That's why North Koreans wept

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Do you remember seeing news footage of North Koreans, men and women, crying hysterically over the death of their Dear Leader (official title!) Kim Jong-il? Kim had died last December 17, supposedly from a heart attack in his armored train.
Were you, like I was, at once skeptical and incredulous? — especially since there were no tears streaming down the faces of some of the crying mourners?

Turns out our skepticism was warranted.
According to an article on the website Truth About Chechnya, January 11, 2012, a report by Interfax, a Russian non-governmental international news agency based in Moscow, says that any North Korean caught not weeping — or not pretending to weep — was punished with up to six months in a labor camp!

South Korean media sources say that from December 29 to January 8, “People’s Courts” were held all over North Korea to condemn those who did not show enough emotion after the death of Kim Jong-il.
The North Korean government is now headed by Kim Jong-un, Dear Leader’s third and youngest son who somehow manages to be fat in a country that has endured years of crop failure and mass starvation. The new government forced stores to take all 2012 calendars off their shelves because they did not carry the date of Dear Leader’s death.
Such is the socialist workers’ paradise of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea!
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  1. …and I’d be happy to note it on my calender
    so that I could celebrate every year….

  2. And left/liberals think this is a good model to emulate… THEY will just do it better, of course.

  3. Exactly…can you imagine having to live like that? Scary…

  4. Forcing people to cry! I used to watch a lot of forced crying in my hearings and when I identified the person who was trying to manipulate the hearing, the person would automatically stop, just like turning on a faucet. Manipulation and deception. . .

  5. Why do so many Americans fail to recognize these trends in our own country? The means of societal control are being hastily assembled as we speak.


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