The Brotherhood Unmasked

Sid Roth and Erick Stakelbeck blow the whistle on the Brotherhood’s plan to destroy western civilization. 

This is a half hour of important information. Thank you to for running this video. ~ TD

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Maui Jim

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The Brotherhood Unmasked

Mark Tipton

The Islamic faith calls for the integration of a theocratic form of government, one of the very major reasons that it is in direct conflict with the Constitution which guarantees us a republican form of government. There is nothing to expose here more than a lack of understanding about or a denial of basic tenets of Islam.

(Not saying the local FOTM community is ignorant of the truth though the general populace does seem to be tragically, woefully and willfully ignorant of most anything politic in nature)

Dr. Eowyn

Thank you, TD, for this important post.