The Afghan 6. Screw Afghanistan

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Posted by Judson Phillips on March 3, 2012 at 8:37am
~Steve~                                       H/T  Tea Party Nation.

Afghanistan is about to claim six more casualties. These people will not be killed but will be hurt as a result of the idiocy of the Obama Regime. They are the Koran Six.
Who are the Koran Six and why are the important? And why the hell are we still screwing around with Afghanistan?
The Koran Six are the five American military personnel and the one Afghan American interpreter who have been targeted by the so-called investigation into the Koran burnings in Afghanistan.
They will be set for disciplinary action so that we can try to calm the savages that pass for citizens in Afghanistan.
It is time to stand up and say screw Afghanistan.
For ten years, we have been there. We have been trying nation building for the last six or seven. We are propping up the regime of a lunatic, who is singularly incapable of operating a commode, much less a nation. The ingrate has repeatedly said his sympathies lie with the Islamists who want to kill him, rather than Americans who want to protect him.
Screw him and his hellhole of a country.
We are spending billions of dollars on that waste of a nation.
We send aid to them and if the Afghans see that the aid is coming from America, they burn it.
Screw them.
I’m tired of American blood being spilled for savages who live in the 7th century. I’m tired of American money being sent over to help people who hate us. I am tired of our money going to support a corrupt regime who spits on us every chance we get. I am tired of America’s sons and daughters being put in the position of having to trust the knuckle dragging Afghans, who are just as likely to turn and shoot them rather than help them.
Afghanistan is a phenomenal waste.
We have a President in this country who wants us to lose and who is doing everything possible to make certain we lose in Afghanistan. His only concern is making certain he is not blamed for it.
Screw him too.
I have a simple suggestion for the next President.
Our reason for going into Afghanistan was to keep it from being a terrorist playground. We need to deny Afghanistan to the terrorists and we need it as a base of operations to pressure both Pakistan and Iran.
Let’s put our people into their bases and just inform the Afghans that it is open season on the Taliban. We are going to kill them wherever we find them. If an Afghan village helps the Taliban, then an airstrike will wipe it off the map and we don’t care. Let’s send in loads of napalm and pesticide and wipe out their opium production so the Taliban lose their cash crop.
Forget this playing nice with them. If their Korans get burned, well that is just too bad. If they want to attack American bases because of that, we have guns, a lot of ammunition and people who know how to use them.
No more American lives should be lost, nor more American blood shed, nor treasure expended to try to remake that open sewer that we call Afghanistan. Our purpose there is only to protect America from terrorists who want to bring death and destruction to America’s shores.
While Barack Obama parties with his radical buddies in Washington and takes vacations every other week at taxpayer expense, the Koran Six have risked their lives in Afghanistan and will be sacrificed because some Korans got burned.
They do not deserve to be punished. They deserve medals.

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0 responses to “The Afghan 6. Screw Afghanistan

  1. Yep screw em. Bring our troops home now and be done in the sand box.

  2. If Judson wrote this I would have to say it is one of his best articles. Agree whole heartedly. The only thing I could disagree with is him calling aka obama POTUS. obama is an illegal MUSLIM/communist treasonous fraud. He is money laundering through A-stan,he and karzai are very close. I imagine through Mexico too. There is a letter from one of our troops posted on about what is going on over there right now. They are doing what they have to,to even survive (friendly) locations.aka obama should be charged with numerous murders. obama needs to be arrested ASAP. Game over.

  3. Bring our troops home from that Taliban-infested hell hole. US Army Lt. Col. Daniel Davis says we’ve been told a sack of lies about the U.S. war in Afghanistan. The war is a total failure.

  4. maybe we should have a national koran burning day see how the muslims and the dipstick in the white house likes that,i can not for the life of me say that the koran is a holy book its more like a terrorist handbook

    • That’s a great ideal blackpowder!!! Can you imagine the faux outrage that would cause with the libtards…

  5. The banksters/drug runners need troops to protect their $interests$. It always has been about those 2 items. Not the sold out ‘2’ party system that the USA media propagates. Get beyond the lies. Iran is the next. Rothchild still has no bank there………..yet.

  6. May God protect the 6.

  7. Fork ’em, feed ’em couscous… enjoy getting hung by the Taliban for “unislamic behavior.”

  8. It’s long past time we got out of Ashcanistan.


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