The Arrogance of Berkeley

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They Know All The Answers

The Berkeley City Council failed to pass a controversial resolution that would invite two former Guantanamo Bay detainees to live in the city. Nine council members debated the measure by the Peace and Justice Commission until late Tuesday night.  The Resolution stated, “The Peace and Justice Commission, consistent with its mandate to promote peace and justice, locally, nationally and internationally, recommends that the United States lift its ban on the domestic repatriation of cleared Guantanamo detainees and that following the removal of this legal impediment, that assistance be given for their safe resettlement to the United States. It is proposed that the City of Berkeley then welcome one or two detainees to live in Berkeley, with needed housing and other support offered by the Berkeley community.” 
According to their web site, “Berkeley is a city with a small population and a big reputation. In California alone, there are more than 30 cities bigger than Berkeley.  And yet, we are famous around the globe as a center for academic achievement, scientific exploration, free speech and the arts. Berkeley is a constantly changing mix of long-time residents and new neighbors, and whether you just arrived from Albany or Azerbaijan, you are welcome here.”
In February 2010, President Obama’s top counterterrorism adviser, John Brennan, confirmed that the estimated number of recidivists had increased to 20 percent. At that recidivism rate, and based on the total number of detainee transfers at that time, between 110 and 120 former Guantanamo detainees were on the U.S. government’s recidivist list in early 2010.
This isn’t a decision to be made by the City of Berkeley. It is a federal decision.  “President Barack Obama signed an act last month prohibiting the U.S. from paying for the relocation of cleared detainees.” Yet as proven before, Berkeley believes they are so important as to make decisions that only the federal government is allowed to make. Michelle Malkin has many posts regarding the City of Berkeley’s grandiose resolutions.  Among those were their decisions to support the WikiLeaks Army private and comply with UN treaties.
This is par for the course for the self-righteous individuals that make up the City, Council and Commissions within Berkeley. What more would you expect from a City that consists of individuals such as these? (Warning, site NSFW). Eye bleach alert!

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0 responses to “The Arrogance of Berkeley

  1. whether you just arrived from Albany or Azerbaijan (but not a state like Arizona), you are welcome here.

  2. OMG. The horror, the horror. We need an eyebleach alert for the site.
    As for the resolution, I’m astonished that it failed to pass. It means there’s actually some sanity on the Berkeley City Council.

    • No, it means they are selfish. They don’t want those low-lifes near them.

      • Mark v, aka Mark:
        You do have a penchant to airily dismiss and diss other commenters on my blog, as well as make proclamations with grand sweeping confidence. How do you know why the Berkeley City Council did not pass the resolution? If the reason is because, as you proclaim, the Council do not want “those low-lifes near them,” why did they introduce the resolution inviting the two ex-Gitmo detainees to settle in Berkeley to begin with?

  3. hmmm is mental retardation contagious? or is there some sort of brain damage that occurs from being in proximity to liberals like breathing the air released from the smug liberal that effects the minds and burns brain cells and lowers the intellect so others become liberal democrats.. look at me i’m a liberal said the drunk at the party wearing a lampshade…

  4. Folks, let’s remember this is the same city that during the mid-Sixties passed a resolution which required underwear on all arrested people, as the police were exasperated by the many protesters in their charge who came to jail sans BVDs or whatever else was in fashion. So it goes. I never found out if the lack of underwear meant that one could not be arrested….

  5. yet more proof from Berkley Calif. liberalism is a definite MENTAL DISORDER!


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