The Cure for PTSD?

Stage your own rape!  A writer, Mac McClelland, a civil rights reporter, believed that was the solution for her.

Via ABC News: Mac has seen the impact of sexual violence around the globe, and couldn’t shake the image of Sybille, a woman who said she had been raped at gunpoint and mutilated in the aftermath of Haiti’s 2010 earthquake. While on assignment for Mother Jones last September, McClelland said she accompanied Sybille to the hospital when the woman saw her attackers and went into “a full paroxysm — wailing, flailing” in terror.

Something snapped in McClelland, too. She became progressively enveloped in the classic symptoms of post-traumatic stress — avoidance of feelings, flashbacks and recurrent thoughts that triggered crying spells. There were smells that made her gag.

McClelland, 31, sought professional help but said she ultimately cured herself by staging her own rape, which she writes about in a haunting piece for the online magazine Good. The title: “How Violent Sex Helped Ease My PTSD.” (graphic language)

Her sexual partner mercilessly pinned her, beat her about the head and brutally violated McClelland — at her request. “I was not crazy,” she told “It was a way for me to deal in sort of a simulated, but controlled situation. I could say ‘stop’ at any time. But it was still awful, and the body doesn’t understand when it’s in a fight.”

McClelland writes, “It was easier to picture violence I controlled than the abominable nonconsensual things that had happened to Sybille.”

A “civil rights” reporter stages her own rape?  How disgusting and insulting to the true victims of rape.  I may not be a mental health professional but I’ll go on record and say that this woman is going to have mental issues for a long time.


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Dr. Eowyn

I can just see what misogynists will make of what this psychologically disturbed woman, Mac McClelland, did:

See, this just proves women really don’t know what they want. When they say “no,” they really mean “yes.” All women really just want to be raped.

Ms. McClelland, the “civil rights lawyer”, has just set back the women’s rights movement by a century.


She consented to violent sex, not rape. Rape means not having the right to say, “No!” or “Stop!” She wanted a story and got it. I pray she finds competent help, except that she doesn’t seem to want it.


Liberals are some effed up people. This nonsense just opened up a whole can of worms and I can see defense attorneys for rapist digging up this article in triplicate. I hope she realize what she just did.

lowtechgrannie lowtechgrannie

It’s a very extreme solution to a mental problem. I saw something similar in the plot line of one of the CBS crime shows. It was probably based on this woman’s story.


Alrighty then. (Happy it worked for her, but… damn, what the heck?!)