The curious case of Deplorable Patriot

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Hello everyone.

Around three weeks ago, I received a invitation from Dr. Eowyn. It was an offer to be a contributor here on FOTM. Before I could answer, I noticed Dr. Eowyn had already added me to the lineup.

Fellowship of the Minds writers, readers and researchers, people that leave comments and Dr. Eowyn have been my main inspiration to get back into writing. All having a huge influence on how I write and where I am today. With that being said, naturally I accepted the invitation. I am very grateful for the opportunity to be apart of the Fellowship.

Instead of just jumping into things, I thought it would be a good idea to give a brief introduction of myself.

I’ve been a reader of FOTM for quite some time. I’ve contributed some of my research results in the past. That was quite awhile ago. Parkland shooting comes to mind. Currently, I have a lot to contribute, but having enough time to put it text is a different story. Working that out.

Most of my time involves Q Anon and The Great Awakening. Those of you that stay informed with the Q movement would know that on Reddit, the subreddit Great Awakening has recently been banned from Reddit. This is where I work as a moderator. Almost 38,000,000 page views last month and they still get banned.

Several other Q Anon, Trump supporter subreddits got banned also. It was a political move. Everyone from, the CIA, Antifa, Soros, administrators of Reddit and a Reddit executive were involved. In the future I will provide information and proof. I have it.

Sadly, there were people from within our group involved also. We were able to relocate the same day to VOAT and start a new board on 8chan. Now I spend my time moderating at the new locations. In a way it is similar to what
happened here at FOTM when WordPress burned down the blog on August 15, 2018. It has its differences but definitely political.

I like to stay away form topics that lack solid proof when I can. But, on occasion, certain issues require immediate attention and need to be discussed. With or without proof. Another example would be when I write about some of my personal experiences. I think people’s personal experiences are one of the best sources for information. Everyone has something to teach. Everyone should have a voice.

Being an advocate for free speech. There will be times when I’ll try to write in a way that includes the readers. I want the readers to be part of the discussion. So it’s not just my story. It’s our story. I’m just providing the topic. We don’t have to always agree with each other. But to make the world a better place we should always communicate. Never be afraid what the opposition has to say. Especially when you are RIGHT. Yes, I’m a “right winger.” But only because of POTUS. I’m more of a Conservative, Libertarian, Nationalist (not the NAZI type). Safe to say, the “left” hates me.

That’s it for now. Thank you for your time. Please leave your comments, good or bad. Any questions or whatever is on your mind. WWG1WGA


Deplorable Patriot

Link to Soros bucks (how to get paid):

The images below are screenshots from Reddit of (1) the banning of the Great Awakening sub-Reddit; and (2) SorosBux ($).


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15 responses to “The curious case of Deplorable Patriot

  1. Thank you, Friend. I discovered voat when reddit banned Pizzagate. I’m now going to accept the learning curve this older American needs to go forward. WWG1WGA

  2. Deplorable Patriot

    You’re welcome. Voat is really something. What exactly that would be, I don’t have an answer for. I can tell you that I do not like the place. Free speech is one thing but, with free speech comes maturity. Maturity comes with responsibility. Otherwise we might end up sounding like idiots. That seems to be the genre over there. as always WWG1WGA

  3. I am very much looking forward to reading more articles from you.

    I’ve been loosely following the Q movement since last November. I watch a lot of videos done by various other followers, and I get Twitter threads from “Praying Medic” whenever Q gives out more info. But there’s a lot I don’t know.😀

  4. Welcome aboard! An important part of my awakening was the Bosnian/Kosovo wars. Rudder Finn played an important part as did the AACL lobby.

    The Role of US Public Relations Firms
    Propaganda has only one object, to conquer the masses…
    You can make a man believe anything if you tell it to him in the right way.
    —Joseph Goebbels, Minister of Propaganda
    Even before the civil wars in the former Yugoslavia erupted in 1991, the Bosnian Muslims, Croats, and Kosovo Albanians had hired prominent American public relations firms and key US member of Congress and the Senate, such as Joe Biden, Robert Dole, and George Mitchell., to lobby for and to advocate their political agendas and national programs. These public relations firms, primarily Ruder Finn and Hill & Knowlton, Inc., of Washington, D.C., were highly successful and effective. Of course, they were successful and effective because the US government wanted them to be. In short, there was a symbiotic relationship between the US government and the public relations firms, just as there is a symbiotic relationship between the US government and CNN and the other news networks. It is difficult to determine where one ends and the other begins.

  5. Good day, Hawkmoon!
    I like your comment very much, and agree with you, but I think the answer you’re seeking you may already be aware of in the famous quote from Allen Dulles, that on the day the average American can no longer distinguish what the CIA says is true or not, then they will have achieved their goal.

    Thanks to Operation Mockingbird, USAID, and other CIA tricks of the trade, at age 75 I’d say we’ve been there for at least 40 years.

  6. 🙂

  7. I’ll go ahead and stick my neck out as usual. I’m used to having it chopped. I have problems with people who play games and the “Q” thing strikes me as just too “cute”. Just like some time back when Wikileaks was announcing an upcoming announcement. I kept saying “just mean what you say and say what you mean”.

    I really don’t see any purpose served by all of the drama. “The silver dragon rides upon plains of rotten tuna fish” and other “insider” (wink, wink, nod, nod) stuff turns me off.

    If he’s (if its a “he”) on the up and up, great. I feel awfully childish waiting for various interpreters to decipher what this “person (?)” is trying to say. If it is strictly an insider game I want no part of it.

    One major problem with Q’s “quatrains” are that they can be interpreted in such a way that he (?) is always “right”, or wrong, you decide. I don’t intend to offend anyone but I’m not a fan of Nostradamus either.

    Welcome, however, you’re a good writer.

    • I’m with You.

    • Deplorable Patriot

      Thanks for your comment. In the past I’ve always enjoyed what you have had to say. I have to agree with you on the spy vs spy stuff. For me, it’s not all about the Q Which does cause me some problems at time. I’m it for the movement in general. Helping to unite patriots, people and take down all the bad actors we have that had ran our country in to the dirt. It has giving me a way to support POTUS say what is on my mind in a way I could never have done on my own. Last month we had around 28,000,000 or 38,000,000 page views. That is a lot of people. The most I have ever been able to reach on my own was around 250,000. that was over a period of 3 to 4 months. I also agree with you on the Q Drop translations. It’s not all that difficult to take a work of a group of letters and make them say whatever you want them to say. I’m not one of those Q shirt wearing, lord Q types. I take what I can use and leave the rest. Thank god I’ve never been a person that blindly follows people. Sadly we get attacked hour after hour. There are a lot of people that are trying to shut us down. They will do just about anything to shut Trump support groups down. It’s one of those , you have to see it to believe it things. . Thank you for saying I’m a good writer. That means a lot to me. If I only get 1 thumbs up I’ll be happy. Any response will make me happy. Two possible outcomes after reading my material. They would be “I taught something to someone or I learned something from someone.” Gotta like that. Thank you again for your reply and I am not a fan of Nostradamus also

  8. Welcome aboard!

    I’m more or less in the same boat as Lophatt regarding Q, especially “just mean what you say and say what you mean”.

    We’re all getting older, and the days go by faster, so patience wears thin when there’s scarcely any action being taken on one of the major campaign slogans (Lock Her Up!). Sometimes a bone has to be thrown in order for people to show support, and there hasn’t been a “big name” indicted/arrested in almost 2 years. “Low-hanging fruit” is nice, and I also realize an ironclad case has to be built for some people (but 2 years??!?), but a “show-stopper” is needed to get the attention of all Americans, not just those who support our President.

    I fear for what’s going to happen to this country in the next few weeks if there is no “October surprise” – and even that may be too late.

    I want to believe, but until we can all see something, it’s difficult to “trust Sessions”, or the plan.

    • Deplorable Patriot

      Thanks for the welcome. I’m going to do this the lazy way because currently I’m frazzled out. Plus the reply is the same. My reply to Lophatt is the same for you. I also agree with you “just mean what you say and say what you mean”. It can be more annoying to hear people explain Q’s stuff. I’m in on the main board. On one side of the coin I can see how some things can be seen as contentious , marginal, or moot as well as many other things that come to mind. On the other side of the coin I see a bunch of volunteers come together , plan and conduct operations, take on some of the most dangerous people on the planet, with good results. They all have their own stories of why they do it. Most say because they want the place to be save for their children. There is some baggage with the movement but the people involved, their intentions and the results of their effort is worth the price of some baggage. I’ve been able to see a lot more that the general public. I believe that if everyone could see everything that goes on behind the scenes, they would be amazed. Still at times it is difficult to “trust Sessions” or the plan. Thanks again for your response

  9. Welcome aboard! 🙂

  10. catherine bedford

    This is wonderful news! Thank you Dr. Eowyn and Deplorable Patriot, welcome aboard.
    I try to follow as much as I can but am mostly confused as to who is who. I followed Q Anon @greatawakening on twitter, was very disappointed by the reddit ban and I re-registered on Voat but I don’t get updates.
    Being technically challenged I haven’t figured it out yet.
    Since FOTM was messed up by wordpress I have to use my real name to post and cannot figure out how to change it??? … alas, glad to have FOTM back-things could be worse…lol. I look forward to your contributions. WWG1WGA

  11. Deplorable Patriot

    I wish I could help you with your user name. Your real name sounds great. I cannot use my real name because I get too many death threats each weak. I have family members to look out for. There is a new Q Anon sub on VOAT. v/qca. It’s endorsed by Q. It should be better than v/awakening. We were able to set it up different. We arrived with 10,000 members to be sure we were able to get the sub established properly. thank you for your response WWG1WGA


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