British boy born “without brain” given a chance at life

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From NY Post: A British boy born with just 2 percent of his brain defied the odds and is now a happy 6-year-old — after it “grew back.”

Shelley and Rob Wall, from Cumbria, in northwest England, were advised to terminate the pregnancy five times after finding out that their baby had “no brain.” Dad Rob said that many doctors believed his unborn son had not developed a brain.

Incredibly, however, by the time Noah was 3 years old his brain had grown to 80 percent of the normal size.

Now doctors believe Noah’s brain had actually just been squashed into a small space — and that after he had a shunt fitted, it grew back to where it should have been.

The youngster, now 6 years old, appeared on “Good Morning Britain” with his parents to share his extraordinary story, which host Richard Madley called “a miracle.”

“Even if his brain had been so squashed up, he’d be severely mentally disabled because of all that damage and look at him — he’s as bright as a button,” said Noah’s father.

He explained that because they were older parents, the couple was more resistant to doctors’ calls to terminate the pregnancy. “I think possibly if younger people were offered that choice, they may have felt pressured into taking it. Because we’re older parents, we know our own minds and we’re positive people. We wanted to give Noah the chance of life.

And it paid off big time.

Doctors told the parents that their son would be severely mentally disabled — unable to talk, see, hear or eat. Then they also discovered that Noah had spina bifida and gave him very little chance of surviving. But the 6-year-old can do all of those things.

Noah was born 11/11 at 11 o’clock.

“We waited with bated breath and they put a ‘Do Not Resuscitate’ notice on Noah,” recalled mom of three Shelley. Now the pair have dedicated their time to his brain development, even flying him to Australia to a radical brain training center, where he learned how to sit up unaided and even managed to go surfing.

Noah now wants to learn to walk and wants to continue learning how to surf and even start skiing.

The treatment that Noah’s been having in Australia is called “neurophysics” — a mixture of physiotherapy and cognitive exercises.

Noah’s father explained that typically doctors don’t usually undertake the therapy with children because of the cognitive side of things, however, they were lucky enough to be able to persuade them to see and assess Noah and prepare them for when he’s old enough to have that cognitive treatment.

“It’s all to do with the brain’s ability to heal or correct the body’s nervous system,” he said.

The doctors who initially met with Noah and his mother in the UK admit that the youngster is “extraordinary.”

The family now sends them emails, pictures and updates about Noah’s progress, and he even goes to visit and bring them presents at Christmas.

English actress Daniella Westbrook tweeted the show to say that Noah was the “cutest little boy” — something which seemed to delight the boy who keeps proving doctors wrong.


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33 responses to “British boy born “without brain” given a chance at life

  1. Great story!

  2. “by the time Noah was 3 years old his brain had grown to 80 percent of the normal size. Now doctors believe Noah’s brain had actually just been squashed into a small space”

    So much for medical science.
    Good thing Noah’s parents listened to their conscience — that still, small voice of God. Noah Wall’s story lifts our spirits and gives us hope.

  3. That boy is just the cutest! I love his smile, spirit and his “yeps”. : ) If anyone had 2% of their brains, it’s the doctors who made his diagnosis. When I was pregnant with my only child, at age 25, the doctors suggested a therapeutic abortion, because of my autoimmunity due to the Lupus Spectrum and the medications I took (steroids). That is not something to suggest to a person who is totally Pro-Life. I said “absolutely not”! The doctors, said that my child would be born with birth defects or I could possibly miscarry. I stopped the steroids, started taking prenatal vitamins, and prayed for a healthy baby. It was a rough pregnancy and 9 months seemed like 9 years to me. I was followed by a high-risk pregnancy doctor. My son was delivered at full term, but a long labor (26 hours). A very healthy, 23 inches long, 6 pounds.14 ounce baby boy, with a full head of black hair was born. All of his APGAR scores were 9’s and 10’s. The doctors I had, obviously underestimated the power of God, our divine healer, and prayer. May God bless Noah with a long and prosperous life! Such an inspirational story. Leeann.

    • I had a hideous 36-hour labor, and my baby had the cord wrapped around his neck. He was born blue, with less than an ideal APGAR score, but no lasting injury, though he does suffer from Tourette’s, which may or may not be related to his birth, but it hasn’t hindered him other than being a nuisance, thank heavens. He’s 21 already, and the apple of my eye!

      I can’t imagine how scary those 9 months were for you; thank goodness you stuck to your convictions and didn’t succumb to enduring a “therapeutic abortion” (what a term!). Your story is as inspirational as little Noah’s!

      God bless. ♥️

      • I’m so thankful that your son is 21 and that you chose “life” for him. Medical Research has not determined the causes for Tourette’s Syndrome, and it’s still being researched. When I worked for a Family Practice in Florida, we had a patient with Tourette. He was at the time, co-editor of the local newspaper. He was brilliant and such a funny guy too. Disabilities do not define a person. Your labor was dangerously long and the doctor should not have allowed that much time. Yes, the word “therapeutic” sounded so strange to my ears. I asked “what is so therapeutic about murdering a child”? The doctor was just so casual with his suggestion. I’ve often wondered, how many before and after me, went by his recommendation to get therapeutic abortions? I hope your son realizes how blessed he is to have your unconditional mother’s love. In some women, the maternal instincts can not be manipulated; if anything, it makes us fierce forces, like Momma Bears. Those claws need to stay sharp, just in case. : ) God Bless You! Leeann

        • One of the primary precipitants of Tourettes, tics, and related disorders is exposure to ritalin and other psychostimulants in childhood. No doctor will tell you this

          • Thank heavens I never allowed doctors to “treat” my son’s Tourette’s; I didn’t start using stimulant meds myself until he was 5 or 6 (not before or during pregnancy), three years or so after his symptoms started to manifest. I DO wonder if my extended labor, the vaccines he received, the antibiotics he took as an infant for the RSV infection (is RSV even bacterial? I never thought to ask) he contracted, and even what, if any, all those years I spent on birth control may have done to him. Ah, the ubiquity of a mother’s guilt! But for my part, any damage I might’ve done was out of sheer ignorance.

            My own, well-meaning, dentist-father fed fluoride tablets to my mother during both her pregnancies, and then to my sister and I throughout our entire childhoods. Incidentally, neither of us have had a single cavity, but I suffer from severe ADHD, and increasingly severe CRS (“Can’t Remember Sh*t”) syndrome. (But don’t we all?)

            But you’re right: while I’ve heard of stimulants causing/increasing tics, I’ve never heard of it causing Tourette’s.

  4. I’ve heard many stories like this one; between anecdotes like this one and my own experiences, I’m not convinced doctors—even “specialists”—know half as much as they like to think they do.

    My husband has a “complicated medical history”. In common parlance, he’s what you’d call “a mess”: among other things, he has dystonia, severe and progressive ankylosing spondylosis, CFS/ME (other than work, he’s bed-bound 90% of the time), and suffers from TBI from a bout of HSE a decade ago—if anyone is interested, you can look it up…it’s depressing. All in all, the countless doctors have only made things worse or created MORE problems, and that’s when they’ve done anything at all.

    I’m not anti-doctor or anti-medicine, but from long experience, I’ve learned that doctors’ opinions are just that: OPINIONS. And they’re often not even well-informed opinions! I find it astounding that doctors will eagerly prescribe medications that they’ve never tried themselves, or they neglect to explain how dangerous or dependency-producing certain drugs can be (e.g., benzodiazepines, SSRIs, atypical antipsychotics, etc.). Neither of us have ever been offered a proactive “exit plan” for getting off the dang pills when the time comes, either. (If anyone has, please tell me…I’m interested in this.)

    Anyway, I’m so happy the doctors were wrong in this boy’s case, and that his parents listened to the Spirit and not the “experts”. Brains, especially young ones, are amazing. I have several nieces who were either born with neurological defects or had damage done to them as tiny infants (they’re all adopted after long-term foster care); with lots of dance and gymnastics classes starting early (age 2-3, when possible), they all grew into fully functioning adults. My youngest niece is 8, and she was probably the most damaged; she currently competes in competitive gymnastics and plays piano like a prodigy.

    Even in adults, brain healing can happen, albeit more slowly. My husband is living proof…but you have to be very patient, get lots of rest, eat loads of good fat (it’s what our neurons are made of!), and not give up hope. (Oh my, sorry this got so long and tangential!)

    • Doctors will never give you an exit plan for getting off meds. And when you experience disabling withdrawal symptoms they call it “medication discontinuation syndrome”. See, it’s your fault. Getting off of SSRI’s and so-called antipsychotics can be very difficult and dangerous. And with benzo withdrawal there is a risk of convulsions and death. One must discontinue psych meds very slowly and cautiously. There was a website called BeyondMeds run by a woman who was caught up in the mental health system and it nearly destroyed her. It is a superb resource for med discontinuation, if it’s still up. I haven’t been there in awhile. I have been doing clinical work in the MH field for many years and consequently I have a very, very, extremely low opinion of prescribers and doctors generally, especially psychiatrists. I used to compare them to bartenders but that was being generous. The average bartender has far more integrity

    • Thank you for the story of your experiences, Recynd. Very inspiring! My best to you and your husband and continued hopes and prayers for both miracles from God and miracles given us through those who work for God in our medical sciences! I am not “anti-doctor” either, but, I DO approach medicine through the eye of a “mechanic” and the eye of someone who always looks at any “solution” through the prism of “odds” and “common sense evaluation.”

    • The Beyond Meds website that I referred to is still active. Good, practical advice for DC’ing medications, if you can overlook the New Agey/leftist perspective (yoga, The Collective, and so on). We use the tools we have. And any questions you may have re: meds and/or discontinuation I’m happy to answer to the best of my knowledge. As we say, I have availability:)

      • Thank you for the link. I’ve found the website BenzoBuddies to be helpful. My husband was taking up to 7mgs of Klonopin per day to treat his dystonia; we currently have got it down to just over 1mg per day, and we’ve been tapering down for about two years. Our goal is to have him off completely this year. I’ve withdrawn from it (and other psych drugs) myself in the past (though I took a far smaller dose), so I know the misery of it. We think CBD is helping my husband get off the benzos—hateful, hateful chemicals, those—but it’s pretty clear there will be lasting effects from it.

        I loathe psychiatrists even more than neurologists. They’re nothing but drug-pushers. I actually had one quote the old, “Better living through chemistry!” to me, as she added a tricyclic to my benzo-and-SSRI combo. And even she was better than the SOB who prescribed Risperdal for my depression and anxiety (which turned out to be undiagnosed ADHD). Niiiice.

        Even though I struggled with my behavior and mood throughout my life, I’m thankful ADHD wasn’t a “thing” back in the day. I don’t mind being medicated as an adult (I have a choice in the matter), but there’s something about drugging a child to get them to behave that I find objectionable. However, I do recognize that sometimes there are few, if any, better options. Even then, there are ALWAYS consequences, generally unpleasant.

        Thanks again for the lead.

        • 7 mg of Klonopin daily? Yikes. Prescribing Risperdal for depression is just stupid. And Risperdal, as you may know, can cause prolactin levels to skyrocket. I’ve seen women start to spontaneously lactate and teenage boys grow breasts – gynecomastia. There is no treatment other than surgery. I guess the pharmaco/medical complex decided that adolescence isn’t confusing enough. At the clinic where I worked children made up about half the clients. It used to drive me around the bend seeing little kids prescribed amphetamines and neuroleptics and highly toxic “mood stabilizers” (no such thing, they are simply affect flatteners. They all started out as anti seizure meds but were rebranded to cash in on the “bipolar boom”). They were big on risperdal for kids with “disruptive behavior disorders”. Pharma reps used to come to the clinic daily and they would leave promotional items, pens, clocks, memo pads, etc., with the name of the drug they were pushing prominently displayed on the item. One guy left risperdal legos (!!!)…and risperdal microwave popcorn (!!!) (I took a package; mice ate the popcorn but I still have the package) As you say, kids have no choice but to be involuntarily medicated and I used to state loudly, to anyone who would listen, that giving children with developing brains neurotoxic chemicals was criminal and medically sanctioned child abuse. That went over well (not), so I was shown the door. Yes, benzodiazapines..nasty, nasty stuff, and usually unnecessary. People would tell me they “have” anxiety (who doesn’t?), like it’s a disease, then go on benzos and end up with two problems instead of one, anxiety and drug dependence. I’d tell them anxiety is the price humans pay for being able to anticipate the future, that it’s normal, that if we didn’t experience anxiety we’d never do anything, just sit there. They would choose to take their ativan, or xanax, or klonopin..and just sit there. Anyway..much, much, much more to say about all of this, eventually, but I’m glad you and your husband are detoxifying. Slow and steady wins the race, one mg at a time if necessary. I wish you the best

  5. This is great news and I congratulate the NY Post for spreading it. I doubt the NY Times included it!

  6. Such a wonderful story! Thank you DCG for sharing it!

  7. It’s all in the name “NOAH”. We shall see more of Noah.

  8. God’s work is amazing and many times unexpected by even “experts:” I have a cousin-removed (my mom’s cousin) who is just a little older than me. Her father had been an army medic in Korea, and once home, in his late 30’s, was diagnosed/near death from Hodgkins’ Lymphoma (about which, at the time, little could be done). This cousin, his youngest child, contracted diptheria. On her literal deathbed, the family/rural doctor came to their home and told the parents that nothing more could be done. In her suffocating death throes, her ex-medic, dying father gave her CPR…b/c he knew how to do it in the day when many did not….the Dr. begged him to STOP…that she would be a brain-dead vegetable. He would not. She was revived and lived through the crisis. Her father died not long after. Flash forward 20 years….this now grown child, after a “normal” and healthy life, enlisted in the military. Everything seemed fine until she passed out one day for some reason, and at the millitary hospital, they found through testing for one thing or another an AMAZING thing……nearly 1/2 of her brain was non-functional….All her autonomic brain functions were perfect, but the centers of developmental learning were dead in part of one lobe of her brain….BUT, in doing her medical history, it was decided that this near-death incident with diptheria when she was just months old…..her revival…allowed the OTHER center in the other half of her brain at such a young and critical time in learning/development….to “take over” and allowed her to learn and function normally. Believe me….she’s still a force of nature today in retirement—researching veteran’s histories in her county, knitting and distributing wool caps for preemies at the local hosptial, corresponding with relatives near and far (like me).

    • Caligirl, what an amazing story! Thank you for sharing it…God IS good, and He surely love us!

      Stories like your mother’s cousin are absolutely inspiring and amazing.

  9. My comments aren’t posting. Hmmm. Maybe just as well

    • That’s because instead of calling yourself “william”, you now call yourself “William”, which the “system” regards as a new commentator, and all new commentators must have their first comment approved.

      • I use different computers during the day, one stored the lower case w, one the upper case. No problems with either up till now. I want to use a new handle also, Helper, and I’d like to have an avatar. Don’t know how to do that. But I’m transitioning to a new online identity having rejected the one that was assigned to me at birth. I’ll try the register/subscribe thing again, figure it out

  10. The editor of Skeptic Magazine, Michael Shermer, an atheist, says he doesn’t believe in miracles and to be convinced he would need to see someone regrow a missing body part. Well? This is indeed miraculous and very uplifting and should be celebrated. Perhaps by illuminating the pinnacle of the “Freedom Tower” in NYC with brilliant white light.

  11. My friend’s sister chose not to terminate—though she had been advised to do so—her little girl, who had been diagnosed in utero with a Trisomy defect. She lived for just a few hours, enough time to bring an entire quarreling family together, and make a lasting pro life resolve for all who heard the story.

    • Thank you Lola….as, I am reading your post through tears, also. Are we the few who think, feel, believe that NOTHING else on Earth matters EXCEPT LIFE?????? DAH!!!!! NOTHING else without LIFE exists with any meaning applied. DAH!!!! But, it appears that most of the human& thinking planet these days feels/believes that the “nothing else” means “everything” but, just them as an exception… inconvenient progeny, no responsibilities to the future, be they their own offspring or others…..

      Thank you for your “Pro-Life-Resolve!” In the end….what is our alterntive as a species? Pro-Death to us all????? Absurd…but….not out of the question considering our present state…..

      • Yes, CalGirl, it’s so sad to see our society the way it is going. Who would have ever thought this would be our reality.

  12. The courage of the Walls is nothing short of colossal, and I hope Noah goes far in life. They may not realize it, but this brave family SPAT RIGHT IN THE EYE of British Eugenics, the precursor to evolution, communism and national socialism! And to think they had Noah survive the National Health Service in England, of all places!

    God Bless them all. More news we’ll never see on the lamestream news media.

  13. That there should be such a distinction as “pro-life” is strange in itself. The implication, of course, is that those in opposition are “anti-life”. I suppose they are. How cool is that?

  14. I submitted a couple of fairly lengthy comments that were “awaiting moderation” (as you explained because of some confusion regarding upper and lower case “w”) but now they have disappeared. Understandably, you must be busy busy busy and have neither the time nor inclination to moderate comments. I don’t think I’ve said anything that was out of line, but what do I know? I can only surmise that I said something you don’t like. Fortunately I don’t live on likes, but having been disappeared/kicked off from many online forums (which upon further reflection were merely gatekeeper/controlled opposition sites), usually for tepid criticism of the Zionist Entity, I find myself exercising what we used to call, back in the day, sensible paranoia. Either way, I have little doubt that you can carry on without my insights, and I can certainly carry on without yours. Somehow:)

    • Please STOP inundating me with complaints. For some reason, all your comments must wait for approval, and I can’t be on the computer every hour of every day. I don’t know what you are doing, but the problem is at your end.

      • This is the second time I’ve mentioned my comments not posting. That hardly satisfies my definition of “inundating”. Whatever. I think the problem is with your software; it’s garbage. I respectfully suggest that you fix it

      • I now suppose my paranoia, as such, was unjustified; you appear to be a real person with personality unlike the excrement-slinging monkeybots that one ordinarily encounters at such sites. But rather than devolve to unpleasantness I think I’ll just move on. Our time here is too short for unpleasantness, we are born but to die. Peace and blessings

  15. We have a young New York Congresswoman just elected who was born with this exact same deficiency…..
    ….unfortunately for the people on New York and unlike the subject of this story, the young New York Congresswoman has not made any progress with gaining cognitive ability since the earliest discovery of her brainlessness.

    …oh well


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