The Coming Trial of Citizen Obama

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A good priest, who has a Ph. D. in Theology, once told me that a prophet is someone who speaks the truth, boldly. By that definition, Dr. and Rev. James David Manning surely is a prophet, just like the fiery prophets of the Old Testament.
Rev. Manning is the black pastor of the Atlah World Missionary Church in Harlem, New York, and a determined thorn in the side of the Imposter in the White House. From May 14-19, 2010, Rev. Manning will convene a trial of Barack Obama and Columbia University. Manning says he has solid evidence that Obama had never attended Columbia as he claims, which makes the B.A. diploma that Columbia awarded him fraudulent.
In this latest video of Dr. Manning, he says that at the trial, testimony from a “high-ranking government official,” with documentation, will be introduced. All are welcome to attend the trial. I only wish I lived in New York or at least on the East coast!
H/t American Grand Jury.

And here’s Dr. Manning asking “What’s Wrong With Black People?” I just love this fearless truth-telling man. He actually said this:

“Black people have never made any major contribution to the world…. We need to talk about this, we need to find out why. Simply by saying the white man has been keeping you from doing this ain’t good enough. First of all, it’s a lie. And second, I’d be ashamed to admit it if it were true….”

We need to pray for this prophet — that he be protected from all harm.

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5 responses to “The Coming Trial of Citizen Obama

  1. Very familiar with the good Rev. Manning. My local “libertarian” talk show host angers me by dismissing him as a quack.
    He is a very erudite, and he knows the truth, and I’m with you 100 per cent, hoping that he will be protected.

  2. I have been reading about and listening to things said by Dr. Manning for quite some time. I know that he is right, but I fear that his trial may not get very far. We can only hope and pray.

  3. To Hell with a trial, let’s just impeach the Kenyan commie and get about repairing the damage this fraudulent goober-cheese of a POTUS has done to our America.
    I doubt the lying bastard ever graduated from high school, much less attended Columbia U, and don’t even bring up Harvard with me, as that place should be razed to the ground and turned into something truly useful:
    A golf course.
    My oldest niece will be 14 in about four months. By my calcs, she will be 34 by the time we repair the damage this former community agitator has done in a mere 15 months.
    It’s time to stop screwing around.
    This charade of a “presidency” must to be brought to an end, before it’s too late.
    And November of 2012 will indeed be too late.

    • Dave,
      We can’t even get ANYONE in the Senate to even ask for the Punk’s certified birth documents, least a proposal to impeach. With Demonrats in control, then throw in RINOs and gutless Repubs, there’ll never be an impeachment — not even AFTER November 2.

  4. Eowyn, I know.
    LOL – I was just blowing off a little steam.


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