That was fast: Gov. Newsom wants new tax on drinking water

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Newsom not wasting any time in quickly creating new taxes for Californians.

Elections have consequences.

As reported by SF Gate: In order to help disadvantaged communities obtain safe and affordable drinking water, California Governor Gavin Newsom is proposing a new statewide water tax.

In the newly-released 2019-20 budget, Newsom calls for the creation of a “safe and affordable drinking water fund” that would “enable the State Water Resources Control Board to assist communities, particularly disadvantaged communities, in paying for the short-term and long-term costs of obtaining access to safe and affordable drinking water.”

A McClatchy investigation from 2018 found that 6 million Californians rely on water providers that violated state standards at some point in the last six years. According to the report, the majority of Californians that lack safe drinking water live in the Southern San Joaquin Valley and the Mojave Desert.

The details of the proposed tax are unknown, but a similar proposal was abandoned by then-Governor Jerry Brown last year after failing to garner enough support in the legislature. California residents would have been taxed 95 cents a month, or $11.40 a year, under that plan.

On Friday, Newsom took his Cabinet on a trip to the Central Valley to hear from residents who lack clean drinking water. “We met with residents who cannot drink or bathe with the water in their homes — while paying more for it than those in Beverly Hills,” the governor tweeted.

The Association of California Water Agencies, a group that represents more than 400 water suppliers across the state, announced its opposition to the latest proposed water tax from Newsom.

“The vast majority of the state’s residents have access to safe drinking water, but a small percentage of the population does not,” the association said in a statement. “This unacceptable reality is a social issue for the State of California. ACWA believes that making access to safe drinking water for all Californians should be a top priority for the State. However, a statewide water tax is highly problematic and is not necessary when alternative funding solutions exist and the state has a huge budget surplus.”

Read the whole story here.


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16 responses to “That was fast: Gov. Newsom wants new tax on drinking water

  1. Charles H Slate

    California has a budget surplus ? ? ?

  2. The next thing this jackass might try to tax is air. What about requiring an occupancy permit for walking on a public sidewalk? How did this nitwit get elected? More to the point, why do Californians put up with this B.S.?

    • Gavin and the Demonrats probably already have a plan to tax air, since there are “disadvantaged” people who live in the polluted metro SF and LA regions.

  3. And just how many illegals are in California? Get rid of the illegals, there’s enough safe drinking water for everybody legal.

    Desalinization plants also work. Expensive, but not as expensive as the illegals are to California’s economy.

    • You’re absolutely RIGHT-the problem is that what you say makes SENSE-They can’t be HAVING any of THAT! In THEIR Grand Scheme,only STUPID ideas can be considered valid possibilities. California’s government is quickly becoming the world’s largest freeform (The inmates can make up the rules as they go) Insane Asylum

  4. They don’t come any sleazier than this flunky for California’s billionaire leftists, essentially paranoid control freaks who use gimmicks like this to weaponize the poor against middle class reprisals seeking claw-back of their unmerited and ill-gotten wealth. He’s a front man for organized crime families who belong on the scaffold and not running California and the rest of this country. We’ve been duped all along to associate these crime families with a free-enterprise meritocracy and insanely call their depredations the American Dream no less, suicidally believing that only evil commies oppose such wealth and power in the hands of a one-tenth of one percent. This is a constant refrain from Rush Limbaugh, if I’m not mistaken, as well as faux conservative think tanks who, like the hardcore left, are funded by one and the same cabal. For what it’s worth, the LA Times exposes this whore Newsom’s backers in great depth, incl the Resnicks, who were handed much of Kern County’s water resources for zip. (The county seat is Bakersfield and Kern County covers an area larger than New Hampshire, btw.)

    • Dan,those of us who either live there or live across the border where we tend to inherit their Lunacy as State Law (especially since the last mid-term) Have seen this coming since the 70’s,though it has accelerated from a slow creeping change to a full gallop.
      My heart breaks for the good people I know in California who can’t afford to leave or just aren’t able to relocate this late in life. I used to offer my help to get them free of the madness,move them here,where it’s safe,but there’s s strong likelihood Nevada will be California Jr. by 2020.

    • I’ve got another sleazy pack of legistlators/governors for you, Dan….Maryland voted to tax rainwater. I don’t know where that’s gone, I stopped following some of the crazy state policies elsewhere in the USA b/c it’s crazy enough here in CA to take up my time. I think the way it is supposed to work in MD is that aerial views of all properties are taken and you are charged a fee based on the amount of paved square footage, buildings or roofed areas, etc. The theory is, that these areas send water into the drainage systems in the street, which the state and local governments maintain, so, they are charging you for using their drainage system for water that is deflected/not absorbed into the ground on your property. There was another state contemplating this, too, but I forget who. Now, this all begs the question: Aren’t these Federal, state, county and local roads paid for and maintained with tax-payer monies in the first place? Isn’t proper rainwater drainage a part of the longevity and safety of these transportation arteries? It’s already “baked in the cake” of thoroughfare planning and construction. This is a huge slippery slope, whereas the taxpayer usally has a choice in allowing construction of residential and commercial areas that will require adding roads…through their country commissioners, etc…..BUT, the taxpayer has no choice or control over how much water falls from the sky (in the case of CA and its water shortages…does NOT fall) at any given time. They can’t “opt out” or limit use/close the roads, as in the case of draconian taxes on, say, junk food, cigarettes or alcohol, or even gasoline. And, other than tearing up driveways and tearing down houses in exchange for erecting a “tiny house” on their property, there’s no way to respond in usage or non-usage as in other taxes.

      As to Newsom’s idea: most of the potable water in CA is controlled and administered by local, elected water boards. Newsom has a lot of legwork and legalese to wade through before this idea sees the light of day. Not saying he won’t do it or won’t be able to do it. Saying that it’s not a “done deal” just b/c he thinks it’s a good idea. There are a lot of moving parts so far as legal administration of drinking water goes in the State of Mexifornia.

  5. If CA would stop draining rivers into the Pacific, there would be an abundance of water. Unfortunately, so that those evil and in command can deprive all the rest of humanity of basic resources created by God for all mankind, those in power seek to deprive us of them to gain even more power. Global robbery. Miss GCD, would the lady like a little more H2O in her fluoride?

  6. Yeap, grab the money where ever you can find it. Tax us for breathing.

  7. Be ready-if it can be measured,it’ll be taxed into oblivion. Socialism at its finest….

  8. Unless people want to live behind the new “iron curtain”, they’d better get out now. Sewage, AIDS and taxation, oh my! What’s not to love?

  9. Liberal lunacy at its finest. Tax to “conserve” water while allowing in millions and millions of water using invaders!

    This also applies to those evil Globull Warming Green House Gases that Liberal lunatics want to reduce and pass State & Federal laws to lower. More invaders= more green house gases, pollution, and less open spaces/wildlife habitat. Liberals need to be deprogrammed on a massive scale

  10. The politics of water has bedeviled California for over 100 years now.

    Gov. Newsome has just demonstrated what a GANGSTER he really is. “By their fruits Ye shall know them.” So let’s wait and watch what happens, Shall We? Yes, let us wait.

    The tax will never go away.
    The tax will never decrease.
    The politics of water distribution will continue, even more fiercer than ever.
    The availability of good clean safe potable water will DECREASE.
    People in California will continue to leave the State in even greater numbers, and those people will bring their POISONED LEFTIST MINDS with them wherever they go.
    GHOST TOWNS shall appear in the once-great State of California.

    Think it can’t happen? Screen-shot an image of my response here, print it out, date it and put it in your desk. Some day, say three years from now, look at it and see if everything I have just predicted has come true, to at least some extent. Go ahead and call me wrong—I double-dog dare you.

    Go Ahead and Do It. Mark My Words: DISASTER IS COMING. Shame on you, Gangster Newsome! Shame! Shame! Shame!

  11. I suggest to the governor to setup urine collection stations for processing into clean water, triple tax for collection and processing and dispensing, sounds like a winner!


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