That's Some Hole

Holy moly! This is one humongous hole….

The crater appeared in Guatemala City, the capital of Guatemala, May 29, 2010, in the wake of the tropical storm Agatha. It is 30 meters (98.425 ft.) deep and 20 meters (65.62 ft.) in diameter.
The hole swallowed a 3-story building. Luckily, no one was killed or injured. Speculations abound as to what caused it, from a geological fault to flooding from years of tropical storms. An earthquake was ruled out as the cause.
A Norwegian-language account claims that “noises” were coming out of the crater….

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9 years ago

Funny you should show this Eowyn I do believe the Dems are digging the exact same hole for their political careers back in D.C. What a coincidence 😉

9 years ago

The demons are finally here—No wait–they’re in Washington–So who in the hell is in the crater making all that noise? Obama’s daddy? Pelosi’s Uncle–no–Harry Reid’s daddy. Damn! Steve give me a hand here….