The Cucumber Story

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The Moral of the story is if you have a cucumber that leaks, you should make sure your cucumber is wrapped in Depends.  😉

If you don’t see the video (wordpress is having “issues” today), click here.
~Eowyn & Steve           H/T Bloomergal

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0 responses to “The Cucumber Story

  1. Good one, Eowyn! I’ve heard her tell that story before and it always cracks me up. She still doesn’t understand why it’s so funny.

    • Bloomergal,
      Thanks for sending us that video! I laughed so hard, especially with Steve’s hilarious “moral of the story,” that I had tears in my eyes. 😀

  2. If a cucumber is as good as a Betsy-Wetsy, should I be doing my Christmas shopping in the produce department instead of Toys R Us?


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