The Beatles Butcher Cover

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WTH were they thinking?!!!

The Beatles were sold to us as a squeaky clean music group

Or maybe those of us coming of age in the 1960s just saw it that way. I mean, how corrupt is a song named “Hold Your Hand?” Yup, they were sold to us that way. But in short order, they introduced an unsuspecting public to Satanism, Aleister Crowley, psychedelic drugs, Timothy Leary, and who knows what.

So why does that shock me now? 

In my case, it is because now in 2018 the unthinkable has become thinkable. People are asserting with a straight face that royals, government officials, the entertainment industry, and many in power are involved with pedophilia, cannibalism and devil worship.

Suddenly this album cover begins to look like more than the result of musicians and a photographer injecting humor into another boring photo shoot.

And we liked them!
WTH were we thinking?!!!

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31 responses to “The Beatles Butcher Cover

  1. Here is a quote from John Lennon:

    “Faith is a response to evidence, not a rejoicing in the absence of evidence.”

    Sounds inverted to me.

  2. In his 2008 book, The Lennon Prophecy, Joseph Niezgoda said John Lennon made a pact with Satan in exchange for fame and fortune, and paid the ultimate price for his “success”.

    • Every pact with the Devil comes with an expiration date! I am no fan of John Lennon—who seemed to start to be coming around when he died—but I really pity him.
      I did drop off Lennon’s son Sean and his half-sister Kyoko at the Dakota when I was driving the yellow cab years ago; They have to live in a void that Lennon’s assassin(s) created. John Lennon may have created injustice by the way he lived; Certainly, he created scandal. But his assassin(s) wreaked an even greater injustice. (I do not believe that Mark David Chapman acted alone; I am certain he had to have been mind-controlled. (That, of course, does not excuse him.))

    • Patrick Cornell

      Did Satan stipulate that Lennon marry Yoko Ono in the contract?

  3. In a way it’s our fault as well. We saw no harm in them originally but we made the mistake of saying nothing with every line they crossed and every taboo they broke. We learned a hard lesson too late but we learned it well. Give evil an inch and it will consume your soul by the mile.

  4. My parents were shocked by the Beatles and detested them for many years. At the time I enjoyed their music, and I was not able to see the backstory this post so rightly points out.
    One thing was for sure, however: Once this album was released and my father found out about it, he made it CLEAR he WOULD NOT ALLOW this album in the house, and that if he ever found it in the house, that he would BURN IT. (He said this to my brother Cliff and me!)

    As the years went by, my parents became “emboldened” and came to be able to listen to some of their music. Dad did admit that some of their songs were so good, that Lennon & McCartney could not have written them. Well, they did write most of their tunes, but Dad’s point still held: Some of the Beatles’ songs, e.g., “Eleanor Rigby” or “Yesterday” are of a higher caliber and poignance than the rest of their canon.

    But Trail’s point maintains, and it’s been documented: Rock & Roll—including the Beatles (and Stones and Doors) music provided a sort of mind control for the masses. And now we are witnessing the resurgence of Aleister Crowley in this Age of Satanism Rising.

    And we now witness a “Pope” accepting and wielding a STANG from two young female Satanists!

    It is truly chilling.

  5. Paul McCartney recently publicly described how he and his fellow Beatles would abuse themselves, and he thought it was very funny; They were just being mates together. My thought was, EWW, McCartney’s as bad as Lennon.
    I was a teenager when the Beatles came into the spotlight and they were golden. It was as though we were enchanted (or bewitched). Anything they sang was a hit, and we overlooked their slide into pagan religions and drugs, etc. John hated Christianity and belittled it, as “The Lennon Prophecy” documents. His claim that the Beatles were more popular than Jesus created an uproar, and time has proven it false. “Imagine” talks about a world of peace, “with no religion too.”
    I don’t recall seeing the “Butcher” cover when I was young, but I was shocked when I saw it two years ago in “The Lennon Prophecy.”
    Despite the negative view I now have of Lennon, he had some redeeming moments, as in a charming radio interview he did with Dennis Elsas, and when he appeared on the Dick Cavett show (boy was Cavett warped) and disagreed when Cavett said there were too many people in the world. Cavett reprimanded him, and Lennon said, “I don’t care” what you think.

    • CogitoErgoSumantra

      “I was a teenager when the Beatles came into the spotlight and they were golden. It was as though we were enchanted (or bewitched).”

      I always wondered about the mass hystrionic screaming girls who accompanied their every appearance… and now wonder the same about the progressives screaming at the Kavanaugh hearings as well as at Trump and his supporters, and at non-progressives generally. Same group, different generation? They’re almost inhuman, perhaps body- (brain-? soul-?) snatched.

  6. I never liked the Beatles, or any of the 1960’s rock music. It always felt like noise to me, and very unpleasant. I like forties and fifties music; Dean Martin, Bobby Darin, Peggy Lee, Rosemary Clooney, Doris Day etc. I have seen enough evidence to convince me that the Beatles were a creation of the Tavistock Institute.

    Modern music is mind-control. When instruments are tuned to 432Hz, music is soothing because it vibrates with the Golden Ratio and the Shumann Resonance. In 1935 the Rockefeller Institute decided that all public music should be played at 440Hz. at took 20 years, but in 1955 they got their way and 440Hz became the world standard. 440Hz makes listeners feel aggressive, agitated, and anti-social. I wasn’t too surprised to read in an article last year that most people actually prefer music at 440Hz. It was a study done to see how people reacted to music played at different vibrations. If all you’ve ever eaten is garbage, then that’s what tastes good to you. If one actually enjoys what passes for music these days, I would advise that person to do some serious soul-searching as to why they are so divorced from what is natural, good and soothing.

    • Patrick Cornell

      Moroccan trance music!

    • CogitoErgoSumantra

      “440Hz makes listeners feel aggressive, agitated, and anti-social. I wasn’t too surprised to read in an article last year that most people actually prefer music at 440Hz. It was a study done to see how people reacted to music played at different vibrations.”

      Very interesting!
      I’d noticed that while driving (in particular), but even at home, listening to rock music got my blood moving, but jazz (or better yet, classical) music soothed my inner beast. Had never read about the 440Hz connection.

      Southern Gospel and early Christian Contemporary music (Archers, 2nd Chapter of Acts) also does my soul good, but later iterations, not so much.

      And although I do enjoy “rock” music of the ’50s, ’60s, and ’70s (although mostly the latter didn’t come into my world until I hit college, after the fact), I mostly can’t stand “rock” music from the ’90s and beyond, and only tolerate (for the most part) the muck that came out in the ’80s…

  7. I never liked the Beatles, or any of the Sixties rock music. It always sounded like noise to me, and very unpleasant. When I listen to music I like Dean Martin, Bobby Darin, Peggy Lee, Rosemary Clooney, Doris Day etc. I have seen enough evidence to convince me that the Beatles were a creation of the Tavistock Institute.

    Modern music is mind-control. Music at 432Hz is soothing because it vibrates with the Golden Ratio and the Shumann Resonance. In 1935 the Rockefeller Institute decided all public music should be played at 440Hz. It took them 20 years, but in 1955, 440Hz was adopted as the world standard. Music played at 440Hz makes the listeners aggressive, agitated and anti-social. If you find yourself actually enjoying what passes for music these days, I would advise some serious soul-searching as to why this un-natural vibration is appealing.

  8. Hey Dr. Eowyn, I don’t know why my comment was posted twice, and what happened to my little doggy photo?

    • ?

      Your comment wasn’t posted twice, and your doggy gravatar is still there.

      • After I sent the first one and waited a bit, it did not post, so I typed it again. Perhaps there was a delay with the first comment because it was waiting on a queue?

  9. In truth the whole hippie liberal Satanist movement “60’s Revolution”was engineered by Bolsheviks in military intelligence/Frankfurt School and really was our “Cultural Revolution” aka “Cultural Marxism”. Since this is about “The Beatles” which is a “Tavistock” creation, best to look into John Coleman’s research.

    The Beatles and the Aquarian Conspiracy

    • Patrick Cornell

      The counter culture movement of the 60’s was the legacy of Crowley almost entirely, most of us didn’t realize it at the time.

      • CogitoErgoSumantra

        And Timothy Leary… and Abbie Hoffman, and others luring kids into their least God-like behaviors and thoughts, all while telling them it was the opposite.

  10. Patrick Cornell

    The musicians “pact with the devil” myth dates to the early 19th Century and Italian virtuoso violinist Nicolo Paganini who revived the art of alternate tunings for the violin. Paganini was the first pop star of the modern era, women would swoon and fall to the floor during his performances. The predominately Catholic Italians noticed this phenomena and surmised that Paganini was associated with the devil and viola, the pact with the devil myth was born! John Lennon was definitely an occultist. The Beatles definitely had some dark energies swirling around them and there is much more about them individually then the average rock music fan knows but an actual contract with the devil? Come on! With all that fame and fortune at a young age John Lennon’s temptations were enormous, the devil didn’t need him under contract.

  11. I can remember someone’s show biz father getting a batch of tickets for the Beatles concert at Shea Stadium and being shocked at the desperate talk among otherwise normal guys I knew to be invited. Even in the microcosm of small town Long Island it was clear something terrible like a plague causing lack of control had come to town. I believe there was some serious Southern awareness at the time that these girly boys, screeching off key with the little girl haircuts, were bringing a lot more than youthful exuberance to America, but they were laughed off the public stage for it.

    Later after I got back from Vietnam in ‘70 I was invited to a party of mostly med students by a friend and was shocked at these repulsive, self-indulgent, self-absorbed twits sitting around, head bobbing, shrugging their shoulders to themselves, and getting stoned to Beatles music. To this day many supposed Christians, I’m sure, would take greater offense at criticism of the Beatles as Antichrist than of Christ Himself.

  12. What the heck are these people thinking? We surely didn’t do this kind of satanic crap during halftime at football games when I was in school!

    High School Band imitates executing a cop during their halftime performance.

  13. John Lennon was killed 5 hours after Annie Liebovitz took his photograph.
    Lennon was a Tavistock creation because of the Viet Nam WAR protestors.
    I remember, I was there protesting. After the music and drug scene began, I watched all my protest friends drop away and they all stopped protesting due to the drugs that were free at the time. Both drugs and guns were dropped off in wooden crates many times in my neighborhood in Los Angeles.

    Dave McGowan knows all the history of the Counter Culture movement. After I heard his podcasts it confirmed what I already knew to be true. I cannot stand Naomi Cohen (Mama Cass) and I do not like the Mama’s and the Papas or any of the other “Laurel Canyon” groups. I did like Jim Morrison & the Doors. Morrison’s father was on the USS Liberty.

    “Jewish Virtual Library Perpetuates Myth About USS Liberty Attack”
    by Joe Meadors Of USS Liberty Veterans Blog.
    Paraphrasing: Israel has been proven via radio communications to have deliberately attacked the USS Liberty to get USA to fight Egypt, US Gov’t lied about investigating the attack, they never did investigate and have continued to lie.
    Dr. Mitchell G. Bard, Founder and Executive Director of The American-Israeli Cooperative Enterprise who wrote the screed goes to extensive lengths to try to prove that the attack on the USS Liberty was not the premeditated, deliberate and illegal attack that WE KNOW IT WAS.


    This is [a partial list] of the group that Israeli Apologist Ahron Jay Cristol calls “conspiracy theorists”

    I have ALL their USS Liberty books and videos and shared with many others. And I’ve gotten literally hundreds of people to sign the Petition to Congress.

    Many of Dave McGowan’s discussions are found on Youtube.

    • Your reference was what I was alluding to when I said the whole fake “Counterculture” movement was hatched & promoted by Bolshevik Military Intelligence/Frankfurt School. Many of the fake created bands could not even play their instruments, thus the famous studio “Wrecking Crew” played on their early albums. Venues were opened up immediately along with press coverage & Vito & his scantily clad girls to draw the initial crowds to see these “bands” that came out of nowhere where a secret military intelligence base was in a small community. Also many of the band members had extensive ties to the military, military intelligence. IMO Dave was cancer zapped, which besides evil, we lost a great researcher/writer & human being. He was working on the Lincoln assassination conspiracy as his latest project. He also wrote about mind control by the government on “Seriel Killers” (Manson was one and his links to Laurel Canyon) & his great work exposing NASA. Buy his books and listen to his podcasts, he was one of the greatest researchers of our current time.

      • You’re so right! Majority of the music came from the Music Industrial Complex as an arm of the Military. I agree, many could not play instruments. It was all a ruse and a horrible lie as bad as Modern “Art”. I did not know of the Wrecking Crew??? I’ll have to look into that.
        I believe Dave was zapped too, he was onto them.

        Ellen Naomi Cohen, later child of the early RU Bolsheviks aka Mama Cass Elliot, used stolen names. She’s buried in Los Angeles, at Mount Sinai Cemetery.
        Speaking of 60s music & mind control to corrupt youths, here is the most disgusting song by M&P’s:


        I have Dave McGowan’s website in my bookmarks. I used to email Dave before he passed away. RIP Dave, you’re missed by many. I have his Laurel Canyon book in print. I’d like to get all of his works.

        For the record, majority of the 20th Century’s most notable and most televised Serial Killers were mostly children of Bolsheviks. Killing, is in their blood genetics, I believe, no, I know it is. After studying Bolshevism’s past 120 years. Their cover ups & Mass Mind Control of WTPeople, were constructs like Manson.
        Anton LaVey is a whole new & messy construct, and not real. LOL.

        • Dave was one of us, and his research & writing style was truly exceptional. Many of my friends said that me exposing them to him was my greatest ‘find”. Manson was tied to Laurel Canyon as was the Wonderland murders. One of the Manson ‘family’ was a guitarist for Laurel Canyon band ‘Love’. Pervert Frank Zappa’s father was a bioweapons engineer or something. Some of the Project For A New American Century war criminals are also linked to LC. Go to iTunes, go to Podcasts Search, and input his name. Listen to his discussions. He is such a brilliant but regular guy. I was heartbroken when I heard he was sick and than died. I was looking forward to his finishing the Lincoln stuff and who knows where else he would have gone. What a tragic loss. I was raised on that music and to discover what he exposed, was to put it mildly, quite spectacular .
          RIP Dave

          • Dave McGowan was one of the best researchers and writers I ever stumbled upon. When I heard he had cancer I knew they were taking him out. A courageous soul who is sorely missed.

    • John Songbird McCain’s Admiral father, was the traitor who ‘cleared’ Israel of murder & treason on their terror attack of the USS Liberty. Morrison’s admiral father was the commander of the US ships involved in the false flag Gulf of Tonkin attack.

      • Everything surrounding ugly mean hearted McCain family, including McCain Jr’s blatant and ongoing work with ISIL has been exposed by photographs. ISIS aka ISIL is an Israeli construct to have a fabricated enemy. (A legit company has ISIS as their company name, so ISIS was forced to change to ISIL)

        The “White Helmets” were exposed as well, they were very likely who were involved with organ trafficking and the 18,000 Syrian children who were harvested. I remember seeing short videos of the WH in Syria.


        United Nations is “monitoring the situation” in Syria.
        “Thank you to journalist Nizar Abboud for raising questions about this horrifying subject. Crimes against children in Syria carried out by terrorist groups armed, financed and promoted by Western governments, media and group-think tanks.”

        I have not heard since then, any news of the UN’s response. Typical UN, the goal posts disappear. I will say this, I do know where those organs sent to.
        Take a wild guess which country got the +18,000 organs!


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