3 (in complete context) and states verbatim: (1)”Now the Lord had said unto Abram, Get thee out of thy country, and from thy kindred, and from thy father’s house, unto a land that I will shew thee: (2) And I will make of thee a great nation and I will bless thee, and make thy name great; and thou shalt be a blessing: (3) And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.”
    This Gen. 12: 1-3 passage, which was meant to bless the people who love the Lord and Israel, has become the foremost tool is satan’s arsenal to destroy well meaning Christians/believers in this country and the nation as a whole, and Israel in the process. The greatest gift we can give to the nation and people of Israel is their freedom from our interference in their choices and policy making. The USA has become Israel’s strength and polluted drug of choice and we have usurped God’s place. As long as they look to America as their protector, negotiator, and savior, and continue to bow down and prostitute themselves before us/USA……. why would they bother to reconsider that there is a Lord God in heaven who weeps over them and loves them and will do battle for them?
    And note, that scripture reference does not necessarily bless/curse a given nation. It is “them” that bless thee, and curse “him” that curseth thee.
    “Them” is individuals, singly or grouped……. it does not say “nations/states/governments/countries.” It is you and me….. our personal choice of accepting/loving/interceding for Israel……. or, along with satan, standing against Israel. And what is more, many of us choose to claim this scripture passage, and particularly so out of context, on the basis of fear of receiving punishment from God and not a reward; we follow that scripture not necessarily because we really love/care about Israel, but rather because those of us who do know their is a God in heaven……. and we just don’t want to risk a trip to the woodshed. That scripture passage has been parroted without thinking it through for so long that we don’t realize we are fear driven as our motivator vs. faith led of the Lord. Fear/respect for God is what we are supposed to follow after,……… not fear rooted in satan’s twisting the Lord’s blessing itself into the curse against Israel. The Lord holds us to account, one individual at a time, for choosing to spiritually intercede for Israel……. or spiritually war against Israel. And the military/industrial complex which Gen./Pres. Eisenhower explicitly warned America against gains monstrous wealth pitting the two sides in the Middle East against each other, rolls it in patriotism and the American flag and quotes Gen. 12: 1-3 in our Christian ears to motivate us to do our “Christian duty” by Israel. The more conflict and fear they can generate, in the name of God, the more obscenely obese their business bottom lines become. In the meantime, just like Adam and Eve listened to satan’s twisting of God’s words, we are guilty of listening to satan twist them yet again for his gain……. and Israel’s and our destruction.
    Also, Dr. Paul points out that the USA gives/sells armaments and funding to the surrounding nations who see Israel as their enemy……. at the same time that we give/sell armaments and funds to Israel. Taken together, the USA has armed/funded the nations who are against Israel much more than they have done so for our “friend” Israel. Did you know this? With friends like us, who needs enemies!
    By the way, look up on line an article entitled “From Israel: Vote Ron Paul and Let My People Go!” written about 12/31/11 by an Israeli gentleman named Rafi Farber. It is an eye-opening perspective from Israel.
    And your other concern about Dr. Paul’s stand to legalize drugs- I understand where you’re coming from. Dr. Paul, who is an OB/GYN who has delivered over 4,000 babies and has never performed abortions, is personally totally against the recreational use of drugs. On the moral/spiritual end of the issue, Dr. Paul is totally rooted in the earliest example of personal responsibility and accountability……. and freedom of choice. What is that example? Simple. It’s the Garden of Eden and the Lord God’s offering Adam and Eve the right/privilege to choose to trust and obey him……. or choose to be come their own authority. The Lord God did not want slaves who had no voice or choice over anything. No, he wanted children who would freely choose to love, honor, and obey Him.
    That same God-given “freedom of choice” is the very bedrock upon which the Declaration of Indepe ndence, the U.S. Consti tution and the Bill of Rights are built. And, that same “freedom of choice” supported and protected people’s faith and right to worship their God as their conscience and study of scripture guided them. On the practical end, banning alcohol to stop the drunken abuse of it and the destruction it inflicted upon individuals and families resulted in the creation of the gangs/Mafia and crime syndicates terrorizing Americans coast to coast, not to mention pouring the money they gained from racketeering, shake-downs, threats, etc. into paying for politicians to strengthen their hold over the country while they bought up judges and policemen to cover up their crimes. Sound familiar? What happened after Prohibition ended and that neutral object alcohol (like water that can quench your thirst- or drown you) was made legal and sold and taxed through govt. stores? The criminals lost a major source of revenue………… but Americans would endure many decades of terror and destruction from the entrenched mobs before they were brought to heel. We’ve just replaced them with drug lords. Same chemical formula, different variable. So what would happen if drugs were legalized and someone abused them? Same thing that happens to a drunk driver. You throw the legal book at them. How many thousands of innocent lives have been paid in our nation, Central America, etc. for every one criminal out there pushing drugs and engaging in slavery, kidnapping and selling of human beings that are part of the drug trade? Do you call that moral? The only true morality is the morality that the Lord God instills in our individual consciences and we obey that “still, small voice” through self-discipline we choose from the inside out. When there is a need to impose a moral control from the outside in via law officials and government regulations, that is a sign of the corrupted morals of individual people at work. That’s where we’ve moved to since the days of our Founding generations.
    So, I urge you to prayerfully and thoroughly look into the extraordinary character, commitment, and consistency of this gentle man of profoundly deep Christian faith- who truly lives it every day of his life from the inside out, and not on his sleeve. He is the King David that the Lord has raised up as a last chance for this nation. He is the George Washington of our generation. He is the only veteran presidential candidate- 5 yrs. as a flight surgeon in Vietnam; he was raised on a farm and worked many jobs to pay his own way through college and medical school; he is super-pro strong defense of our country while following the strict guidelines of the U.S. Constitution about receiving proper authority to go to war for defense of this nation……….. versus nation-building around the world; Dr. Paul follows the biblical guideline that defines a “just war.” He wants to stop spending the money of America’s poor and middle class on the despots of foreign nations when it was intended to help their poor; the money saved from shrinking back over 900 American bases would support our folks dependent upon Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare. He wants to end Obamacare and return us to the individual liberty and responsibility granted every American under the protection of the U.S. Consti tution and Bill of Ri ghts when we were free to choose what was best for ourselves and our families for healthcare- and re-instate the privacy between doctor and patient, etc.; Dr. Paul, like our Founders, believes each person has the God-given right to freely find and perform any work/job without interference and being forced into a union- which is the enforcement arm of communism in the Humanist Manifesto and the work place. He wants to audit the Fed that has systematically destroyed our dollar, and return our currency and our economy to a firm foundation. He is one of the most learned men on the subjects of the economy and the U.S. Constitution who has ever walked the halls of Congress. He will return the right to a trial by jury, legal searches only after obtaining a warrant, and all the freedoms we were guaranteed which were dissolved into oblivion in the last few weeks. Dr. Paul’s plan to cut $1 trillion dollars in his first year from the national debt has proven solid and when he says he will shrink the size of government and end the income tax, etc., he’s not joking.
    Dr. Paul has faithfully loved and cared for his bride Carol for over 50 yrs. He works out once, and sometimes twice a day, farms, and out-batted and out-ran his peers in the Congressional baseball game last year. He is physically and mentally fit and is indeed “electable.” He is not “too old” when compared to world leaders who made many of the greatest successes in their 70’s and 80’s like Queen Elizabeth, Mother Theresa, Golda Meir, Albert Einstein, many more world leaders, artists, inventors, musicians, etc.
    The Lord has without a doubt raised up and shaped Dr. Paul for this hour of our nation’s history. The only thing weak about him is his voice, which belies the courage, integrity, strength, sharpness of mind, wit and wisdom within him. People from every category, many who would not be seen in the same room together, have dropped their differences, including crossing party lines as well as pulling high numbers of independents in……. and are uniting around and supporting Dr. Paul because they realize that they cannot engage in what they want to accomplish without the individual liberty and right to do so. And, in closing, the latest polls show that Dr. Paul, like Mr. Romney, is now able to run against and defeat the President next November.
    And remember, the media is owned by a handful of powerful people, officials, bankers, and industrialists who do not want this nation to be returned to the protection of the U.S. Const itution. They have done a nearly perfect job of silencing or distorting Dr. Paul’s message. He, Carol and their family are laying everything……. and I do mean everything, on the line for this nation. They need prayer for a hedge of protection, the Lord’s favor, and strength and wisdom to run the course the Lord has set before them. Please, stand on your knees in prayer for them, Israel, and our nation.


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