The Creature from Occupy Wall St

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H/t beloved fellow GrouchyFogie
Actually this is an insult to porcupines, who are really cute. Like this baby porcupine:

These are the real creatures from Occupy Wall Street:

Susan Sarandon

Sarandon's former hubby, Tim Robbins. Gettin' porky there, Tim!

Roseanne "let's behead all who have more than $100 million!" Barr


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0 responses to “The Creature from Occupy Wall St

  1. Baby porcupine cute! Others are just scary…

  2. Sage – Yes, they are… and in theirs, I see a dark place.. a void that if they had the minds and hearts to plainly see and accept ‘who’ is more than willing to fill that void, and save their souls too. They are blind to ‘Real Truth’.

  3. Not only is Sarandon an idiot,but man she looks like holy hell.

  4. I’d rather have the porcupine around… nicer and more sensible.


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