The Cat Burglar

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This cat burglar has perpetrated over 600 thefts!   😀


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0 responses to “The Cat Burglar

  1. OMO that is sooo cute.

  2. heck i always thought the cat burglar was Robert Wagner “it takes a thief”

  3. This is excellent. Dusty is hilarious and I am glad the neighbors are good sports about it. My cat Wolfie , a charcoal and white tortie, likes to gather everyone’s socks . She will meow real loud at night sometimes, downstairs, and announce her “kills”. She likes to do that with her plaid mouse too. But she’s so silly, because she will meow with a mouthful of mouse. It;’s nothing to come downstairs in the morning to at least three socks in the living room

  4. Hilarious…all I usually get is a dead bird or mouse from my critter!

  5. Heh, back when I was a kid we had three cats for a time.
    All we got from them were mice, rats, chipmunks, squirrels, and an occasional lizard.


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