The 2002 Obama Video Fox News Said It Couldn’t Show

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I caught Bill Hemmer’s segment discussing this Youtube video  clip of a 2002 Obama speech at the University of Chicago on Fox News this morning.  He said the clip couldn’t be shown, presumably due to copyright issues.  It’s the same old class warfare and race-baiting that’s been the hallmark of this campaign.  

Here’s the FULL Speech – 28 minutes

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0 responses to “The 2002 Obama Video Fox News Said It Couldn’t Show

  1. Race monger…

  2. He’s radical and he’s racist, he’s communist, and he’s Musllim favoring.
    I stil think he might just be Muslim

  3. It appears these comments are being made in a church. Funny, I thought the Gospel of Jesus Christ was supposed to be taught in church. I guess black people just use it for a meeting place to spread their hatred of whites!

  4. Saying it in a church violated their own rules, at least the way they used to interpret them.


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