The Case of the Breakable Unbreakable Cellphone

Here’s a hot stock tip for ya: DON’T BUY SHARES IN SONIM!
Sonim makes this cell phone, the Sonim XP1, which the manufacturer boasts is “unbreakable.” The only problem is….it’s BREAKABLE!
That’s what BBC News reporter Dan Simmons found out during a demonstration at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Sonim CEO Bob Plaschke tells Simmons that he could drop the Sonim XP1 from a 10-story building, leave it under 20 feet of water for 30 minutes, and even hammer a nail with it. The reporter first dunk the phone into an aquarium, pulls it out of the water, and the phone’s still ringing. So far, so good.
Then, Simmons smashes the phone, screen first, into the sharp corner of the fish tank. Yup, the screen shatters and, with it, all hopes for Sonim CEO’s year-end bonus.

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