The (Catholic) Woman Newt Committed Adultery With

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Oh, what a web we mortals weave, etc. etc.

In the mid-1990s, while he was Speaker of the House and married to wife no. 2, Marianne Ginther, Newt Gingrich had an affair with a 23-years-younger House of Representatives staffer named Callista Bisek. In 2000, Newt married Callista shortly after divorcing Marianne.

But don’t be too sorry for Marianne. She herself was the other woman involved in an adulterous affair with the Newt when he was still married to wife no. 1, Jackie Battley! It was Battley who claimed that she was in her hospital bed recovering from surgery when Newt said he wanted a divorce. [Source: wiki]

This is what the husband-stealer, Callista, “a lifelong Catholic” (!), looks like:

Yikes! Can that hair get more blindingly platinum? S.O.S., L'Oreal!

Betcha those rocks around flaxen-haired Callista’s neck are part of the $500,000 (half a million bucks!) debt Newt — who preaches fiscal discipline for America — has with Tiffany’s.

Callista is also a reason for Newt’s senior staff quitting en masse yesterday. They told the UK’s Daily Mail that they quit because:

  • Newt did not take his presidential campaign seriously;
  • He was lazy and refused to do the hard work of grassroot campaigning, preferring instead to rely on social media; and
  • After his disastrous sniping at fellow Republican Paul Ryan’s budget plan, instead of working to put out the flames he himself had started, Newt and wife Callista took a two-week vacation, in defiance of his staff.

Hey, “lifelong Catholic” Callista and “newly converted to Catholicism” Newt: Ever heard of the 7th Commandment?


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12 responses to “The (Catholic) Woman Newt Committed Adultery With

  1. yikes…her hair looks like a blonde helmet!

  2. “Maybe Newt should become a Muslim – then he can have another one.”

    …or two, or three….

    But then his outstanding debit at Tiffany’s will be even higher, LOL!

  3. Correct me if I am wrong, but I calculate this Calista creature to be maybe forty years old!! She certainly looks much older than that with the dated hair, heavy make-up and dingy teeth, With all the money, it seems she could look better. A hurricane probably wouldn’t move that hair!

    • DW,

      Helmet-haired Callista was born March 4, 1966, which makes her 45 years old. The harsh platinum blonde hair and red red lipstick age her. There is a reason why, in nature, only new-born Nordic babies and very young children have flaxen platinum hair. LOL

      She is the President of Gingrich Productions, a performance and production company focused on audio, video, and photographic production. Ah, the sweet smell of nepotism! No wonder Newt keeps running for President. It’s one way to command big speaking fees. Got a “lifelong Catholic” wife to support — that wife no. 3, who loves diamonds as much as she loves peroxide! LOL

      • Eowyn:
        I just spit out my drink when reading how old Callista is. She looks like a Swedish porn queen from the 1970’s. Her rapid aging must be a karmic balloon payment.
        One would hope if she’s using peroxide on the hair, she could spare some for her teeth.

        • “One would hope if she’s using peroxide on the hair, she could spare some for her teeth.”


          Another priceless Zorro zinger! 😀

  4. lowtechgrannie

    We know that certain personality types gravitate to certain professions. I think the political arena is full of narcissists and sociopaths. I’ll bet the FBI profilers would agree with me.

  5. Calista should trade the necklace in for a nose job.

    • My sentiments exactly! Looking at her picture I was wondering if her nose could get any longer. Remember Pinocchio anyone?

  6. Calista desperately needs about 1.5″ removed from her ugly nose; it looks like a needle and she looks like a witch. Don’t know how Newt can stand to look at it. Ugh!

  7. Calista, watch out, I bet Newt is already looking for a new younger replacement for you.

  8. With all the money Newts made from being a lobbyist , you would think he could get the hook fixed in his wife’s nose.


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