The curious parents of Sandy Hook child victim Noah Pozner

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We are told that on the morning of December 14, 2012, a single gunman, 20-year-old Adam Lanza, for no discernible reason, barged into Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.

There, despite his “very poor muscle tone” and “very very poor motor skills” which typify those afflicted with Asperger syndrome, Lanza managed to shoot to death 20 first-graders and 6 adults in less than 5 minutes.

That’s just one of the reasons why many now believe the Sandy Hook shootings to be what former state trooper Wolfgang Halbig calls “a contrived event.”

In addition to the parents’ absence of signs of grief, the resemblances of Sandy Hook people to crisis actors, the RIP and donation sites that were created days before the massacre, the strange Social Security Death Index for Lanza that said he had died a day before the massacre, and the continuing lack of transparency from state officials, here’s another oddity: 6-year-old child victim Noah Pozner‘s parents.

Put simply, Noah’s mom Veronique may not be who she says she is. And Noah’s dad, Lenny, is dissembling about his son’s photos, allegedly taken a month apart.

Noah’s mother: Veronique Haller Pozner

Veronique PoznerNoah’s mom, Veronique Haller Pozner, waves to the assembled media as she leaves after the funeral service in Fairfield, Conn. (AP) Her 6-year-old boy was shot “multiple times,” with his jaw blown away, but this mother had the presence of mind to put on rouge, eye makeup, and red lipstick just 3 days later.

On December 17, 2014, three days after the massacre, the funeral service for little Noah was held in Fairfield, Connecticut, where his body reportedly laid in an open casket — a simple brown wooden casket with a Star of David on it.

Since the service was closed to the news media, Noah’s maternal uncle, Alexis Haller, was the source of information about the funeral. An outspoken advocate for gun control who lives in Seattle, Washington, Haller told the Associated Press, “If Noah had not been taken from us, he would have become a great man. He would have been a wonderful husband and a loving father.”

Bizarrely, Noah’s mother, Veronique Haller Pozner, who herself is a gun control advocate, later accused her brother Alexis of speaking without her authorization.

Veronique also told the Jewish Daily Forward that she’d made the painful decision to have an open casket for her son’s wake in order to show people the “ugliness” of gun violence. She said, “We all saw how beautiful he was. He had thick, shiny hair, beautiful long eyelashes that rested on his cheeks. He looked like he was sleeping. But the reality of it was under the cloth he had covering his mouth there was no mouth left. His jaw was blown away.”

The press tells us Veronique is an oncology nurse. Naomi Zeveloff reports for Forward, Dec. 26, 2012, that “On the morning of December 14, Veronique was at the medical center where she works as an oncology nurse when she received an automated text message alerting her that there was a reported shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. … Veronique drove at 80 miles per hour to the school, praying that her car’s faulty engine would hold up.”

Reporter Zeveloff did not name the medical center, but an article in USA Today of Dec. 18, 2012, says “Veronique Pozner was at work at Grove Hill Medical Center in New Britain, 38 miles from the Sandy Hook school, administering chemotherapy to cancer patients when a patient got an alert about the Sandy Hook shootings, said Doreen Berube, the office administrator. Pozner, an oncology nurse, came to Berube and said simply, ‘I’ve got to go.”’

I searched Grove Hill Medical Center’s website for both Veronique Pozner and Doreen Berube, but found nothing.

I did find a barebones page for Veronique Pozner on LinkedIn (see below), which says she is a registered nurse at Grove Hill Medical Center in New Britain, CT, but gives no information as to her education, which is odd.

Veronique Pozner on LinkedInOdder still, Pozner’s LinkedIn page as 0 connections. Frankly, I know of no one who’s on LinkedIn with zero connections. That defeats the purpose of having a LinkedIn page because LinkedIn is a career-oriented social networking site for professionals and business people.

However, as some bloggers discovered, there is a Veronique Haller, identified on the website of the Swiss-American Chamber of Commerce as the Legal Counselor for the Swiss Embassy in Washington, D.C.! Veronique Haller, however, is not on LinkedIn.

Veronique HallerNoah’s dad: Leonard (“Lenny”) Pozner

The USA Today article describes Veronique Haller Pozner as a single mom of five: two older children (a daughter and a son) from her first marriage, and three younger children from her second marriage to Lenny Pozner — a daughter Sophia, and twins Noah and Arielle.

According to the account in Forward, in 2005, Veronique and Lenny had relocated to Newtown from nearby Bethel (they had previously lived in Westchester.)

Oddly, although Lenny is the father of Noah, he did not attend his slain son’s funeral. Instead, after the Jewish shiva mourning period, Lenny “went to be with family in Florida.”

But Lenny Pozner did upload photos of Noah to his Google Plus account, which blogger Timothy Hunter discovered. Hunter noticed that Noah’s hair length was very different in two photos that were taken just a month apart.

Note from Eowyn (March 20, 2015): The photos of Noah which were in the original version of this post have been removed because Lenny claims copy right over all images of Noah and succeeded in getting WordPress, the server of Fellowship of the Minds, to unilaterally take down those pics. If FOTM continues to post pictures of Noah, WordPress threatens to shut down this blog.

A comparison of Noah Pozner in the two photos, supposedly taken a month and a day apart, shows Noah #2 as having a lot more and much longer hair than Noah #1. In just a month!

When Hunter points out that hair doesn’t grow that fast in just a month, Lenny Pozner actually responded to Hunter with the lame explanation that Noah’s hair was so much longer in the 2-26-2012 pic because the boy was wearing a wig.

Pozner3Oh, puleeze.

Why would anyone put a wig on a 6-year-old boy?

Hunter’s guess is that Lenny had uploaded a bunch of Noah’s younger pictures to his Google Plus account to give “the illusion that they were living normal lives up until the event [Sandy Hook massacre] took place.” That would explain why Noah’s hair managed to “grow” INCHES in just a month.

In Hunter’s words: “The alleged victims of Sandy Hook would have to be years older than we were told by the media for this hoax to work, and all credible evidence points to this fact – the Photoshopped pictures, their likenesses (only a few years older) appearing at the Super Bowl, and the appearance of their likenesses in a 2006 album called End Times.”

Here’s Hunter on the Noah photos and Lenny’s lame explanation:

Note from Eowyn (March 20, 2015): Lenny Pozner succeeded in shutting down Timothy Hunter’s YouTube and Twitter accounts. Hunter’s blog is no longer active.


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0 responses to “The curious parents of Sandy Hook child victim Noah Pozner

  1. Excellent work!! Thanks for posting. I was actually just wondering what happened to Veronique–I haven’t seen much from her in a while. I was recently looking through some of the CT hearings (I think from last summer) when many of the parents were doing their best to keep documents, like 911 calls, crime scene photos, etc, from the public, but I noticed Veronique was absent. Anyway, thanks for this information and for continuing to expose the truth about Sandy Hook.

    For those interested, there’s a lot posted on Sandy Hook, including a great deal of evidence in support of the idea that it was a decommissioned, non-operational school, here: (it’s an open forum, and new members are welcome, especially those interested in helping to expose the hoaxes)

  2. ericmuetterties

    Hmmm.. Certified Nurse eh?

    She doesn’t show up under Haller or Pozner

  3. ericmuetterties

    I searched under all sorts of licenses along with not stating a license type. If she was in there, even expired, it would show up.

  4. How is it that she was able to see her son’s body and NO ONE else supposedly was? Not even Lauren’s (the substitute teacher’s) dad! And Veronique’s son, we’re told, didn’t get autopsied. This thing stinks to high heavens.
    Here is something else that’s very odd about this family:
    They certainly don’t get along very well.
    Anyway, the thing I find the strangest is that in the report released by the CT police is that THE VICTIM’S NAMES WERE REDACTED. Is that to escape criminal charges later when the SHTF? What kind of report is that?
    As far as the photos of Noah go: It’s hard to tell, but to me he looks younger in the “wigged” photo.

    • I think Veronique looks too old to be the mother of such young children. So she aged, as did the kids. If they are her kids at all.

      • Many of them do seem “too old” I reserve judgment on that though since career parents and second marriage people around here also look “too old” in many cases–I don’t live too far from Newtown.
        Can anyone hazard a guess or an explanation as to why this is though?
        I would love it if someone with a legal background could put forth a reason. What kind of precedent is this setting:

        Connecticut State Police Commissioner Reuben Bradford said the report issued Friday (referring to the Sandy Hook event) was redacted to WITHHOLD NAMES OF CHILDREN AFFECTED BY THE MASSACRE, as well as the names of most witnesses and “all visual images of the deceased.”

        Read more:
        Thank you–cs

  5. “the refusal by the state to issue death certificates of victims ”

    Just for the record,
    June 18, 2013
    Death certificates for the Sandy Hook Elementary School victims are released as a result of mounting pressure from news media and a FOIA request after the Newtown Town Clerk’s office refused to turn them over to the press. The one page documents indicate that 24 of the 26 victims died from “multiple gunshot wounds,” but little more. Bill Hutchinson, “Sandy Hook Elementary School Death Certificates Released,” New York Daily News, June 18, 2013.

    I still have not determined if the death certificates issued and released were of the standard form or were of a “short form”. As I understand it, the state legislature bill to allow short form death certificates did not pass.

  6. Thank you, amanda, eric, cs, and dachsielady, for your links! 🙂

  7. Anyone can verify a nursing license issue by the State of Connecticut at this website: I typed in only the last name pozner and it came up with

    VERONIQUE P POZNER 10.073372 Registered Nurse ACTIVE BOCA RATON FL 33433-4854

    Then when I hit the “DETAILS” button, it shows


    License Information
    License Type License Number Expiration Date Granted Date License Name License Status Licensure Actions or Pending Charges
    Registered Nurse 73372 04/30/2014 05/28/2004 Veronique P. Pozner ACTIVE None

    It’s curious it shows the State of Connecticut has her address as Boca Raton, Florida.

    • ericmuetterties

      That’s weird! I even copy/pasted her name when I did that. Maybe I put it under Business Name for last name, but I really don’t think so. I checked that same site along with the link I posted.

      Very weird. There were no results under Pozner or Haller.

    • ericmuetterties

      Ahhh, I DID search for the State of CT. When you do that no license shows.

    • ericmuetterties

      I thought to search for Leonard Pozner and came up with a few CT companies, plus a Noah Pozner Memorial Fund in Boca Raton, FL and another managment company in Boca Raton too. Maybe they moved there.

  8. one of the strangest things about sandy hook is that a year and a half has past and not one single lawsuit has been filed by anyone supposedly affected by this “tradgedy”

  9. ericmuetterties

    I guess we’re not the first ones to head down this road. The comment section has a lot of info too.

  10. Sandy Hook is such an obvious hoax. All the characters involved from top to bottom are disingenuine. How about the newtown smiling couple on national TV one day after their daughter was killed by a hail of bullets. How about the Robby Parker fraud. Try tracking some of these people down; they have disappeared. This was a psy-op for gun control. The actors and actresses were paid very well. Remember Illusion of attacks and Fake burials is right out of Operation Northwoods.

  11. too bizarre to be believed- which is how they get away with this garbage. you couldnt get a group of xtians this big to go along with such a fraud. that all the names are jewish is evidence enough for me. it is more of their social-engineering of the stupid goyim, just like their ‘bible’

  12. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this fascinating post containing your careful research. What I found the most astonishing, was Lenny, the father, of Noah, failing to attend his son’s funeral. I was stunned.

    • Me, too! I found that most noteworthy.

    • Lenny, after coming under attack for his absence, later put Noah’s alleged Death Certificate on the web. After careful examination, in great detail, it was proven to be false, just another attempt to keep the hoax alive.

      • I didn’t know that about the false death certificate. Can you give a cite for that? Wow! This whole thing is nothing but a can of worms–and this guy Lenny is very suspect. This goes right to the top–beyond CT. It’s sad to see so many people have been silenced and are afraid to come forward.
        BTW, Sandy Hook School was a school that WAS in operation. While I don’t live in Newtown, I have friends who were intimately connected with the school (grand- nephew who attended school in the 4th grade at the time). I don’t know about a lessening of internet usage etc. (planted evidence to create a red herring?) but the school WAS in session that day–he was there.

  13. i don’t care about anything to do with this story. brand new cameras installed on front of school AS REPORTED BY LOCAL PAPER EARLIER THAT YEAR. no shots of 500 kids evacuating a school, yet somehow the helicopter was over the school minutes after shooting?. not a single picture still or video of this kid lanza driving up to school, getting out, shooting, and sure as hell not his dead body.
    this whole story is fraud the state, state attornies, everyone involved in THIS TRAINING EXERCISE should be arrested, and definitely the people collecting all this money off of charities. that’s against the law. same with boston firecrackers with police standing in blast zones unhurt, yet people 50 feet in middle of road hurt? lol LIES!!!!!!!

    • amen to that, 11! As far as that one photo shot of the children evacuating the school, that was done during a drill in September (how’s that for phoney?) Too bad about the guys running into the woods, but since nobody thinks for themselves anymore, the less said the better (and it worked!)
      I still would like to know, though, WHY the names of the “victims (?)” of this charade were REDACTED in the CT State Police official report. Please, if anyone with a legal background– or even anyone who heard of the “official explanation–could something about this?
      I am flummoxed how we have hit this low in accountability.

      • “I still would like to know, though, WHY the names of the “victims (?)” of this charade were REDACTED in the CT State Police official report. ”

        I am still researching this subject of names of “victims” not being on official reports but I believe none of the names of the 9-11 event “victims” were listed on any official government report and not in Zelikow’s 9-11 Commission Report. The names of the 2,970 purported 9-11 victims were to my knowledge posted by the CNN website. The four-fake planes fake victims were only posted by the purchased silenced airlines, not on any government report that I know of.

        So the omission of names of victims in official Sandy Hook reports is nothing new.

        We are drowning in a sea of lies and we cannot obtain accountability. A counter revolution of the most sophisticated nature is what is needed but I limit myself to personal counter-revolutionary actions against the system.

        • Well, what you say is true–no names in the 911 Commission Report. But I don’t see that as such a scandal as redacting the names on the CT State Police report on Sandy Hook. The charge of the 911 commission was to find out [read, hide] why the event happened so as not to have it happen again. It wasn’t a police report reporting on a crime. Whoever heard of a crime report with the names of the victims–whose lives and those of their families were fed to us as “news” ad nauseum–without mentioning the victims?
          Is this to escape liability later on when something becomes known?

          • When the “dead” kids turn out to be alive and 10-12 years older than we thought?

            • something like that 😉

            • Yes, you are probably correct regarding the names of the 9-11 victims not being on the 9-11 Commission Report. I really do not know how this matter should be handled on a 9-11 type of event, but it does seem irregular to me that the 9-11 victims’ names do not appear any any official government report that I know of, but only are disclosed by a commercial enterprise. I do understand that it is highly irregular for the Sandy Hook victims’ names to not be recorded in the Ct. State Police Report.

              • oops! No, they’re on the report. It’s just that we the sheeple have been told we couldn’t see them. They’re redacted. I just don’t understand. When I get a minute, I’ll give someone up there a call.

  14. Sorry, I should have left links so you can verify what I said is true: and


    Jewish Law forbids open casket funeral. google it.

  16. Anthony Forwood

    Doc, you’re doing exceptional research! Keep it up!

  17. okay–I’m a little late to the party on this one, but still relevant… Scarlett Lewis, mother of Jesse, wrote in her new book Nurturing Healing Love that during the funeral she clasped her dead son’s hand in hers to “warm” it. This just is getting so over the top! Nobody was supposed to see the bodies, then the Posners’ open casket, and now this!

    • Selective interpretation. Parents didn’t see the bodies at the time. No one ever said NONE of the parents saw their children. No one ever said they could NEVER see them.

      • It was the medical examiner who said that parents would hid the bodies of their children from photos. There was no mention of parents viewing the bodies. In fact, when the father of the substitute teacher who died (Lauren something) he was refused to even look at it. Then there is that little blonde girl’s (Grace’s) parents who said when they saw their child’s closed coffin, the other siblings colored all over it with magic marker. I know you said you saw your son’s body — so who were the others that did and why were you able to and not Lauren’s dad?

  18. To Padlin: Please answer the questions I raised. This whole thing stinks out loud. And why is Wolfgang Halbig being threatened when all he did in the first place was to use the FOIA to get some basic answers? I am not accusing you of being “in on it.” Please understand. We just can’t abide by the inconsistencies.

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  20. This man censored YouTube of the debunk videos. What American doesn’t believe in free speech? Lenny fucking Ponzer.

  21. Yes–he’s at it again. Henry Makow wrote about the film “We Need to Talk about Sandy Hook.” It was on youtube and taken down by none other than Lenny Posner. But you can get it here:
    Thank you for this site, Dr. E.

    • Lenny Pozner, dad of alleged Sandy Hook child victim Noah Pozner, has been and is doing this to other SH videos as well. He even has a company that specializes in getting YouTube to remove SH videos, on grounds of alleged copy right violation. One has to ask just what Lenny is afraid of.

  22. So MrStosh314, one of the main contributors to the “We Need To Talk” video, has been completely erased from both YouTube and G+ because of this Pozner clown. No argument, no debate, just blatant and outright censorship courtesy of Google. What’s the “copyright” Pozner is claiming to have over not just the Sandy Hook video, but ALL of MrStosh’s videos? I thought this was a nation where freedom of speech was cherished…it looks like “1984” from where I’m sitting. The Sandy Hook video needs to be put on The Pirate Bay, immediately. I’d like to see this Pozner guy play whack-a-mole with the Pirate Bay.

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  24. I just wanted to add that Noahs photo showed up at the Pakistan school shooting.

  25. Best documentary about Sandy Hook (Newtown) hoax. See clips of Sandy Hook parents (Crisis Actors) doing their Acting in other productions.

    Francine Wheeler and Veronique Pozner (aka Haller) are the best actors of Sandy Hoax. Gene Rosen is the worst actor.

    The government must really want your AR15 rifles to stage a hoax this big.

    Check out the Sandy Hook documentary HERE (tell a friend):

  26. That is so sad what that man did😭😭😭😭😭

  27. Veronique Pozner is a gun-grabber born in Switzerland.

    Veronique Pozner promotes U.N. Agenda 21 gun confiscation.

    When gun-grabbers couldn’t persuade us, did they use fake parents like Veronique Pozner to TRICK Americans out of their guns?

    Noah Pozner keeps dying in (fake) school shootings:

    When anyone mentions the “Noah Pozner” fraud, they get attacked/censored by Lenny Pozner:

  28. Every time Noah Pozner dies, I feel bad — until I realize Noah keeps dying all over the world, at different “school shootings.” Noah Pozner died at Sandy Hook, then he died again in Pakistan (2 years later). Where will Noah die NEXT?

    Anderson Cooper’s nose vanished because he attended the Noah Pozner memorial via Green Screen from a different city. Here is Anderson Cooper interviewing Veronique Pozner outside the Noah Pozner memorial:

    Everything about Sandy Hook looks like a gun control Hoax. How many fake parents and fake Newtown charities are there?

    William Podgorski was former DHS, supposedly CT State Police. Podgorski didn’t “die from sudden undisclosed illness.” He got reassigned under a new name — by DHS — when folks began asking too many questions about Sandy Hook.

    LT Vance was suddenly removed from his Spokesman job (CT State Police) in FEB 2015, and reassigned to the Traffic Division.

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  30. Say what you want, but I know of no grieving mother leaving her son’s funeral, that would have the sanity to wave to the media.
    Just my thought.

  31. Can we see the coroner’s report please……Nope !

  32. Winfield J. Abbe

    Unless I have missed it, the following article is not mentioned in the above discussion. I think it is relevant to it. Here is the link: Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

    • Thanks, Dr. Abbe, for the article link. I’m baffled by what Noah’s supposed death has to do with his siblings getting and profiting from a trust fund, no doubt worth $millions from donations. Victim trust funds normally are set up for the children of a parent, e.g., a police officer, who’d been killed. Noah’s supposed death has no negative effect on the remaining family members’ economic well being. On the contrary, it’s a financial windfall for the parents and siblings.

  33. Thanks from me too, Dr. Abbe. I actually did see this article a while back. These are obviously very unsavory people.
    That having been said, I don’t really think it’s true that Lenny did not attend his son’s funeral as I’d been led to believe. I see that the shiva mourning period is after the funeral, not before, and the claim was made that he wasn’t at shiva, not the funeral. This was the article quoted for that claim:
    But here is a real anomaly: Dylan Hockley’s mother claims to have held her dead son’s hand in his casket
    and Jesse Lewis’ mom said the same thing in her book. That came out in an interview at a local paper (sorry–can’t find the link). This woman, by the way, is way over the top in her imagination and bs.
    Anyway, we’re famously told they were all closed caskets except for Noah (Kenny?) Posner.

  34. What this shows is we’re dealing with very unsavory people.

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  36. There is a very *important* item that I read *directly* from C.W.Wade’s website in an “exclusive” interview with Leonid (Lenny) Pozner.
    I’m sure we are aware that *none* of the children saved by “heroic teacher, Kaitlyn Roig” as described in her ghost-written, fictional book. It’s like clowns in a circus playing a magician’s trick of a large amount of adult clowns somehow climbing out of a small car, etc. It’s an illusion. We watch master magicians perform incredible feats on stage, and yet we know that there is a “trick” or “illusion” in that trick somehow.

    According to Mr. Pozner, one of the children saved from that 3 x 4 x 8 foott bathroom (with toilet) and the door opening INWARD, was none other than Noah’s “twin” sister, Arielle! He even praises the quick thinking and courage of Ms. Roig. [No wonder she is free to get copious amounts of $$ in speaking engagements from around the U.S. too Australia & New Zealand. She has the HONR Network backing up her claims, although I never knew that Noah’s “twin sister, Arielle” is one of Roig’s students in that sardine-crammed toilet for how many minutes? 30 minutes?

    Also, his third child, Sophia, was in a classroom very close to where the “Adam Lanza” was firing [according to Mr. Pozner].

    I am going to end this this post with LOTS of personal knowledge about twins as twins are generational in my immediate family. My mother was a twin, her two oldest brother & sister were twins, my sister had twins, and two first-cousins have twins.

    I can say with *personal knowledge* that Mr. Pozner (and his ex-wife Veronique’) should have a *copious* amount of pictures of Noah & Arielle together. They start at infancy and would have continued until Adam’s untimely “death”. No, of course, they would not have forgotten Sophia in these family photos; however the pictures of Noah and Arielle should be a LOT more than the five or six he showed in this article. (Two of them just showed them from the back looking out into a lake or ocean, etc.) Of course, any girl with slightly curly brown hair could be called, “Arielle” but I want to see pictures of Veronique PREGNANT, of Veronique in her hospital bed after delivery and the many, many pictures of the infant and toddler twins with mommy & daddy?. I know there must be even cell-phone or Instagram images of their “firsts”, crawling, walking, etc. Why don’t these parents show “school” photos which are taken every year?

    Why have these “parents” not provided us with *marriage* certificates, and *birth* certificates? These items are certainly NOT GORY or intrusive in the leas for a proper court investigation, if needed.. BTW, I do not know of ONE truther who has asked for an exhumation! And, no, Mr. Halbig did not either.

    P.S. According to Veronque’ Haller Pozner’s [Haller is her maiden name] obvious status as representing Switzerland at the U.N., it may give her diplomatic immunity. Her mother is French; however I don’t know about her father. I also do no know the name of the father of her two older children and who had custody of them.

    This is pure speculation, NOT *fact* — it has been suggested that because of Mr. Pozner’s vitriolic attacks and his arrogance in writing such things as “he has been personally harassed] [Where are the police reports?] that he may have diplomatic imunityy as well, but with Israel. Perhaps he met Veroniq’s and a U.N. function? ***Again, this is just speculation and certainly NOT a fact nor meant to be.***

    • Haller is obviously one sharp well-connected lawyer or he knows well how to fix things for his clients.

    • The link says “Sorry, the file you have requested does not exist.”

      Re-send the correct link, please.

      • Hi, Dr. E–Not sure I remember too much except for the gist. It was about the brother in law Mark Haller and how he got many of his cases settled or maybe thrown out of court.

        • So there’s more than one lawyer? Alexis was supposedly her brother. Mark I know nothing about. There was talk of one of the “Hallers” representing the Catholic Church in some lawsuit. I thought that strange, as The Church has plenty of lawyers in its own right.

          It continues to seem strange to me that these players are so hard to nail down. It isn’t easy to protect all your personal information from prying eyes.

          When you look at the success of “Lenny”, I rather suspect that “he” is an organization. The only way to know is to have the resources to find out. Those who try are stonewalled everywhere, but there is no stopping a good investigator.

          • My mistake. I believe it was Alexis, and I let the comment go without checking.
            LOL re your comment that he’s an organization. Why not?

  37. Soon as I saw the Jewish names I knew it…

    OK I’m not an American. I think most Americans are fine upstanding individuals. Folks you are not doing yourself any favours by just rabbiting on with your pomp and fluster about all this. I’m afraid you are going to have to “TOUGHEN THE FUCK UP” and beat these CRETINS at their own game. I cannot comprehend why you people don’t actually have a very serious private talk with these individuals and record it for posterity. Complete with their bodies precariously balanced over the side of a cliff, etc. Let them sing like canaries…

  38. Actually according to Marc Cuban all things posted on social media are no longer able to be claimed by the person posting. Statements, quotes, pictures, etc. Are can no longer be claimed. Source is Marc Cuban interviews where he’s promoting his erase program for social media

    • Interesting, Steve and thank you for your contribution.
      But justice is not blind anymore. Just the people. But I’ll try to check that out.

    • I’m sure that, legally, you’re correct. The problem is that these “hosts” get notices from “your” government telling them to cease and desist. They have gag orders attached.

      They won’t tell the target anything. It’s a pretty slick system for the corrupt.

  39. This is one of the most insane things I have ever read. Are you people stark raving bonkers? The chances of Pozner faking the death of his own son are so low as to be non-existent.

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  41. Since this is back up for some reason, I ran across the attached today:

    This is quite a national effort. I’m not sure of the connection between The Newtown Mafia and the Stockton Police, but apparently there is one.

  42. You are a cunt

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