The All Purpose JakPak – Attention Occupiers Everywhere!

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Seattle entrepreneur, Jim Rose, gifted Occupy Seattle with 25 of his unique, stylish and sustainable all-in-one JakPaks (all-in-one waterproof pants-jacket-sleeping bag-mosquito proof tent that retails for $250.00) for hearty souls  in the streets during the October storms that are the norm in Seattle for this time of year.  (suitable for occupiers, homeless, hiker/campers and winter sports fans).  ~LTG
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0 responses to “The All Purpose JakPak – Attention Occupiers Everywhere!

  1. Nobody has commented on this story yet. I think it’s hilarious! Imagine being surrounded by the Great Unwashed Degenerates of the OWS, cocooned in this contraption. It’s like the ultimate “KICK ME” sign on the seat of the pants!

  2. Unique, sure. Stylish? Maybe for the morons at Occupy Seattle…cover them up completely so we don’t have to look at them!

  3. After all this stuff tonite, I’m going to occupy the nearest bar. i need a stiff drink! LOL

    • Slainte! Have one for me!
      My rule for drinking Irish, I only drink Irish Cream if I’ve been caught in a downpour and soaked through to the skin. Fortunately, I live in Seattle so this happens fairly frequently. LOL!

  4. Hi guys, your comments are great and quite funny,. I will add that this is pretty innovative stuff. Necessity is the mother of invention. If the Occupy folks would put as much energy as the lady did into her invention; they could possibly come up with some inventions and innovations. But they unlike this lady, have decided to sit around and bitch all day and all night, and expect everyone else to do for them.
    Lone Wolf, it would be fun if we could all join you in the bar with a few of those “stiff drinks”: and compare notes. I think about now, we could all use a drink.

  5. And I just gave him free publicity for his invention. Right now it’s a small potatoes mfg effort, three people working in a basement. If his JakPak catches on with the OWS sympathizers, he can contract out the work to some 3rd world country and REI will sell them by the thousands to the trendy, eco-friendly crowd.
    However, I really think anyone who’d lay around in a public place in the tent-mode of this contraption is just asking for trouble.


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