The Chicago Way: Bill Daley to enter Chicago’s mayoral race

Not the solution to Chicago’s corruption…

If anyone can fix the demorat corruption in Chicago, it’s certainly a Daley 🙂

Bill Daley is the youngest child of former Chicago Mayor Richard Daley (1955 to 1976) and his brother Richard M. Daley is was mayor of Chiraq from 1989 to 2011. His father and brother were part of the Chicago political machine for over 40 years.

Bill served as the White House Chief of Staff to Obama from January 2011 to January 2012. He also served as US Secretary of Commerce from 1997 to 2000 under Bill Clinton. He’s well-versed with the demorat political machine.

Chicago has a long history of political corruption and has been under demorat “leadership” since 1931. That’s 87 years of failed leadership.

During the demorat’s reign, the city has developed many, many, many problems. Here’s a few of them:

  • Gun Violence: We all know how bad the gun violence is in Chiraq because their violent crime rate is higher than the US average. Chicago was responsible for nearly half of 2016’s increase in homicides in the US, though the nation’s crime rates remain near historic lows. In 2017, Chicago’s homicides outnumbered US military casualties 18:1.
  • Police Corruption: In January 2017, the DOJ announced that it had found reasonable cause that the Chicago Police Department (CPD) engaged in a pattern or practice of using force, including deadly force, in violation of the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution.  The department found that CPD officers’ practices unnecessarily endanger themselves and result in unnecessary and avoidable uses of force.
  • City Budget Deficit: This summer, Chicago faced a nearly $98 million gap in its upcoming operating budget.
  • Pension Deficit: The city has $28 billion in underfunded contributions it owes to its pension systems. The city is considering borrowing $10 billion on bonds to pay for what they can’t afford. That’s liberal logic for you.

Does anyone really believe that electing another Daley will help Chicago solve the multiple crises they face?

MyFoxChicago reports that Bill Daley will announce soon that he plans to enter the mayor’s race. There are more than a dozen candidates running for mayor and Rahm isn’t one of them.

Good luck Chicago…you’re going to need it!


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Dr. Eowyn
2 years ago

And that’s why Chicago is #1 of the top 50 cities Americans are abandoning:

2 years ago

People of Chicago, accept no substitute, wipe out out the old political machine, there are those that can do it and it can be done by bring in a new honest, clean young man or woman that know your needs and to sweep the dirt out let the words of the song ring clear, Chicago Chicago that’s my hometown.

2 years ago

(((They))) have to make sure an insider gets in to continue to keep their crimes,& malfeasance out of the light of truth. Chicago has launched the communist/cultural Marxist careers of many, including where piece of human garbage himself Saul Alinsky came from.

2 years ago

If the folks in Shitcago are stoopid enough to elect this goober, they will get exactly what they deserve.

Joseph BC69
Joseph BC69
2 years ago

I’m sorry, Alma, and any others who think Chicago’s political machine is capable of self-correction, even if new faces and names are elected, or should I say more correctly, allowed to be selected. The Lock that the Irish Catholic political machine established via the ward structure is so well-made it’s unlikely that merely human agencies can undo its intricate self-reinforcing aspects. I was born in Chicago in 1943; I was made aware of its nature and how I could relate to it by the age of 13, which is what young people growing up must learn to do, if they… Read more »