The Cult of Apple

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“The first effect of not believing in God is to believe in anything”

— G.K. Chesterton

appleThis is why America is in the shape it is.

What were you doing last Friday, Sept. 20, 2013?

Were you at work? I was home, and although I’m technically retired from university teaching, I’m working harder than ever in my retirement — taking care of my family, home and garden, and writing-administering two blogs, including FOTM.

Hundreds of Americans however had so much free time that they lined up for hours, even days, at Apple stores across America, so that they could fork over hundreds of dollars for the latest iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c. Other Apple cultists paid as much as $14 per hour for “line-sitters” to wait in line for them.

Analysts expect  Apple to sell as many as 6.5 million iPhone 5 units this opening weekend.

Some of the Apple cultists who patiently waited in line can’t even articulate why they so badly want the iPhone 5. Like this woman iMoron:

If she had voted in 2012 or 2008, what are the chances she voted for the POS?

100% is a safe bet!

See also “5 signs that Apple is a cult.”


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0 responses to “The Cult of Apple

  1. Reblogged this on Dak's Bays and commented:
    You need to watch this video, a word of warning tho, it is painful to view, just so you know.

  2. So sad what our younger generation has unvolved into. Brain dead, brainwashed electro heads. When it all chrashes they will not survive. Just dummer than a box of rocks. Pathatic.

  3. My cellphone still has a dial and that was upgraded from one with a crank. LOL

    • I used to have one of the old crank generators from a field phone on the back of my john. Every once in a while someone would come over and you would hear them scream … I could not help but laugh.

  4. I was working.

    Thanks to hopeandchange I can’t afford a new phone . But ok w/what I have anyway!

    • I was informed by my wife, Mrs. Dust, that our healthcare plan has gone south. She works for a huge bank, and was at a meeting Friday for the announcement of the change. The person giving the talk used all the politically correct expressions when delivering the bad news. She called it the Affordable Healthcare Act, and referred to our soon-to-be-defunct insurance as our “Cadillac plan”. In the last year, both of us have needed major surgery, which we were barely able to afford with our “Cadillac plan”.

      Elections have consequences. 🙁

      • Good grief. 🙁

        I have a feeling many more Americans will discover that their healthcare plans, too, have “gone south.” That’s because Obamacare is so complex and arcane, people just don’t understand it or all its implications. Just look at the Obamacare bureaucracy! Gives new meaning to the word “byzantine”:

        Obamacare bureaucratic maze

        Pelosi was wrong when she said Congress had to pass Obamacare into law in order for us to find out what’s in it. It’s now several years since Obamacare became law, and we are *still* finding out what’s in it.

        • I sincerely hope these horrible changes act as a wake-up call to the people who voted for Obama and any of his stooges. I hope they feel the pain.

        • Obama is just a puppet, this in truth isnt Obama care if we are being honest.It is “Illuminati care”- Without the backing of the Illuminatti Obama would be working as a septic truck mechanic…

  5. I am ashamed to say i am responding to this post from my MacBook Pro. 🙁



    • iPhone here!!! Lol!!! Fess up: How many Apple stickers do you have on your rear windshield? Hmmmm????

      • I’m relieved to report I have no Apple stickers. I recently saw an old issue of National Geographic. There was an ad in there for Apple’s newest computer, the Apple IIc. This was before the Mac. The ad promised performance levels that were not achieved until many years later, by the latest Mac computers. Apple saw and promised the future, but didn’t achieve it very quickly. They make great stuff, but for me the thrill is gone.

    • MACs have always been awesome for graphics and are much less susceptible to being hacked or cracked. As for cell phones, my wife uses mine more than I do even though she has her own as well … though mine is an old Nokia “Dumb” phone I guess. Nothing to be ashamed of there.

  6. ONE OF THE BEST POSTS EVER!!! Wow, you took the words right out of my mouth and heart, Dr. Eowyn. I have never understood why the hoi polloi, the you-owe-me idiots, the nonentities who wouldn’t be caught dead working, EXPECT their freebies, like those of us brought up with principles and ethics were born to wait on their lownesses. I’d better go before I get really mad. BTW, you get my Hero of the Century award!

  7. Oops, also meant to add that this certainly tells the world where our priorities are, iPhone or else!! Again, thanks oooooooooooodles for this post!

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  9. Last Friday I was with my husband visiting a holy site and having fun together. I was not working. However, I thoroughly enjoyed myself which included looking at all of God’s beautiful creation on the way to our destination.

    Nevertheless, I, too, cannot understand these technological cult purchases. This illustrates the upside-down priorities people have; it is the devil who inspires such upside-down thought processes.

  10. Dave will be hanging on to his “dumb” phone for the duration.

    And when it finally craps out, given the recent revelations about the NSA, I’ll probably get another one just like it.

    Besides, given the 15+ years I spent running Autocad, I can’t read the stoopid little screens on smart phones, anyway.

    Hell, I don’t even like laptops.


  11. Strange story here I found on commieblaster about apple not recognizing Jerusalem being in Israel.

    BTW, I heard Hilary is going to give free apple iphones to underprivileged Americans before the election in 2016. Just kidding.

  12. Any truth to the fingerprint tracker on the 5C?


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