The curious case of Pittsburgh synagogue shooter Robert G. Bowers

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We are told that at 9:50 a.m. on Saturday, October 27, 2018, a bearded, heavy-set white male armed with an assault rifle and three Glock handguns, burst into the Tree of Life Synagogue during Sabbath services in the Squirrel Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Screaming “All Jews must die!,” Bowers shot and killed 11 people and wounded a half-dozen more, including four police officers, before surrendering.

The media say the “Sabbath services” the shooter interrupted was a “baby-naming ceremony”. Other accounts say “baby-naming ceremony” is a euphemism for bris or circumcision.

By 9:54 a.m., police began receiving calls from people barricaded in the building reporting the attack. At 9:59 a.m., police arrived at the synagogue. The gunman fired on police from the synagogue, wounding two officers.

At 10:30 a.m., tactical teams entered the building and were again fired upon by the gunman. Officers returned fire and wounded him, leading him to retreat to a room on the third floor of the synagogue. In the exchange of gunfire two SWAT members were also wounded, one critically.

At 11:08 a.m., the gunman crawled out of the room in which he was hiding and surrendered. As he received medical care in police custody, he allegedly told a SWAT officer that he wanted all Jews to die, and that Jews were committing genocide to his people, according to a criminal complaint filed in Allegheny County.

The shooting was the deadliest attack on the Jewish community in U.S. history, according to Wikipedia.

Those killed ranged in age from 54 to 97, with an average age of 74.

The suspect is Robert Gregory Bowers, born September 4, 1972, age 46, a resident of Baldwin, PA. He was arrested and charged with 29 federal crimes and 36 state crimes:

  • See the Department of Justice press release on his 44-count indictment here. Note that the DOJ refers to him as “Robert Bowers, 46, of Baldwin, Pa.”.
  • See the Western District of Pennsylvania’s Grand Jury indictment here.

Curiously, this shooting shares a characteristic with false-flag shootings in that the synagogue shooting had been preceded by an active shooter drill in a nearby Jewish community center. (See “Pittsburgh synagogue shooting was preceded by an active shooter drill; shooting used to silence AltMedia“)

The alleged lone shooter seems to be straight out of Hollywood central casting for a “far right” anti-Semitic monster. This is what Wikipedia says about Robert Bowers, with source footnotes:

Robert Gregory Bowers (born September 4, 1972),[4][5][52] a 46-year-old resident of Baldwin, Pennsylvania, was arrested as the suspected shooter.[53][54][55][56] He attended Baldwin High School in the Baldwin-Whitehall School District from August 1986 to November 1989. He then dropped out of high school and worked as a trucker.[57][58]

Neighbors described Bowers as “a ghost” and said that he rarely interacted with others.[53] He was reported to have been heavily involved in far-right websites such as Gab and had promoted anti-Semitic conspiracy theories online social media.[59]

Gab has been described as “extremist friendly”[60] for neo-Nazis, white supremacists, and the alt-right.[60] Bowers’ Gab profile was registered in January 2018 under the handle “onedingo”, and the account’s description was: “Jews are the children of Satan (John 8:44). The Lord Jesus Christ [has] come in the flesh.” …[H]e criticized President Donald Trump for being a “globalist, not a nationalist”[67] and for supposedly being controlled and surrounded by Jews.[68] In another post, he wrote, “There is no #MAGA as long as there is a kike infestation.”[56] Other posts attacked African Americans with racial slurs and images related to lynching, and attacked women who have relationships with black men.[69] He also used his online accounts to post conspiracy theories regarding investor and philanthropist George Soros.[70]

…He claimed that Jews were aiding members of Central American caravans moving towards the United States border and to have referred to members of those caravans as “invaders”.[12]

…After the shooting, Gab suspended Bowers’ profile and pledged to cooperate with the criminal investigation.[61][66] Shortly after the attack, PayPal, Stripe, Joyent, and Medium pulled support for Gab, and GoDaddy, which the Gab domains were registered under, required Gab to relocate their domain name hosting to a different service in the wake of the shooting, effectively shutting Gab down in the short term.[73]

Note: As of today, Gab is still down. Read their message here.

Bowers was charged by the US Department of Justice with 29 federal crimes.[4][6][74]

The federal charges include eleven counts of obstruction of exercise of religious beliefs resulting in death, eleven counts of use of a firearm to commit murder during a crime of violence, four counts of obstruction of exercise of religious beliefs resulting in bodily injury to a public safety officer, and three counts of use and discharge of a firearm during a crime of violence.[34][74][75][76]

The crimes of violence are based upon the federal civil rights laws prohibiting hate crimes.[76]

Bowers was also charged with 36 state criminal counts, including 11 counts of criminal homicide, 6 counts of aggravated assault, 6 counts of attempted criminal homicide and 13 counts of ethnic intimidation.[4][6]

Bowers appeared in federal court in Pittsburgh on October 29, to hear the charges against him. His attorney was appointed by the court and he was remanded to the custody of the United States Marshals Service without bail pending further hearings.[77] Bowers was indicted by the federal grand juryon October 31. The charges carry a maximum penalty of death or 535 years in federal prison.[78] On November 1, Bowers entered a plea of not guilty, “as is typical at this stage of the proceedings” his public defender said.[79]

The above account sounds pretty straight forward, doesn’t it? The only problem is this: The information we find on Robert Gregory Bowers doesn’t fit the official narrative.

Here are 7 things that are very strange about this shooting:

(1) There is no arrest of a 46-year-old male or of anyone in the Squirrel Hill neighborhood in the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police’s Incident Blotter for Saturday, October 27, 2018. See for yourself here. The Incident Blotter for Sunday, October 28, 2018, has no arrests in the Squirrel Hill neighborhood, but an arrest of a 46-year-old male in the Bluff neighborhood for “Possession of Controlled Substance, Tampering with or Fabricating Physical Evidence, Paraphernalia – Use or Possession”.

(2) Pittsburgh is in Allegheny County, PA. But Allegheny County Police News shows no arrest or crime committed in the county for October 27, 2018. Below is a screenshot I took of the web-page:

(3) However, according to the Butler Eagle, on October 30, 2018, Robert Bowers inexplicably was transferred out of Allegheny County Jail to Butler County Prison and will be held there “indefinitely” — “It was not immediately clear why Bowers, who faces 29 murder and federal hate crime charges, was transferred to Butler County.” Reportedly, Butler County Prison officials are angry because they had not been consulted about the move and found out about it hours after he had been transferred. Butler County District Attorney Richard Goldinger, who’s also a member of the county prison board,  told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: “I’m not happy about it. I don’t think that it’s our responsibility to be housing him. He’s allegedly committed a heinous act, and I don’t think we should be responsible for him while he’s awaiting his trial.”

Here’s a screenshot of Bowers in Butler County Prison on Vinelink:

(4) I could find no Robert G(regory) Bowers, age 46, born on Sept. 4, 1972, a resident of Baldwin, PA, using two paid people search engines, Spokeo and Truthfinder. According to Spokeo, there are 258 people named Robert Bowers in Pennsylvania (there are duplicate names). Of those 258 Robert Bowers:

  • Three are 46 years old:
    • Robert Frances Bowers, of Philadelphia, PA.
    • Robert Lee Bowers Jr., of Mercer, PA. His Facebook pic shows he’s not the synagogue shooter.
    • Robert D. Bowers, most likely born August 1972 (but some sources show other potential dates, including Sept. 1972); has lived in Pittsburgh, PA since 1993; has the handle onedingo on Reddit; email addresses:; Note: The driving distance between Pittsburgh, PA and Baldwin, PA is only 9 miles.
  • Seven have the middle initial G.:
    • Robert G. Bowers, born in September 1973, age 45, who lived in Elizabethtown, PA, from 2006 to 2016. His Facebook account says he now lives in Mount Gretna, PA.
    • Robert G. Bowers, age 53, lived in Reading, PA from 2000 to 2016.
    • Robert G. Bowers, age 70, lived in Maytown, PA from 1987 to 2016.
    • Robert G. Bowers, age 75, lived in Williamsport, PA from 1979 to 2008.
    • Robert George Bowers, age 89, lived in Elizabethtown, PA from 1985 to 2017.
    • Robert G. Bowers, age 95, lived in Mount Joy, PA from 2006 to 2008.
    • Robert G. Bowers, no age, lived in Pottsville, PA from 2005 to 2016; his relatives are Jeffrey R. Bowers, 42, and Julia Bowers.
  • None of the 258 Robert Bowers lives or lived in Baldwin, PA.
  • By the way, there is a Robert Bowers, age 37, whose middle name is Demon!

According to Truthfinder, of the 100 results for Robert Bowers in PA:

  • There is no Robert Bowers in Baldwin, PA.
  • There is one Robert Bowers, age 46:
    • Robert Duane Bowers, born January 25, 1972; lives in Wellsboro, PA; email addresses do not have the word “onedingo”.
  • There are four Robert G. Bowers, ages 45, 53, 64, and 76. The 45-year-old Robert G. Bowers is the same individual on Spokeo who lives in Mount Gretna, PA; had never lived in Baldwin, PA; and has the same Facebook account.

In other words, neither Spokeo nor Truthfinder found synagogue shooter Robert G. (for Gregory) Bowers, age 46, who was born in September 1972, and is a resident of Baldwin, PA.

The closest is Robert D. Bowers, age 46, for whom Spokeo found email addresses and a Reddit handle of “onedingo”. Recall that synagogue shooter Robert Gregory Bowers had used “onedingo” for his handle on Gab. But according to Truthfinder, Robert Duane Bowers, age 46, was born in January (not September) 1972, lives in Wellsboro, PA, and is not associated with the word “onedingo”.

To add to the confusion, the Associated Press had the synagogue shooter’s name as Robert D. Bowers (instead of Robert G. Bowers). The screenshot below is from the Washington Post:

(5) Who does this before shooting people? — As reported by CNN, just 5 minutes before he started shooting, Robert Bowers actually took the time to write on his Gab page: “HIAS likes to bring invaders in that kill our people. I can’t sit by and watch my people get slaughtered. Screw your optics, I’m going in.” (HIAS is a Hebrew immigrant aid group.)

(6) Although the surname Bowers is Saxon in origin, Bowers is also a variation of Bauer. Bauer is a German and Jewish (Ashkenazic) surname, which means anti-Semite Robert G. Bowers may be Jewish.

(7) The average age of Bowers’ 11 victims was 74; the oldest victim was 97-year-old Rose Mallinger. Miles Mathis asks:

Why would everyone at a bris be so old? Why would Bowers target only the elderly? If you were angry at Jews, would you target a 97-year-old lady? …she is going to be dead soon anyway….

See also Vivian Lee’s post on Memory Hole Blog, “MAGAbomber and Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting: Mossad Connections?“.

H/t Flanders


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51 responses to “The curious case of Pittsburgh synagogue shooter Robert G. Bowers

  1. This definitely is one screwed-up case. But one thing must be mentioned, and that is the possibility of a Mossad connection. The first false flag I can recall where the Mossad was mentioned was the Charley Hebdo event. (This is discounting 9/11, which is a terror event sui generis.)
    We need to disentangle ourselves from Israeli influence as soon as possible. And this is not “antisemitism”: There are many Jews who don’t care for the Israeli government’s behavior, either.

  2. It never ceases to amaze me how each subsequent instance of mass shootings has all these oddities attached to them. Even though this joker really did kill these people, I am wondering who put him up to it. Is he even of sound mind? The facts just do not add up . . . leaving most of us scratching our heads.

    • Oddities, indeed.

      And yet it takes Dr. Eowyn/FOTM and other bloggers to find this information out because the demorat-loving media refuses to do their job. Infuriating…

    • No doubt it takes a CRAZY person to kill other humans other than for defense of self and/or family – and in some cases, property.

      The question of legal insanity at the time of the shooting is a different standard.

      • “No doubt it takes a CRAZY person to kill other humans other than for defense of self and/or family – and in some cases, property.”

        Really? Then you must have your own unique definition for “crazy”.
        Psychologists do not consider serial killers “crazy”. You should look up the difference between “psychopathy” and “psychosis”.

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  4. “Bauer” is German for “farmer.”

  5. Let’s see, “GAB” is still down, right before the election. What a (cough!), “coincidence”.

    As you say, this is geriatric SHES. I thought SHES had a serious age anomaly. This is worse. We’re not talking first-graders at a bris.

    The name confusion is like Obongo’s personal history. It’s a classic sheep-dipping maneuver. I’m tempted to say “of course he’s a Jew”. Look at the “message”. He’s a “Trumper”, he’s an “antisemite”, he’s on GAB, which, in case you missed it, is a site for “fascists and Neo-Nazi White Supremacist/Nationaliststs (TM).

    The drill is MORE than suspicious, it’s diagnostic. Where are the pictures of these people? Where’s the blood? Why are they so OLD?

    As usual, ask yourself, does this “feel” right? How often does this happen? How did he keep control and hide out for so long? Why wasn’t he killed upon surrendering?

    Another thing that strikes me is that he WAS the shooter from the get go. No “alleged” shooter. He’s plead innocent.

    Where is the arrest record? That’s mandatory (unless he’s arrested under the Patriot Act”). That wouldn’t fit here. How can they “transfer” him if he wasn’t booked initially? There are a whole set of laws about this. It is supposed to keep them from being able to hold people secretly.

    I think we’v got us another bonafide fraud. Of course there is so much wailing and hand-wringing (because Jews were involved) that it would be dangerous to call them on it. I suppose that’s the whole idea.

    • “The drill is MORE than suspicious, it’s diagnostic.” Exactly, and given the similar anomalies immediately disconfirming the official narrative with near certainty in almost all these events, the skeptics among us are surely justified in being skeptical each next time around and above the grossly unfair vilification as anti-Semites, as in this latest event. I think there’s a deeper problem, however.

      The MSM’s almost identically scripted and ready to roll media circus is itself highly diagnostic, and, beyond their collaboration with the Deep State in these events, represents a more subtle undermining of the rule of law itself by restricting the meaning of what evidence is to evidence coming solely from the state. This like nothing else exposes Fox News as being every bit as “Deep State” as CNN, although subtlety enough to keep the rubes feeding at the doped trough.

      Disconfirming anomalies are not only concealed or deemed inadmissible if they become widely known, but such real evidence itself becomes evidence against those who raise it—no longer of mere “conspiracy theory” accusations being diagnostic of mental derangement—, but of criminally culpable hate crime for implicitly endorsing such (staged) violence and such theatrical, buffoonishly overwrought anti-Semitism.

      There’s also the deeply troubling fabrication of the “white male conservative” as the go-to reference class for “domestic terrorists,” when as a matter of easily demonstrated fact the class of such men are this country’s bedrock defenders, achievers, and bill payers. Fox News, for example, blowing smoke in our eyes as usual, will take issue with the conservative political attribution of the fake perp while subtlety assenting in silence to this nascent reference class now said to be the greatest terrorist threat. Earlier Jewish “nazification” of white American men, by the way, of the white vets returning from WWII no less, can be traced all the way back to Arthur Miller’s media acclaimed ‘50s novel, Focus.

      Altogether this fabricated Second Reality on the surface appears suicidal on the part of the white males in the Deep State, so why would all these white men in federal agencies, corporate board rooms, universities, and the talking heads on TV allow this insanity? My guess is that working-class white men are the only obstacle left to finalizing the totalitarian NWO regime, run by elitist white men for their benefit of course, and the former need to be neutralized, if not actually executed in show trials as a warning to let it happen. Most women and most minorities, who’ll absolutely suffer the most under such a regime, are falling all over themselves to bring it about and are therefore encouraged rather than neutralized. What are your thoughts on these points?

      • Certainly the “media” are as much a part of these as bullets are. What gets “noticed”, how its scripted, etc., is integral to The Drill. In the ’50’s and ’60’s the CIA had “plants” in the “media”. Now they own them outright.

        Certainly the “Kalergi Plan” is much in evidence here. There are still pockets of Christian, work ethic driven white men that are now their major target. It is also true that they are what gives them the most trouble.

        As they further grow their armies of “mud people” the whites will certainly disappear. Those who refuse to inbreed will be culled. It is much easier for them to start “afresh” with their own models than it is to “deprogram” generations of Christian Westerners.

        In the grand scheme of things the whites became the dominate sub-species. That is why they must eliminate and/or control them. The others are malleable. It doesn’t take much study to see from their targets what they are trying to do away with.

        • This is a pretty good synopsis:

          • Pretty good talk, thanks. I disagree, however, that the elites are motivated solely by monetary gain in their personal lives, as the speaker was saying a few times. Most elements among our godless elites got there by coming from generations-deep sociopathic families using education as a weapon and collusion to achieve financial advantage. Everything ethical coming from their mouths on the national stage is a lie, such as the rolling soft genocide dressed up as humanitarianism by promoting a woman’s right to choose or sterilization through vaccination.

            The now almost irrelevant WASP elites can’t be bothered by something so petty as the vitriolic white hate that’d otherwise be neutralized but for Jewish control over the public forum in America. How odd it is, too, that mass replacement immigration and the hoped-for blood running in the streets is aimed solely at Europe, Canada, Australia, and America. We saw what happened in South Africa when Joe Slovo’s tribe elevated a sock puppet like Mandela to power. Why would anyone think the plan is different here once a white majority is eliminated and will destroyed by impoverishment?

            A few years ago Sarkozy publicly stated the EU’s intent to racially homogenize Europe, using whatever force was needed to achieve total miscegenation of whites. At that time people paying attention warned the next step would be flash mobs attacking whites for just being white, but the former were dismissed as “conspiracy theory nutcases” or paranoid “alarmists.” Yet it’s already here in the form of homicidally insane Soros/Steyer/Bloombergian flash mobs, neatly called Antifa in grinning mockery of America because of Antifa’s Jewish roots (according to any number of Jewish news outlets). And, what should we know about what’s set to go when even a young woman like that Shelby gal feels empowered to single-handedly denounce with openly homicidal hatred her fellow students as being racists complicit in mass murder of her “people” no less, solely because they’re Republicans or nationalists (=white)?

            • I agree with your assessment about the motivation. I just thought that, overall, it was pretty good. I NEVER run across something that I “totally” agree with.

        • Here’s another. They come as a “set”:

    • GAB is being smeared as being a site for Nazis, white supremacists, et al. At least that’s the meme the leftist corporate media are pushing on Joe and Jane Sixpack. Its takedown was clearly orchestrated.

      I am a GAB member and investor. I reject the leftist, Silicon Valley oligarchs and their censorship of anything politically to the right of Che Guevara. I am a conservative Constitutionalist with heavy libertarian sentiments and a hair-trigger BS-meter. I am (domestically) pro-Trump, pro-Palestinian, 2nd Amendment supporter, non-religious, and strongly opposed to the socialist welfare/warfare state. I despise racists, fascists and communists. So . . . put that in your GAB-is-for-white-Nazis pipe and smoke it.

  6. I agree with the above, because once again we find ourselves with what should be a simple open and shut case, but it has huge deflections and loose ends without end. Oy Weh!

  7. Much of this is probably because of the haste in the situation. Records probably get screwed up all the time after a serious crime and it takes days to straighten it out. Someone put the incorrect middle initial which messed things up.

  8. As the gene pool fills with my fweewings snowflake libtards and genetic misfires the false flags get more sloppy but then again the audience isn’t that hard to fool.
    Alabama man Jeff Sessions might even come out of his Reefer Madness haze and act like he is doing something on this case.
    The Kabuki theater is so third rate I might start watching SNL again.

  9. “At 10:30 a.m., tactical teams entered the building and were again fired upon by the gunman.”

    If this was the initial time the tactical teams entered the building, how could they ‘again’ be fired upon?

  10. Spotted this on Mr. Makow’s twitter a bit ago: it is alleged to be audio from police chatter during the event, however I don’t know how valid it is, nor how trustworthy the youtuber is. The key thing being it mentions a “live fire drill”.

    As for the ages, perhaps the age range is selected so that no “checking” can be done in the next few years as most victims will likely already be deceased from old age? I note also that wiki(d)ped(o)ia was very fast getting a big page up about the event, and in the talk area an editor “power~enwiki” asks if “should we mention Gab (social network)) by name?” obviously indicating an understanding that doing so would defame/smear the service, to which one user “volunteer marek” says “yes and yes”, indicating intent to smear.

    This also is a tactic against the non-compliant people invovled in judaism as well, as we know formt he past throwing the “lesser brethren” under the bus or exploiting them for the leader’s gain is one of the things done, so now this can be used as a pretext for all kinds of things, and likely will be used to further crush out “conspiracy theories” etc. from having any presence on the internet. I also note something from about 2 years in the past: How is it one of hillary’s campaign promises is being fulfilled, if trump is supposed to be president?

    Also one wonders, how is it that social media is so quickly wiped on these individuals when it takes a normal user a considerable amount of time to make their presence vanish? I also think that the “tree of life”/kabala name for the place is significant, personally… although if bowers was also jewish, one wonders if he attended in the past. In addition, logically what would trying to shoot up a single otherwise no-name (or is it a no-name?) place accomplish for his supposed goals? The outcome of such an action is obvious, and if he was so versed in how the judaic cult operates as to think as he did, then he should have known that his actions would effectively be an attempted suicide, and not generate any favor for his position, much less do anything except get sympathy, and support, for his adversaries.

    Nothing about this makes sense, of course, per usual, and it does reek of being a contrived event… and it will be used and exploited to clamp down further on things, with an addition of making those in judaism who need to get out of it less receptive to hearing anything against it, and getting them to clamor for more totalitarian legislation.

    As an aside, why “optics”? That term is typically used for electronic equipment or scopes on things, technological equipment in other words, if he had meant “views”, wouldn’t he have said “views”? I Imagine this whole thing will further fall apart, and that the media will ignore each & every inconsistency… be on watch in your own communities for further hate crime legislation, and other “security” totalitarian garbage, riding on this event’s coattails.

  11. For many years I have been a fervent supporter of Israel, including the Mossad, but have seen too much info, particularly since Trump was elected, to show otherwise, as far as the Mossad. Lots of connections to their involvement with 9/11, as a few that were over here were overjoyed at their ‘success’………I believe the evil is so embedded in the world, that it is going to take a long time to improve, and also that most of the Western countries, including Israel, have their own DEEP STATE, which would be the Mossad, just like our CIA. Too many oddities about this for sure.

  12. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain… Who has the most to benefit from this?

  13. ZAKA: – Could this actually be a management organization for the Sayanim, or have connections with Chabbadniks? This can certainly provide cover for these types of operations by claiming “religious” requirements.

    ZAKA in Israel, under the leadership of Yehuda Meshi Zahav with about 2600 volunteers deployed around the country on call 24/7 to respond to any terror attack …

    Founded in 1989 in Israel, ZAKA was originally formed to respond to terror attacks and deal with the retrieval, identification and burial of the deceased.

    mobile morgue unit, which can be setup on a disaster site along with its forensic personnel

    51 search and rescue dogs. Each dog has been trained with a Zaka Handler, and are deployable to be used around the world

    The Divers Unit is equipped with various levels of diving equipment whose immediate deployment capabilities – ZAKA Divers Unit is comprised of 207 professional divers, including ex Navy commandos, doctors, lawyers and businessmen who regularly train together

    ZAKA Search and Rescue Team (ZSART) provides skilled field personnel and SAR Management capabilities to assist in the location, rescue (extrication), and medical stabilization

    Urban search and rescue is considered a “multi-hazard” discipline – These units conduct regular training exercises both internally and along with multiple worldwide agencies to develop and maintain their readiness.

    Medical Unit is comprised of EMTs, Paramedics, Nurses and Physicians The team assists local medical responders, in running the triage component for any mass casualty incidents (MCI)

    Hazardous Materials Response Team (Z-HMRT) is comprised of a highly select group of dedicated HAZ-MAT Technicians

    Autopsy Prevention – since 1989. This includes advocating the prevention of autopsies and educating government officials and medical examiners across the world regarding proper handling for the deceased.

    Missing Persons Unit – With over 2,800 ZAKA volunteers worldwide, hundreds of ZAKA volunteers can be deployed for missing person searches within hours. These volunteers along with their superiors are trained using The National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NamUs), and who carry all the necessary equipment for a missing person search.These volunteers are located across 15 countries, which allows for a rapid response.

    234 Yaffo Street, P.O. Box 36060
    Jerusalem Israel 91360
    Telephone: 972-2-501-5120
    FAX: 972-2-501-5121
    [email protected]

    1303 53rd Street, Suite #170
    Brooklyn, NY 11219
    Telephone: 718-676-0039

    • We should stop thinking of these groups as working for a particular country. They all, ultimately, work for Globalist (Zionist) handlers. The description could have been for “Delta Force” just as easily. They are trained to cut their bullets from their victims to avoid detection.

      These are not nice people. They find them among the insane, then they “train” them. Ultimately, their only purpose is maintaining control of the eaters. If a situation demands their tender mercies, they supply them.

      While it is good to remember what we were taught and the values we were raised with, we have to realize that we are not in that world any longer. If we want it back we have to displace the interlopers.

      Right now we are the last vestiges of Western Civilization in a New World Odor. We are being targeted and it will increase. Just being a straight, white male makes some of us targets. There are other targets as well, but white males are the favorite at the moment.

      I think that many (if not most) believe that “Israel”, and its multitude of manipulators are somehow secondary. They are not. Everyone works for them because they are the bankers. They don’t care what your “title” is. As Bob Dylan said; “They may call ya’ “doctor” or they may call ya’ “Chief”, but you’re gonna have to serve somebody”.

  14. I have one comment about ZAKA which is in moderation. Here is another link which explains the alleged involvement.

    “Israel’s ZAKA Worked with FBI to “Clean Up” the Evidence at the Tree of Life Synagogue”

  15. ZAKA is ranked Israel’s most esteemed organization after the IDF. ZAKA trains Jewish, Christian, Druze, Bedouin and Muslim volunteers to ensure that each community can be served according to their own customs.

    The UN-recognized ZAKA International Rescue Unit offers specialist assistance at mass casualty incidents around the world. ZAKA also offers training for emergency response teams in over 12 countries.

  16. ZAKA is regularly voted in the top two respected and beloved organisations in Israel after the IDF, and is regarded as an Emergency Service in the same way as the police, ambulance and fire service. ZAKA’s uniqueness is that it covers all of these services.

  17. Just looking at the timing of this act, I have to think it is yet another piece of street theater intended to shape public opinion. Look at how the shooter is moved out of reach from public scrutiny.

  18. Just like the Vegas shooting , the so-called mail bombs and many others, we will never know the truth.

  19. Pingback: ‘Seinfeld’ actress hyperventilates Trump America is going Nazi, but ignores the Left’s 640 acts of violence & harassment – Connect to Everyone!

    There are NO REAL White Supremacists.
    None. Zip. Zero. NADA!

  21. “This neo-Nazi group is behind those fliers blaming Jews for the Kavanaugh allegations.”
    “Though the name implies a literature discussion group, that’s not exactly what the clubs are about. Organized by the Daily Stormer, a neo-Nazi site founded by white supremacist Andrew Anglin, they promote spreading anti-Semitic propaganda and other bigoted messages…Still, other signs point towards the weakening of the “alt-right.” In August, only two dozen people showed up to a white supremacist demonstration scheduled for the anniversary of the Charlottesville rally.”

    As has been discovered and documented fully a very long time ago, there are NO White Supremacists groups. NONE. Basically, all these groups are fake as was the Charlottesville BS. It is no more than a Vladimir Lenin technique of “Leading the Opposition” and I believe it is best to learn that these are undeniable facts. American people are learning that these groups are no more than a Military Psychological Operation. I have no hate, but I do feel I’ve a right to feel relatively disgusted. Knowledge is key. Carry on!
    WHO IS the Alt-Right?

  22. “STORYFUL” is a Social Media analysis group; they are also located worldwide. Unfortunately, they have not done their homework and are just as fake and fraudulent as the fake Alt-Right who led the Charlottesville Unite the Right.

    What Storyful is doing is using fake news and using fake analyses to support the “idea” of White Supremacy when it simply isn’t true.

    C’mon Storyful, if I can figure this all out, then your analyses ought to be able to do the same. Social Media analyses is legitimate? Au contraire!
    Storyful’s credibility is laughable, at best.

  23. Miles Mathis on Sinagogue shooting

  24. “Judy Clarke, high profile attorney from San Diego is representing alleged Pittsburgh Tree of Life Synagogue shooter, Robert Bowers according to several news outlets. Clarke seems to be the high profile attorney that gets all the interesting and questionable cases including:

    •Jared Lee Loughner: The Gabrielle Giffords “Congresswoman on the Corner” 2011 Tucson Shooter
    •Dzhokhar Tsarnaev: The Boston Marathon Bomber
    •Zacarias Moussaoui : 9/11 Terrorists
    •Susan Smith, Child Killer
    •Eric Rudolph: The Olympic Bomber
    •Ted Kaczynski: The Unabomber

    Judy Clarke has been the star attorney for several high profile cases over the recent years. However, researchers, journalists, writers, and others want to know why it is Judy Clarke does not present evidence brought forth by researchers that question the validity and true facts in high profile cases including the 2011 Tucson shooting as well as the Boston Bombing.”

    • That’s a pretty “tidy” way to handle things like these. The court appoints her, she promptly ensures they “lose”, then you never hear from them again. They go off to play Canasta with Babs Olsen and Ken Lay.

  25. Lophatt, You must mean the “new” one, Lady Booth.

    ” Ted has married 4 times. Below are the two latest Mrs. Olson’s. Frisky Ted goes for blonde lady attorneys. He obviously fell for one that shows an uncanny resemblance to Barbara.”


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