The Apostasy of Pope Francis: Wiccan stang and an LGBT rainbow cross

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Since his election and installation in March 2013 as Pope Francis of the Roman Catholic Church, we now have sufficient evidence from Jorge Bergoglio’s words and deeds to raise serious questions as to whether this pope is Catholic or even Christian:

  1. To begin, a legitimate case has been made that Bergoglio’s election as pope was illicit, being contaminated by lobbying in violation of papal law.
  2. Bishops, cardinals and archbishops who are Bergoglio’s allies are flagrant homosexuals and pedophiles. See “Pope Francis’ Vatican: a cesspool of pedophiles and homosexuals” and “Catholic Church in Crisis: Pedophile cardinal; Pennsylvania priests abused 1k children; homoerotic church service“.
  3. Bergoglio misuses the pope’s claim to doctrinal infallibility by claiming papal infallibility on climate change.
  4. He is a rank hypocrite:
  5. As pope, Bergoglio has made pronouncements that are contrary to both Catholic doctrine and Christian theology. As an example, in an interview with his longtime atheist friend Eugenio Scalfari, published March 28, 2018 in La Repubblica, Pope Francis claims that Hell does not exist and that condemned souls just “disappear.” This is a denial of what Jesus Himself said in Mark 9 about Gehenna of “unquenchable fire”, and the 2,000-year-old teaching of the Catholic Church about the reality of Hell and the eternal existence of the soul.
  6. Bergoglio’s reign as pope has been one of terror: His critics are censored and threatened with excommunication. Bergoglio’s most recent and most prominent critic, Archbishop Carlo Viganò, who calls for the pope’s resignation, has gone into hiding, in fear for his life. See also “Cardinal Müller: ‘Pervading sense of fear’ in Pope Francis’ Curia“.
  7. Most egregious of all is Bergoglio’s refusal to genuflect at the consecration, his joke about Christ’s crucifixion, and his concealment of the crucifix by stuffing it inside his waist sash so as not to offend Jews.

Pope Francis hides the Crucifix meeting Israeli rabbis

Here’s the latest — and the last straw for me — on the apostasy of Pope Francis:

(1) The Wiccan Stang

The pagan religion of Wicca or witchcraft uses a range of “magical” tools in its rituals — at an altar or inside a “magic” circle. Each of the tools has different uses and associations, but all supposedly direct magical energies.

The stang is one such “magical” tool — a pronged wooden staff, topped either with a naturally occurring fork or with antlers affixed (Wikipedia). Wiccans claim that witches not only rode on broomsticks, but also on stangs.

On October 3, 2018, Pope Francis opened the Synod of Bishops in Saint Peters Square in Vatican City, holding what appears to be a Wiccan stang, instead of the traditional papal ferula with a cross at the top. (PJMedia)

Photo by Associated Press (PJMedia)

Contrast the stang carried by Pope Francis with the papal ferula carried by Pope John Paul II:

(2) The LGBT Rainbow Cross

It’s bad enough that homosexuals have appropriated the rainbow, which God sent after the Great Flood as a sign of His promise that He would never again punish humanity and other living creatures with “a flood to destroy the earth” (Genesis 9).

On World Youth Day on October 17, 2018, Bergoglio signaled his solidarity with homosexuals by adorning himself with an LGBT rainbow cross pendant (LifeSiteNews).

Lisa Bourne of LifeSiteNews notes:

The photo of Francis wearing the rainbow cross was also provocative given its timing amid widespread apprehension that the Youth Synod is being used to advance the normalization of homosexuality within the Church. For the first time in a Vatican document, the term “LGBTQ” has been included in the Youth Synod working document. Small groups within the Youth Synod have already called for the Church to recognize “other forms of family” and to pay more attention to homosexuals and the “realities” they face, specifically mentioning “marriage,” surrogate pregnancy, and adoption.

I second Archbishop Viganò’s call for Pope Francis to resign. If U.S. bishops have any integrity, they should do likewise.

H/t Robert R.

Update (Nov. 16):

In an interview, published Oct. 13, Msgr. Nicola Bux, the theologian consultor to the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, warned that Pope Francis is issuing statements that are generating “heresies, schisms, and controversies of various kinds” and that Francis should issue a profession of faith to restore unity in the Church. (LifeSiteNews)


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40 responses to “The Apostasy of Pope Francis: Wiccan stang and an LGBT rainbow cross

  1. He wrote a book with a rabbi, said there was no “Hell”, and was brainwashed by a “jewish” psychiatrist in the 70’s. Perhaps he really is another Cardinal Lustiger & or O’Connor.

    Mel Gibson, Bella Dodd etc & the Traditional Catholics have warned about the infiltration of communists, & pedophiles infiltrating the Catholic Church, and they were right!

    • Arthur W. Simpson

      Revelation 13:18; 2 Thessalonians 2:3,4; Daniel 9:25, 27; 11:21; 2:41 the potters clay. Revelation 19:20. Francis is the man, the false prophet.

  2. I agree. Those not willing to stand against this evil display wrongly placed reverence. A righteous Church will arise from this mess soon.

    • The Bible tells us that WE are the Church. I was born into a Catholic family, but never understood why Jesus never referred to himself as a Catholic. Then I found out that there were many hundreds of denominations, but God speaks directly to us in the Bible. 66 books; 40 authors; covers a span of 1500 years and most important of all 2500 times in the Bible will you see the words “God says”. Go directly to Him and His words and life will become so much more understandable.

      • Jonathan 17.11.18

        Die Bibel hat 70 Bücher, Die Psalme sind Geschrieben von verschiedenen
        Autoren .
        forschen sie nach wie ist Christentum Entstanden

      • The term Catholic means universal or whole from the Latin catholius. Jesus spoke of the church as being one. It is a false premise to believe that anyone can pick up a Bible and understand it perfectly, this is why Christ gave us the Apostolic succession that through the Catholic (Universal) Church her ordinary and universal teaching power to give a correct interpretation of doctrine dogma and Holy Scripture. To quote Pope St.Gregory “The Holy universal Church teaches that it is not possible to worship God truly except in her and asserts that all outside of her will not be saved”.

    • I have felt since he was elected pope that he is the false prophet. Remember how lightning struck the Vatican that day?

  3. So it appears this is the last pope?
    I pray you all fare well in the last days.

  4. Deplorable Kulak Scum

    The first non-European pope in millennia is a Red RAT with a commie background.
    Did the Vatican take in any immigrants yet?
    Ohh…they were busy behind the 20 foot concrete wall redistributing a basement full of priceless art treasures to the poor and downtrodden.

    • He is very much a European he was born in Italy, he lived in Italy before his parents took him and moved to Argentina when he was a child so he is a European.
      The walls around the Vatican are 40 feet tall, not 20 feet.

  5. He is the False Prophet who will point out the Antichrist. The world loves Francis, therefore he belongs to the world and is not of the Lord Jesus.

    • Francis will be revealed as the Anti-chirst, while Joseph Ratzinger will be the one that heals/”heals” him…….in about 10 months, I think.

  6. Since the immediate and foremost connotation of that stang is Wiccan black magic, the Vatican’s justification that it’s really an obscure (i.e., occult) reference to the nails and wood of the cross is blasphemy on the face of it, with the pope’s Cheshire Cat-like grinning mockery of Catholics doubling the scandal. Taking this ad absurdum, how is this different from the pope carrying a staff topped with a swastika and the Vatican then justifying it by saying it was meant to symbolize the ancient Sanskrit meaning of “well being”? Who’d believe it wasn’t the straightforward grave offense it appeared to be?

    About his support of climate change, he sounds like a globalist of the WEF or CFR in that the blame for corporate and rentier liability for despoiling this earth is being shifted onto the victims of insatiable corporate greed and usurious debt slavery. How can it be that the Vatican is now marching in lockstep with the globalists? Empowerment, sustainability, inclusivity, homosexualization of the smallest of children, and the rest of the excuses for a two-tiered hell on earth for the rest of mankind are just as likely to be promoted by the Vatican these days as by the evil forces it increasingly resembles.

  7. By the time of Vatican II, the RCC had already been taken over and subverted.
    If you are a Catholic, the best way to get up the nose of the liberal “bishops” and Bergoglio himself, is to support the Society of St. Pius X and ridicule the Novus Ordo clergy as non-Catholics. Of all the things you can do to deliver a counter blow square in their noses, this is the one which will most sting. The leaders of the Vatican II sect can hiss and whine and howl, but the SSPX have valid holy orders and according to the Catholic faith, offer valid sacraments.

    Good Catholic Christians are well aware of the subverted RCC.

  8. From early I mistrusted this man, his eyes and his actions preach a different Gospel. He who walks among pedophiles and queers is a pedophile and a queer. I said before, he is the false profet and he will inaugurate the real Antichrist, he is the step needed to establish the “kingdom on earth”. May this Frankenstein die at the hands of the one he helped crowned on earth. May he rest in hell till the end of time.

  9. Bergoglio is head of the Vatican II sect, not the Catholic Church. the last true Pope was Pius the XII. Since Roncalli usurped the Chair of Peter the seat has been vacant. The apparitions of Fatima, La Salette, Quito, and others point to this time. It is Catholic Prophecy that “Rome will lose the Faith and become the seat of the Anti Christ” The Vatican II sect is just another schismatic and heretical cult. It is the Devil ‘s counterfeit to lead people astray. It is not by accident that the world and false religions embrace the Vatican II cult it has shown by its fruits that it is one with them.

  10. Franklin Paredes

    He is not christian at all
    There are two families in the world,
    1. The family of God, that lives according the word of God, and
    2. The family of satan, that lives according their own thinking, the Pope statements regarding Jesus Christ, hell, salvation, are not biblical at all, he belongs to the family of satan.
    I just pray for the salvation of his soul

  11. Karen Ann Zembower

    As a parent of a gay son, It’s nice to see him wearing a rainbow cross. He was born that way not a choice he made. I believe God loves him and will not burn in hell as many “religious: proclaim. He loves Jesus and Jesus loves him.

    Christians stop cursing the gay community!!! You are without sin!
    They need to see Jesus’s love more than anybody.

  12. I agree that he is the worst to appear since John XII. He is the one who raped female pilgrims on their way to to shrines, prayed to pagan gods to improve his luck in dice games and died in the bed of somebody else’ wife.

    To put it bluntly, I think he’s 100% Jew-installed. If I cared one whit about this moron I would be wringing my hands. I’m not. I don’t plan to listen to a thing he says.

    The bigger problem is like the pedophile problem. There are many like him. They all must go. They have a tendency to propagate themselves. I am confident that they will receive their just reward in due time. For the here and now enough light must be shown on them to make them scurry back into the cracks where they belong.

  13. RE: The Apostasy of Pope Francis: Wiccan stang and an LGBT rainbow cross.
    All of this and more not only for the Catholic Church but other supposedly Christian Churches.
    It’s time to return to God’s pattern for His church which is:
    Jesus Christ and Born Again Believers having the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, our True Teacher, our True Comforter, our True Guide, (not men) along with God’s written word and the testimony of Creation.

    It is laid out!, about the Excommunication of these persons . There is NO sitting POPE! If your in Apostasy you are Excommunicated period!
    GOD does NOT hear the prayers of heretics , excommunicated , that’s the Dogma that protects the flock. So, there can’t be many of the flock left inside the church? Maybe a small remnant? Where might they be located?

  15. I don’t think the staff of Pope JPll and all the other Novus Ordo Popes is any better than the stang quite frankly. There is a lot of controversy on the broken cross some saying it is Satanic in origin, which is may or may not be, but if one really looks at it with a critical eye I don’t think there is anyone who could say it is not a deliberate disrespectful depiction of Christ. It reminds me of all the other Satanic artwork that started appearing with Vatican ll like that hideous statue in the Pope Paul Vl audience hall.

    • Thanks, Lana, I hadn’t seen that video or given that audience hall a second thought beyond the obvious absence of Christian symbolism and its nod to Modernist architecture, probably as a symbolic but nonetheless straightforward repudiation of the encyclical on the Modernist heresy. Modernist architecture is, after all, nothing if not a symbolic repudiation of tradition in all its forms. As for reading reptile imagery into it, I’d laugh that off except for the pope speaking in the penumbra of a statue so grotesquely blasphemous that half of Our Lord’s head has been blown away.

      Overall the statue’s theme of a new god-like man arising from a nuclear conflagration is identifiably Teilhardian. To popular Teilhardists like the Franciscan crank, Sr. Ilia Delia, Christ is the Cosmic Christ, divine only because divinized; or, an emergent principle of matter becoming divine through evolutive “complexification” of matter into higher and higher orders of consciousness. There is no supernatural anything, only matter. Grace is a strictly material but higher-order biological faculty. There really is no sin as man “gropes” between right and wrong toward evolutive perfection as a single-consciousness of Love in an earthly biofilm called the noosphere. And no, they’re not kidding in calling this Dostoevskian Grand Inquisitor-like nightmare scenario the perfection of reality.

      That’s just my two cents, but whether I’m right or not about the symbolism, nothing says out with the old religion and in with the new like that Modernist audience hall and the in-your-face blasphemy of that macabre depiction of the new Cosmic Christ, handcrafted by man in more ways than one. As far as using this for attacking the Catholic faith of the Apostles, I’ve got news for you all, which is that if the Catholic Church is destroyed from within, the Protestant sects will blow away like houses of cards in a hurricane.

      • Thanks for the feedback Dan. I actually agree with what you have put forth above. One symbolic thing can be misread, but the overwhelming plethora of images of evil and blasphemy are just too hard to ignore. As far as the Reptilian connection….everyone gets exercised by that because of David Ickes theories etc. But what I think it is important to note is that weather you call them reptilians or demons we are talking about the same thing. Numerous mystics have stated that demons look reptilian in nature. John Lash whether you subscribe to is theories or not on Gnosticism ( I don’t ) has done a marvelous job unearthing old Gnostic texts that describe entities called ” Archons” that intrude on mankind and wreak havoc with his existence here causing much harm. the old Gnostics describe these Archons as looking like reptiles. The bottom line here is that whatever you want to call them – demons, reptiles, or archons, I don’t think there is any disputing that there is an intelligence that is working against Mankind and God and that there are a few powerful people on this planet who have made their bargain with them and are acting as tools for this evil. I am in a hurry now but will post a bit more later on the above. Suffice for now, that the thing that really did it for me was not only that hideous statue but that the Pope is seated in the mouth of the demon/ reptile i.e., he is the mouthpiece for the devil.

  16. him and his vatican Jesuit minions are very wicked evil men and hell bent on destroying there false pagan church , which is a good thing, but the people who live in Italy I believe are awakening to the fact there Pope is a evil.

  17. What not many people know is that things started to go wrong at the Vatican in the 70’s, with the advent of the cheese and wine party circuit there. Up until
    this time people didn’t mix. After that time people started to communicate whether over chianti or bonsai tree collecting, and I tell you what there were some stupid conversations about everything and anything!

    • Didn’t tap dance international start there many moons ago?

      • Close by the Vatican I believe, though how it started and when is clouded in secrecy. Tap dance is a generic title. They brainwash people through dance the world over. To ensure the secrecy continues you will NEVER see the Pope or senior members of the Curia dance.

  18. keep in mind that we can no longer believe what we see. this could have all been switched out in the pictures. not that i like the pope. any pope.

    • “this could have all been switched out in the pictures”

      The photos of Pope Francis wearing a rainbow cross-pendant and carrying a Wiccan stang are not photoshops, as you imply, but taken by news agencies. I gave the embedded links to the photos’ sources: PJMedia and LifeSiteNews.

  19. I believe that Pope Francis will be the last Pope, and he is the Black Pope of Jesuits, and the White Pope at the Vatican, and perhaps he is the False Prophet. My thanks goes out to the person that dug out that information about the current Pope, and now it is in a nice precise package that is easy to copy and send out to those interested. The Rothschild’s are the Vatican’s personal bankers, and they are hand picked by Satan himself, and they reserve a place at the head of their dining table for Satan, if he should happen to make a surprise visit.

  20. Well lets just put a stop to that armageddon horror/end of the world is coming stuff that is cropping up again, this pope is rotten, certainly, but there have been many others like him, in the same office, this hardly makes him a unique person (Others have already mentioned john xii, then there was benedict ix, alexander vi a.k.a. rodrigo borgia, of the “cup of borgia” poison infamy, among other nasties.. leo x, etc.) suffice it to say, him being a nasty character by itself is hardly proof of being the false prophet. (has he even issued any prophecies?)

    To Karen, the “born that way” thing is a lie, homosexuality is not a genetic condition, it is a spiritual and mental illness which can be cured, (it just takes effort and help from God to achieve this, look up ex-gay and ex-homosexual Christians as search terms.) it was deployed by the devil specifically to ruin people, and prevent them from finding love with their true spouse of the opposite gender, among other nasty purposes.

    To RI, that organization you cite ( is a “flat earth” one, considering the “flat earth” theory is an old psy-op that was deployed against Christianity by the devil worshipers, (washington irving was one who helped to skew history & smear Christianity by claiming that columbus was setting out to prove the earth was round, this was patently false however, which apparently didn’t stop it being taught by the vile public school system.) and was used to that effect even to modern day, it also seems to have its origin in gnosticism, it also attempts to defame God by implying He “can’t” do something, such as create a spherical world, put people on it & have it work. Another thing that strikes as something likely gnostic is that the head of john the baptist being venerated/worshiped was one of the charges brought against the knights templar, (an organization looked up to by much in the occult, including freemasonry, as their york rite alleges to have knights templar as their higher degrees, all of which subsequently is heavily influenced by gnosticism) and other cults back in the day, many of these groups were also held to be gnostic. In case you didn’t already know, gnosticism is satanism and vice versa.

    I would have put these responses under the appropriate comments, but the reply function wasn’t working, and just bouncing back to the comments I was intending to reply to.

    • Thank you, Seumas.

    • Seamus, thanks for the good points. I’d add that the flat earth canard was known to be false from ancient times, when it was observed from shore that tall masts appeared or disappeared gradually before the hull did, as well as observing from the decks of ships mountain tops appearing before lower shorelines, proving the earth’s surface was curved and the earth therefore round. Eclipses also proved to the ancients the earth was round. I think Aristotle mentions this.

      The Church never supported the idea the earth was flat, and already by the time of scholars like Gerbert (Pope Sylvester II), around the year 1,000, the circumference of the earth was calculated darn accurately at 29,000 miles, and because of its spherical rotation a point on its surface was known to be moving at about 1,000 mph.

      I’d ask one of these bad-faith critics of the Church accusing it of flat-earth ignorance how they’d go about determining the earth’s sphericity and orbit. In like 99 percent of cases we can be sure, it would result in exposing their empty talk in asserting what they know nothing about.

      In a similar vein, the contention that the Church taught the earth was the most important object in the universe also has it exactly backwards as the Church and medieval minds believed the farther from the earth the closer to heaven. Boethius wrote that, compared with the vastness of the universe, the earth was but a tiny spec.

  21. In addition to the above, “RI” may well be the webmaster richard joseph michael ibranyi of the website linked to, which contains false doctrines (the flat earth stuff, etc.) as well as being a false elijah claimant/claiming to be one of the two witnesses in the book of revelation/apocalypse of john. (per usual for cults/cult leaders.) Thought this should be mentioned.

  22. UPDATE:

    In an interview, published Oct. 13, Msgr. Nicola Bux, the theologian consultor to the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, warned that Pope Francis is issuing statements that are generating “heresies, schisms, and controversies of various kinds” and that Francis should issue a profession of faith to restore unity in the Church.

  23. Most Jews would not be offended at seeing the Pope wearing his cross, what is offensive is the Pope’s assumption that they would be. Jews aren’t offended as easily as are most other people. They’d be more offended by the pedophiles in the Church. What is most egregious to me is the Pope wearing a rainbow cross!

  24. yup, but many of the elite Jews in our day are pedophiles themselves jut as they were in past ages , they defiled all they touched while mingling with pagans and heathens which God had instructed them not to to do. nothing has changed with these brood of vipers, not one thing. the Pope is just that a wicked and evil man and the son of the devil. he was born into communism and this what the fool is. He will have his part in the lake of fire and all who are wearing a rainbow sodomite colored cross which is a blaspheming of Christ and to what the Cross stands for.


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