The Audacity of This Senator

Aren’t you proud Kansas?

Kansas Senator Oletha Faust-Goudeau (Democrat) was pulled over by the Kansas City Highway Patrol on the Kansas Turnpike in Lyon County on January 24, 2010 (I don’t know why the video is now released, over a year later. The first comment appeared on April 6th).  The trooper pulled her over because she was driving 84 mph in a 70 mph zone.  This woman had the audacity to have the following exchange with the State Trooper:

  • Senator: “And I’m asking you this, if you would just give me a warning today. I’m asking you as a State Senator. I’m asking you as being in the legislative session we are immune, immunity…(inaudible).
  • Trooper: “I can’t delay you but you’re not immune from getting a citation.”
  • Senator: “So it would be at your discretion to have mercy on me and just give me a warning?
  • Trooper: Explains how he caught her speeding. “I’m not going to warn you today. I am going to issue you a citation.” More explaining of how he caught her speeding.
  • Senator: Explaining how something is “wrong” with the speedometer.
  • More back and forth exchange.
  • Senator: “So the Chief of Police (inaudible) me that you’re going to override (inaudible) and not have mercy on me?”
  • More blah, blah, blah from the Senator.
  • Trooper: “Here’s your citation. Do you have any other questions?”
  • At the 15:23 mark the Senator says: “Are you sure this is not racial profiling?”
  • Trooper: “No.” Explains how to pay the ticket.
  • Senator: “Well that’s interesting.  I’ve been in the legislature since 2003 and you’ve been (inaudible) since 2003.  Well, too bad that I (inaudible) enact laws and we can’t work together. One more question, what’s your name?” Then she goes on to say how she can’t make out his badge and that’s a complaint she gets, blah, blah, blah.
You can see the video here.  The exchange starts at approximately the 11:27 mark.
Apparently this Senator likes to acquire tickets.  Check out her record here. The Senator didn’t want to do an on-camera interview for the report from KWCH 12 Eyewitness News but issued this statement: “At no such time did I ever use my influence as a state lawmaker to receive favorable treatment from Wichita Police officers. No one is above the law.”  Didn’t use her influence? Then why mention your “senator” status and the police chief?
Yes, no one is above the law.  Guess when you can’t supersede the law you play the racial profiling card.  Keep it classy Senator.
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9 years ago

How dare this peon proletarian officer ticket a member of the emerging ruling elite.
Doesn’t he know these people are better than us?

9 years ago

She is a servant of the people, and she might like to try to learn that her conduct must be above reproach. She thought her position would open her horizons to a lot of priveleges not afforded to the ordinary person. She just got her com uppance. Some people go to college receive an affirmative action education. But they don’t learn how to use their new found powers in a mannerly fashion. They expect special privileges.