Sean Penn Wants Rectal Cancer

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One of the big lies the Left peddle is that conservatives are intolerant hatemongers whereas “progressives” are tolerant inclusive lovebugs. Ha! All lies.
In 2006, I was still a subscriber to New Yorker magazine. I was also more naive about the Left then. I was shocked to read in a profile on “progressive” actor Sean Penn, his gleeful account of “torturing” a plastic voodoo doll of conservative author Ann Coulter by stubbing cigarettes into it. Penn told New Yorker:

“We violate her [the Coulter doll]. There are cigarette burns in some funny places. She’s a pure snake-oil salesman. She doesn’t believe a word she says.”

Well, the warm and fuzzy Penn is at it again.

Sean Penn tells CBS’ ‘Sunday Morning’ he wants his critics to ‘die screaming of rectal cancer’

Sean Penn was born to wealth and privilege, his parents are actor-director Leo Penn and actress Eileen Ryan.

By Soraya Roberts – NY Daily News – March 5, 2010 
Sean Penn, who has been helping relief workers in Haiti, has harsh words for the folks who think his do-gooding is an attempt to distract the world from his high profile divorce from actress Robin Wright Penn.
In an interview to air on CBS‘ “Sunday Morning” this weekend, Penn told journalist Lara Logan that he has been so busy in Haiti he hasn’t had much time for his critics — but he did offer a few choice words to his foes.
Do I hope that those people die screaming of rectal cancer? Yeah,” he later told Logan. “But I’m not going to spend a lot of energy on it.”
Penn was in Haiti for a second time, having visited the quake-torn country in January with a suitcase of cash in tow. The actor helped aid workers purchase new X-ray machines and ventilators.
Last year, Robin Wright Penn filed for divorce from Penn after a 20-year roller-coaster relationship. The couple were married in 1996 but initiated divorce proceedings twice before calling it quits for good in August. On the possibility of reconciling with her husband again, Robin Wright Penn told More magazine: “I hit that crossroad a while ago. I know what I don’t want.”
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4 responses to “Sean Penn Wants Rectal Cancer

  1. Yeah I know saying this will be wrong, but looking at that photo I wish his finger would go off, but then the bullet would go out the other end missing his pea brain by a mile.

  2. Careful what you wish for Penn, God has a funny sense of humor sometimes! Those tolerant libs are so bitter and hateful…karma’s gonna get all of them…

  3. Sean Penn is nothing more than a large void surrounded by a sphincter muscle.
    Even a mild case 0f rectal cancer would wipe him out quick.

  4. sean penn is a communist ratfaced asshole that should be shot by some lunatic who opposes hugo chavez. you believe he is a good actor? he is a disgrace. don’t anyone waste your time on his movies. he is an enemy of the state.


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