The Captain Has Advised You To Fasten Your Saftey Belt.

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The Fuse has been lit……….


Pick a headline, any headline.

I’m especially fond of 

“Every FuKing Cop Is a Fuking Target”

America gripped by second night of fury...Police fire rubber bullets in LA freeway...Thousands pack Times Square...CA protesters break windows, start fires...Cause Gridlock In Midtown Manhattan...'Every F**king Cop Is a F**king Target'...MARION BARRY: 'Good news is Zimmerman will never be in peace'...NY Giants Star: 'Zimmerman Doesn't Last Year Before Hood Catches Up to Him'...Falcons WR: Jurors 'Should Go Home Tonight And Kill Themselves'...Beyonce holds moment of silence at concert...Celebs React...Sharpton: 'Slap in Face'...
Justice Dept: Under Review...

Halted: Traffic came to a halt Sunday evening on Los Angeles' I-10 freeway as Trayvon Martin supporters swarmed the road in protest of his killer's acquittal, stopping all traffic

Halted: Traffic came to a halt Sunday evening on Los Angeles’ I-10 freeway as Trayvon Martin supporters swarmed the road in protest of his killer’s acquittal, stopping all traffic

Impressive crowd: A shot from high up shows the Times Square crowds considerable size

Impressive crowd: A shot from high up shows the Times Square crowds considerable size

Have to say these 2 pics kinda give me the Heebie Jeebies.

(That’s a technical term for could be deep doo doo real quick.)

~Steve~                               H/T Drudge

PS. So much for the peaceful protests. In That case may I say it is my sincere desire that any an all who who engage in violence may you step off the curb and get hit by a bus. 

These views not endorsed by FOTM, just little ole me

PSS. I’m sick of the whole thing, and wash my hands of it. Back to jokes .

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0 responses to “The Captain Has Advised You To Fasten Your Saftey Belt.

  1. I woke up at 3:53 am with the thought…..”satan was the first to “riot” against God. You’d think ppl would see who the sentiment comes from and what the eventual outcome WILL be.” :'(

  2. So what I see is Blacks setting up to destroy our own neighborhoods again along with white liberals. Fine let them. I tired of this. If my folk is too stupid to see how White Liberals are using us let them finally burn their homes, shopping center, Mass Transit to the ground. I’m over it!

    Then when they go begging to those White libs for food, shelter, clothing and transportation let’s see what they get.

    • Will, I just don’t understand what they want.
      “Justice for Trayvon” What does that mean? It was a tragedy yes.
      If you watched any of the case, which they did not it , just did not convince a jury.
      I mean not even a “Bad” jury call.
      Zimm’s life is ruined. After Saturday I posted on some boards I had some hope that maybe it would remain peaceful and maybe people would use their brains and not get caught up with the baiters.
      I don’t know now. I never understood tearing down your own neighborhood.
      Is their that much anger in the community, or are they just following the mob?
      Please enlighten me

      • Mob rule is the 1st rule Steve. Its never about justice. It’s about smashing windows to get free crap. It’s about bashing someone’s head in while you are packed in a mob of hundreds. From Yousef Hawkings, Rodney King, the young Black child that was hit and killed by a Jewish driver in Crown Heights. It is always the same. “Free stuff” and “Violence” Everyone who participated in these acts could not tell you a damn thing about what led up to it. All they need is a reason and a brick.

      • An excuse for payback (no one of a different color shoots of ours, no matter what)… and Free Stuff!!

    • I agree Heavy. It seems these things have put us all back to 1965. It breaks my heart.

      • You know I’m not even heartbroken over this anymore. Like I said let them do it. Let them put themselves out of a job, no food, no shelter. Let them drive away the only people who would dare set up shop in their neighborhoods. Let them beg Super Negro (Obama) for help and see where the dice lay!

        • Yup. That pretty much says it all, Will.

          I saw a travel show recently focusing on LA. The host spent his time with the Koreans in the city. Their story was that they were targets of all kinds of hatred during the Rodney King riots. And the odd unintended consequence was that the rioters ended up giving away the city to an even stronger Korean community.

        • Will, you know it took a lot of years , but white people finally got
          “Content of Character” Really do. You know we grew up in the 70’s in NY and it was not the most racially pleasant time.
          People do care and want to help up, not hand out. That’s why we fight and try and educate the people about the “Dem” over lords.
          Here’s the thing, I think and I’m afraid people are tired of trying. Hell you yourself are fed up.
          I have no answers…hell I’m even out of questions.
          Do we just sit here and hold our breath and hope it’s not to bad? Have to really think what part of town we go thru.
          What I’m saying is Every morning I open Drudge and see it just spreading. Peaceful would be OK, although I still have no idea what they are protesting if they watched the trial and heard some facts.
          But every night it goes on it get’s uglier and people will die soon.
          Some poor schmuck who makes a wrong turn.
          I know it’s a pipe dream , but how bout Sharpton and the leaders are all arrested for inciting to riot.
          Is that to much to ask.
          How about skippy goes on TV and says listen knuckleheads. here are the facts.
          I saw a man on the street thing.
          He thought Zimm just stalked him and shot him.
          No clue Martin was on top bashing his head in.
          Rant over..
          Sorry buddy. I know you must be sick over it.

  3. Hey buddy, It’s so nice to finally hear a voice of reason..
    How you holding up?

  4. #Obama #Holder #CRS #taxpayer funded #Government organized riots do not constitute #NoJustice Outrage…Its Politics

  5. Thanks for doing this post, Steve. I’m sick of it too, which is why I’ve avoided doing this post for the last 2 days. LOL

  6. During the Rodney King riots, we looked on from the East Coast, and thought,

    “When these guys get angry, they burn their own houses down!”

    (…kinda wish we could use that trick elsewhere)

  7. Will- will you run for office? We need people like you after we throw these communist,treasonous hacks out on their hineys. Remove and replace with “Constitutional Representatives.” Common sense greatly appreciated. These politicians sticking their nose in this are disgusting.

  8. Buy ammo before liberal politicians ban that for “safety,” etc.

  9. Looks like World War T…. I wonder if any of those people want a trial by jury?

  10. I am beginning to get a really bad feeling about all this.



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