The Battle of Murietta vs. Invasion of the Illegals

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As 400 illegal unaccompanied minors youths a day pour over the Mexican border into the U.S., an insane VPOS Joe Biden told lied to a National Association of Manufacturers meeting that more, not fewer, immigrants should come to America to “bolster” the economy because America needs them “badly from a purely economic point of view.”

Note: As FOTM’s Trail Dust points out, calling these illegals “unaccompanied minors” is a misnomer — a calculated move by the Obama regime and their willing accomplices in the media to gain our sympathy. The truth is many of these “unaccompanied minors” are criminals and gangsters in the late teens who have perpetrated torture and murder. See “We need to re-define the term ‘minors’.

During a tour of the Customs and Border Protection facility in South Texas, Congressman Henry Cuellar (D-Texas) took these shocking photos to highlight how overwhelmed U.S. border agents are with the tide of illegal immigrants from Central America.
In one, a large group of immigrants are locked like filthy livestock in a wire mesh cage. In another, tiny children run around a packed room, where foil sheets – the only blankets they have – cover the concrete floors. Up to 40 people a time – most appearing dirty and dejected – are put in rooms only large enough for ten.
caged illegals in TexasIllegals in TexasOvercome by the never-ending tidal wave of illegals, overworked U.S. border patrol officers use yellow evidence tape to “quarantine” the sick. Don Ray, Executive Director of the Texas Border Sheriffs Coalition, said border guards were simply running a strip of yellow tape down the center of the detention facility to separate the youths: “The diseased kids sit on one side and the healthy children on the other. Hardly the best way to go about things.”
Altogether, aided and abetted by the Obama regime, some 300,000 illegals have invaded America since this April, including criminals and many who are ridden with lice, scabies, and contagious diseases like tuberculosis, chicken pox and measles. Lice have been seen in their hair and even crawling down faces. (See “Obama’s Brown Shirts threaten health workers who divulge infectious diseases brought by tidal wave of illegals into America”)
Many of the illegals are unaccompanied youths, some still needing diapers. You may wonder where are their parents and why they would let their children wander across the border on their own.
The answer: Their parents are right here in the United States, no doubt illegally, and they know full well what their children are doing.
How do I know that?
Because the POS’s civilian army, aka the Department of Homeland Security, is spending taxpayer money to transport (by bus and by plane) the illegal youths to reunite with their illegal alien parents.
Isn’t that heartwarming! And you are paying for this!  — assuming, of course, that you actually pay taxes. [Snark]
Murrieta, CA mapThe town of Murietta, California, is at the epicenter of the Invasion of the Illegals because it is there that American citizens are resisting the onslaught.
Yesterday, July 7, 2014, as reported by Breitbart‘s Michelle Moone, for the third time, demonstrators opposed to illegal immigration stood their ground at the Murrieta Border Patrol station, where U.S. Border Patrol had been scheduled to transfer a third round of buses with 140 illegal aliens aboard, from overcrowded Texas detention facilities.
Among the demonstrators were first-timers from many different backgrounds–from young enlisted Marines to legal immigrants from Germany, Mexico, and Central America.
Murietta demonstratorsHere’s a first-person account by movie producer and literary manager Bettina Sofia Viviano (via email):
“I got down to Murrietta around 10 AM today and met Karen Siegemund [of Rage Against the Media], [comedian and author] Evan Sayet, and [radio host] Kender McGowan. There were probably about 200 people on our side there, maybe more. On the other side, there were almost no people – other than about 6-7 La Raza guys with Brown Shirt uniforms. I went up to them and asked for a picture…They responded ‘we don’t let NAZIS take our picture.’ Pretty funny them calling ME a ‘Nazi’ when they had the Brown Shirts on. Oh well.
All of the media trucks were there, the cops… [Despite rumors, there were] NO riot police, SWAT, none of that. I was interviewed for a long time by CBS but I haven’t seen any of it, so not sure they will use it.
The buses NEVER CAME. We waited and waited. I was told that the police helicopters overhead assess how many protestors there are, and then make the decision to divert the buses elsewhere. I think they took them to San Ysidro. We were told Chula Vista, Temecula or San Ysidro but I don’t think anyone knew for sure where they went.
So, nothing big to report. No confrontations of note, no buses. We call it a success because we kept them out of Murrietta, but they’re still here in CA. This sucks. And, as we have noticed Perry and Brewer are very openly dealing with this issue. WHERE IS GOVERNOR MOONBEAM [Jerry Brown]?”
Viviano is planning to go back to Murietta this Thursday.
Last Friday, July 4, members of the pro-illegals Chicano racist group, La Raza, got ugly at Murietta. Michelle Moone reports for Breitbart that the pro-illegals burnt an American flag and impaled torn-up American flags on a fence.
burnt American flag at Muriettatorn up American flags on Murietta fenceBonnie Lewis, an anti-illegal demonstrator at Murietta told Breitbart News she saw one of the pro-amnesty activists dragging an American flag on the ground: “I said: ‘Hey, don’t do that.’ He said: ‘That’s where it belongs’.”
Another anti-illegal immigration activist said that pro-amnesty demonstrators called her a “fing whore” in Spanish, and shouted, “F America!”
Meanwhile, InvestmentWatch reports that California militia members have united with their comrades in Texas to defend America’s southern border.

H/t FOTM’s swampygirl, CSM, Allan W.

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  1. Reblogged this on Dead Citizen's Rights Society.

  2. Our never-ending bizarro New World Disorder….

  3. While the sentiment agaisn thte flag of the devil worshiping state is fine, the fact that they’re la raza nazis merits deportation, if they’re so cool how about they go down to el salvador etc. and see if they can fix things down there instead of trying to pretend they’re jewish and trying to take over sections of the U.S. as “homeland” just because some satanist leader of theirs says “the aztecs were here” when they never were. If they can be IDed as la raza, then they should be deported at least, or sent to gitmo at most (since la raza *is* a legitimate terrorist group, after all).

  4. Thanks so much for keeping this effort in the public eye. My local newspaper hardly covers it…a snippet on the front page bottom ( an inch) & the rest pushed back to continue in the middle pages. Also, the newspaper is publishing “apologist-articles” explaining that they get their vocabulary (like “undocumented” vs “illegal”) from some bogus AP protocol ..Well….this is a privately held paper….they can use whatever terms they WANT…they don’t have to pander to the AP wire/playbook. I told my husband this AM that we were canceling the paper. We heard this AM that some Riverside Catholic churches were going to offer sanctuary to 10-12 at a time. This doesn’t put a dent in what is entering California…but meanwhile….
    Let me shed some light on WHY illegals MIGHT have been dropped into little Murrieta on purpose. This little town enthusiastically supported the Tea-Party movement from it’s inecpetion. They held many nice rallies there in it’s first years…which included a true cross-section of the population …young, old, every race…..Then later, like during the Lerner IRS tenure….we were audited….a “mail audit” out of the Cinncinnati office 🙂 When my husband & I went around trying get items together so we could go through our records again w/a fine-toothed comb….the local tax offices were out of every form, every back year’s forms….journals, EVERYTHING & we were in a tight squeeze to line up our time with a tax expert/rep….and so on. We asked what was going on & our tax rep in the Temecula/Murrieta area told us that she estimated approximately 1/3 of the area’s population was being audited…they were overwhelmed, out of resources & out of time…….
    I could be wrong…but in my mind, since already experiencing some sort of long-armed “punishment” (since WHEN is 1/3 of any population audited???) when this illegal dump started happening…esp….when, if you are familiar w/the area…you can SEE empiracle evidence that there is NO PLACE to put these people in Murrieta…you can SEE that the border statioin is a little tiny place….maybe a space the size of a garage to house people—-NOT 3-bus-loads of 140 each every 72 hours(!!!) you, too might wonder if it was a deliberate suffering visited upon us. And, these poor people in the buses have no concept of the how & why, either….they are being used by an evil political machine that is beyond them AND possibly beyond US right now.

    • 1/3 of the households in Murietta were audited by the IRS!
      And they say there are no conspiracies. [Snark]
      I’m beginning to think that just as the Devil wants us to think he doesn’t exist, it’s the conspiracy-bashers who precisely are the conspiracists.

  5. VPOS Joe Biden, did someone say VPOS Joe Biden? Father of Hunter Biden, who recently obtained, as did Devon Archer, Heinz-Kerry family friend, a position with Ukraine’s largest gas company, which signed off the pipeline to Chevron. Hunter’s reputation must be world famous. I don’t know that V. Nuland’s handing out bread in Ukraine (after spending $5 billion over a few years to overthrow an elected government to be replaced by Nazis) helped or not…as she spoke to auditorium crowds while she had a sandwichboard sign with the Chevron logo on it near her. The sacrifices our public servants won’t make for democracy. We also have retired Gen. Petraeus, Bilderberg attendee, declaring that we are to have a North American Union to replace sovereignties, including the United States, which had sworn to uphold with its Constitution. Presidential/Vice Presidential possibility, you know, a general who had our troops walk around cities in Afghanistan and not return rifle fire when shot at so that we would win their friendship. His brilliant strategy put into book form. I don’t know whether Karzai has an autographed copy or not. To establish a prosperous, peaceful world, who needs nations? Or the 6 billion or more people who are to be “culled”? We will follow the charter of the UN, called “sacred” by G.W.H. Bush (rather than our Constitution, or Magna Charta, or Bible.) As those from Mexico and south, why didn’t NAFTA help? Because it opened the door to labor in China at even low wages, wages so low that women employed by Apple have to work in buildings with nets beneath the windows to prevent them from jumping to their death. Oligarchs running our once great nation are turning the world into hell.

  6. This is the left’s effort to turn as many red states blue that they can.
    We’re screwed, as the invaders are never going to be sent home.

  7. I wouldn’t wish an Intestinal Reaming Service audit on my worst enemy.
    Well, maybe George Soros.

  8. I am sick to death of all the damage this group of miscreants are doing to our country and …NOTHING , ZIP, NADA is done to them.
    If you look up all the reasons for impeachment, he meets everyone.
    It has been said he can be removed by the Chairman of the Joints Chief of Staff and a Provost Marshal.
    We know he won’t be impeached, Reid will block it. If there is another way, it has to be done now. Does anyone care, is anyone brave enough?
    BTW, Biden said these illegals will do the jobs we won’t do. News flash, all those sitting on their rears do to this regime, sucking the air out of this country, can do them, if they want another dime.
    It will take years to get all the undeserving and destroying social security off.

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