The criminals won

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The lettering looks Hebrew. Somewhere in Israel?
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  1. The moral of this story is this: The police are not here to protect the public, they are here to enforce the laws of the State, Period. The day Americans give up their rights to self defense is the day we all become slaves to the Luciferian New World Order.

  2. If I didn’t have the signs lettering to go by, I’d have thought it was Brooklyn, NY or Detroit. Paul’s all too, too right: here in BC the past 25 yrs have seen the police become enforcers of unwritten directives to get out and ticket, ticket, ticket! How about one for $168.00 because I didn’t wear my seat belt when I drove ACROSS an EMPTY street less than 30 feet to park my truck? How can anyone respect the law after that?
    What really gets me are tickets for speeding, when after more than 50 yrs driving I’ve NEVER seen one accident CAUSED by speeding. Insufficient speed for the passing lane, yes; lack of attention; stupidity to know and apply ‘the rule of the the right’ in right-of-way situations; failure to indicate turning; use of cell phones, etc., but speed? NEVER. But if there were one, I’m sure that the driver was incompetent to handle the vehicle at that speed, not necessarily that SPEED was to blame. How else can we explain that after I arrived in Victoria, BC in 1993, by 1999 I was REAR-ENDED 5 times, one that required me to undergo 2.5 yrs medical followup?

  3. LOL’s…this did my heart good…
    can’t say I’m not tempted when ever I drive by the cop-shop…
    and I hear you Joseph…seatbelts,helmets,license tags. pfff.
    It’s all about control. Remember it’s not the speed that kill’s,
    it’s the speed differential or the sudden stops.
    Watch those mirrors 🙂 and don’t exceed your frictional coefficient !

    • Superb, and MANY THANKS to another all-too-aware driver! How else can we and our passengers survive the terminally stupid drivers who ARE licensed, yet clearly demonstrate they haven’t a clue as to the “rule of the right” and “right-of-way”?

  4. If in Israel:
    Those darn palestinians!


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