That's Some Cloud!

A roll cloud extends far into the distance as a storm approached in 2007 in Racine, Wisconsin:

Image Credit: Pierre cb, Wikipedia

Explanation: What kind of cloud is this? A type of arcus cloud called a roll cloud. These rare long clouds may form near advancing cold fronts. In particular, a downdraft from an advancing storm front can cause moist warm air to rise, cool below its dew point, and so form a cloud. When this happens uniformly along an extended front, a roll cloud may form. Roll clouds may actually have air circulating along the long horizontal axis of the cloud. A roll cloud is not thought to be able to morph into a tornado. Unlike a similar shelf cloud, a roll cloud is completely detached from their parent cumulonimbus cloud.
Source: NASA
H/t Igor!

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Doc's Wife
Doc's Wife
8 years ago

One of our favorite things about living on top of a mountain is seeing storms roll across the valley in the distance. We can actually watch snow and rain move closer to us in a step-by-step fashion. It is pretty cool to watch.

8 years ago

G’morning, bloggers! Yep, when I lived in the Kootenays at 1875′ w/6,000′ hills around us, we saw some awesome sights, very Creation-inspiring to my way of thinking…. This also looks to be a great scene from a movie!